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Company provides new technology and data tools for salary and compensation insight
Seattle, April 25, 2007 - today launched the PayScale Syndication Center featuring the PayScale Salary Calculator. This web-based offering allows companies and organizations that operate and manage career and job based websites to access and utilize PayScale's specific and comprehensive real-time salary information. hosts the largest ongoing real-time salary survey in the world and the data set represents 7 million profiles and growing. 

The PayScale Syndication Center is built to provide accurate salary information to job boards and career sites. So often job listings provide little comprehensive information about salary data. Inside the Syndication Center are salary data tools that indicate market rates, by geography, for listed jobs. Additionally, English-speaking countries like India, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, and New Zealand can access and use the salary data tools in the same manner as U.S. based organizations. The salary data tools include the innovative PayScale Salary Calculator designed for customization and specificity; and a job listing salary calculator that can appear as a data bubble when the mouse clicks over a position posting. Companies and organizations that implement the syndication center offerings will benefit from customized salary data and longer site visits. 

"At PayScale, our goal is to help individuals and companies understand and assess with greater accuracy their salary, specific to their position, credentials, and geography" said Mike Metzger, President and CEO of PayScale. "The web has reset expectations. Now, a 24x7 cycle demands real-time salary information. Our Salary Syndication Center will help provide insight into salaries and help improve decision-making around such important matters as compensation and worth." 

PayScale has launched the concept of anonymously comparing your salary online to other real people with similar individual and job characteristics (E.g., location, company type and size, experience, education, skills, etc.) Using advanced search and matching technology, PayScale finds a relevant peer group from their data set that matches the user-provided job information. The company has developed intellectual property for its matching and data collection technology, which allows every user's job profile to be unique and relevant to his/her different job requirements. 

About PayScale 
PayScale is the world largest and only ongoing salary survey. The company is located in Seattle, Washington. Its partners also include Careerbuilder, SimplyHired, Jobster, and