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Retail Salespersons Job Description

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Retail Salespersons

The following job description describes the common responsibilities for this occupation.

Job Description

Sell merchandise, such as furniture, motor vehicles, appliances, or apparel in a retail establishment.

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Salesperson Job Description - Comments

Some may say that it takes a special kind of person to be a salesperson, but in reality, most people can learn how to be successful at working in sales. There are many different methods of selling a product or service. It's just a matter of finding what method works best for you and your company. Admittedly, there are three universal traits that most salespeople need: knowledge, patience, and a thick skin (also known as not taking difficult customers personally).

The duties of a retail salesperson may include opening and closing cash registers, accurately handling cash and credit transactions, stocking shelves, creating displays, assisting customers and more. To a large extent, employment setting shapes the duties of a salesperson. For example, the responsibilities and knowledge required of a retail salesperson working in a department store will be much different than one working in a car dealership. In many retail settings, a salesperson is entrusted with the task of opening or closing the store and watching customers closely to help prevent theft. Other duties could include cleaning the retail space, answering inquiries by phone and providing services such as gift wrap or shipping.

What makes a good salesperson? While the duties of a salesperson might vary in different work settings, there are certain attributes that come in handy for all sales positions. Providing quality customer service requires good communication skills. Outgoing individuals who enjoying working with customers often excel in retail positions. The ability to solve problems quickly can also be helpful, especially with difficult customers. A good salesperson is generally knowledgeable about the specific products being sold, and able to clearly communicate information to customers. There is no question that retail sales can be a demanding job, and weekend or holiday hours are often included in a salesperson's job description. The most important qualities that make a good salesperson might just be patience and a positive attitude.

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