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PayScale Announces 2007 Year-End Tipping Study

For second year running, world's largest online salary survey highlights significant tip requirement for jobs across industries

Seattle, December 6, 2007 - PayScale, one of the largest real-time online compensation data sources in the world for individuals and companies, today announced the availability of its second annual data and advice package about tipping workers across various jobs and industries. The report can be found at

"Tipping is one of the most under-rated characteristics in determining true salaries and compensation," said Dr. Al Lee, PayScale's Director of Quantitative Analysis. "For many low wage and hourly rate workers, the amount of tips can be the difference between minimum wage and a living wage."

Some of the findings include:

Jobs involved in weddings and events such as Disc Jockeys, Catering Managers, Meeting & Convention Services Manager, and Musicians and Singers.

It isn't just the person you tip directly - it is everyone else behind the scenes such as Busboys/girls, Restaurant and Bar Managers, Chefs, and Hosts, since your tip gets distributed amongst the whole team that helps you.

Americans are gaga for their pets, and they tip to show how precious they are. Dog Groomers are listed, and you may also want to include dog walkers, and doggie day care attendants in your holiday tipping.

People who get us from point A to point B: chauffeurs, taxi drivers, captains and mates on boats, and corporate jet pilots.

People who make us pretty such as Manicurists and Pedicurists, Cosmetologists, Estheticians and Hairstylists.

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PayScale is a market leader in online compensation and benefit data for employers and individuals. With the world's largest database of individual employee compensation profiles, PayScale provides an immediate and precise snapshot of current market pay. PayScale's patent-pending real-time profiling technology collects and indexes employee pay attributes worldwide and makes this data available through its online search tools and salary reports at PayScale was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Seattle, Wash.