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Technical Writers Job Description

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Technical Writers

The following job description describes the common responsibilities for this occupation.

Job Description

Write technical materials, such as equipment manuals, appendices, or operating and maintenance instructions. May assist in layout work.

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Technical Writing Job Description - Comments

A technical writing job description is information and organization oriented. The main task of a technical writer is to decipher many different types of information and arrange them in a format that clearly explains the objective. A writing job description for a technical writer may require experience in software manuals, text books, product instructions, technical online content, memorandums, employee manuals, policy manuals, and grants. Technical writers generally bring a uniform tone to all company communications and policies so that there is a consistent voice throughout. The education requirements for a technical writing job may include accredited technical writing training or a four-year degree depending on the needs of the organization and the scope of the project.

Salary surveys conducted by PayScale show that many factors come into play in determining a technical writer's salary. For example, measuring a Technical Writer Salary by Years Experience shows that technical writing salaries can start out relatively low, but increase significantly after many years of experience. Comparing Technical Writing Salaries by City indicates that some locations may be much more lucrative for technical writers than others. Just as technical writers are needed in numerous locations, technical writing jobs exist in a variety of industries. To see which fields tend to offer higher salaries, view the report on Salaries for Technical Writing Jobs by Industry.

To get a more personal look at a technical writing job description, read about the real-life experience of Tricia Sullivan, a Senior Technical Writer with 30 years of experience in the field. If you want to explore other writing careers, get a different take on a writing job description by reading an interview with a Professional Ghost Writer.

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