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Computer Repair Technicians Job Description

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Computer Repair Technicians

The following job description describes the common responsibilities for this occupation.

Job Description

Repair computer hardware, including desktops, laptops, and associated peripherals. Reinstall operating systems in the case of hard disk failures.

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Job Description of a Computer Technician - Comments

The job description of a computer technician involves being the "go to" person when office personnel are experiencing computer problems. Installing, maintaining, and repairing hardware and software are the general tasks included in the job description of a computer technician. Often, a computer technician also works on servers. With hardware, the job description of a computer technician includes diagnosing, repairing, replacing parts, and testing. Should a product need to be returned to a vendor for further repair, the computer technician takes on the responsibility of corresponding with the vendor. With software, the job description of a computer technician involves installing, updating, and troubleshooting applications. Other tasks that may be included in the job description of a computer technician are designing and troubleshooting internal computer networks. The ability to solve problems quickly is a valuable attribute for a computer technician. Overall, a computer technician's duty is to face challenges without getting overwhelmed. An Experienced Computer Technician put it best by saying, "It is far more important to have the right thought process than to know everything that might happen."

According to PayScale's Computer Technician Survey, many computer technicians were previously employed as Customer Service Representatives, sales associates, PC maintenance technicians, or Sales Clerks/Cashiers. After working as computer technicians, some have moved on to become Computer/Network Support Technicians, computer technical support specialists, or System Administrators. As in other professions, a Computer Technician Salary varies depending on the specific job description of a computer technician as well as years of experience, location, and education.

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