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Bailiffs Job Description

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Job Description

Maintain order in courts of law.

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Job Description for Court Security Officer or Bailiff - Comments

The job description for a court security officer or bailiff includes securing the court room prior to proceedings, collecting unauthorized firearms of those in attendance, and acting as a secure presence at the proceedings to ensure that the judge, jury, and staff remain safe while court is in session. The job description for a court security officer also puts them at the disposal of the judge - securing their chambers, delivering messages, and enforcing order. A bailiff may be in charge of jury security and communication with the judge during breaks in proceedings by escorting the jury to lunch or to hotel rooms while they are sequestered, and delivering messages to the judge and family members when needed.

Other general duties in the job description for a court security officer may include maintaining a clean, orderly, and well supplied courtroom, escorting defendants to and from the courtroom, posting case schedules, preparing bond forms, and remanding those ordered by the judge into custody. As far as income is concerned, salary surveys conducted by PayScale show that Salaries for Court Security Officers and Bailiffs are greatly impacted by years of experience.

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