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Project Managers, IT Job Description

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Project Managers, IT

The following job description describes the common responsibilities for this occupation.

Job Description

Create and maintain a information technology project plan that communicates tasks, milestone dates, status and resource allocation. Utilize software life-cycle methodology. Coordinate delivery of development (beta) and production releases that meet quality assurance standards. Assist technical team in design and development tasks. Assist test team in creating test plans and testing efforts.

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Project Manager Job Description Comments:

A project manager job description may include such key deliverables as setting and meeting deadlines, coordinating launches, and facilitating communication between teams. For a project manager in a complicated field like IT, a project may have a lot of different people contributing in different roles, and bringing those people together into a cohesive whole is an important part of the job. Other key maintenance tasks include troubleshooting errors and beta testing. An IT project may have a very long life cycle or a very short one; in either case, the project manager's job description can be summarized as ensuring that development happens on schedule and goes smoothly.

The job description for a project manager listed above outlines key responsibilities. What may be less clear is the role of communication in successful project management. A project manager job description includes not only scheduling and assigning tasks, but also having effective communication skills to mediate disputes and uncover hidden objections or concerns that staff members may be reluctant to share. A project manager needs to be able to adapt to unexpected setbacks and have a game plan for when things go wrong. With so many elements in play in any given IT project, attempting to undertake such a project without a project manager at the helm could be disastrous. It can be tempting for individual team members to say, "We'll take care of that later." But, it's part of a project manager's job to know that each step of the way should be quantifiable and have concrete dates for stages of completion. On the surface, a project manager job description may seem to be all about results. However, a good project manager knows that those results are best achieved when the process is clearly defined and support staff are communicating well. An IT project manager can avoid many headaches by anticipating problems and resolving them before they happen.

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