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Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education Job Description

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Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education

The following job description describes the common responsibilities for this occupation.

Job Description

Teach pupils in public or private schools at the elementary level basic academic, social, and other formative skills.

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Job Description of a Teacher - Comments

When the phrase "job description of a teacher" comes to mind, many people look back at their childhood days and think of teachers who made a lasting impression. Children are very impressionable and teachers play an important role im their lives. The job description of a teacher involves educating both the intellectual and social skills of students. An underlying goal for teachers is to guide children toward becoming successful and responsible adults. Creating lesson plans, following curricula, grading papers and communicating with parents are just a few of the tasks that teachers do on a daily basis. With new computer technology available, the Description of a Teacher's Job sometimes includes creating or utilizing interactive learning materials.

According to a recent PayScale Survey of Elementary School Teachers, career movement in the elementary teaching sector mainly stays within the realm of education. Most teachers started off as substitute teachers, preschool teachers, or teacher's assistants. Five years after working as elementary teachers, many became Elementary School Principals, Middle School Teachers, or Special Education Teachers. To research teacher salaries, or to find job titles, descriptions, and salaries for other positions, take our free Salary Survey.

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