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Methodology Overview
1. Each day, thousands of people visit PayScale.com and take our salary survey.
  • Whether you're evaluating a new job offer, thinking it's time to ask for a raise or just trying to figure out how your current salary stacks up, PayScale helps you find the answers you need.
  • Our dynamic survey asks about the specifics of your job, focusing on the compensable factors that our team has determined affect your pay, and only takes minutes to complete.
2. Data is rigorously validated and used to constantly improve our algorithms.
  • Each completed survey is run through a data-cleaning algorithm. Additionally, our crack team of data scientists analyzes the data to identify potential biases and outliers.
  • With this validated data, we use our ever-improving MarketMatch algorithm to identify which factors have the biggest influence on pay for specific jobs and make compensation predictions for each unique individual.
3. Individuals learn how their salary stacks up.
  • After you complete the PayScale survey, you will be presented with a series of reports that show you how your salary compares to other people with similar education, skills and work experience. You can also explore how new possibilities moving to a different city, getting a promotion, going back to school and more can affect your future earning potential.

4. Employers are empowered to make educated decisions about how much they should pay their employees.
  • Businesses need to retain their top talent while keeping payroll under control. Our innovative subscription software provides companies of all sizes and in every industry access to the most up-to-date compensation data available.