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Princeton Tigers Defeat the Georgetown Hoyas to Win the 2011 Salary Madness Championship

What If Salaries, Not Baskets, Determined the March Madness Winners?

Seattle - March 15th, 2011 - After two years at the top, Duke University does not take the win for's 2011 Salary Madness tournament. In this year's championship game, Princeton (Typical graduate salary: $102,000) defeats Georgetown ($94,900).

PayScale, Inc., the world's largest real-time online salary dataset, today unveiled its Fourth Annual Salary Madness brackets.

PayScale analyzed the March Madness brackets by typical salaries of graduates from each participating institution and came up with their own March Madness predictions. All salary data used in the 2011 PayScale Salary Madness brackets is from PayScale's 24.5 million+ employee career profiles.

2011 Salary Madness highlights include:

  • Alabama State has the lowest median pay for graduates in the tournament and is a Play-In for a 16th seed.
  • Duke is the highest-paid number-one seed with a median graduate salary of $99,000 while the next closest is Kansas with a median graduate salary of $67,100. This makes Duke the only number-one seed with a median salary high enough to get into the Salary Madness "Salary 16."
  • Boston University is the highest paid number 16 seed by nearly $30,000 at $77,000 per year for its graduates, which upsets the number-one seed, Kansas. But Boston U can't make it past the round of 32.
  • The average graduate salary for each bracket is: 

    1. South West $71,000; 
    2. West $69,000; 
    3. East $68,000; 
    4. South East $66,000
  • Of the conferences that include more than one team, the PAC 10 has the highest average graduate salary for the teams playing in the tournament at just under $80,000.

"While having bragging rights for a champion men's basketball team is valuable to alumni, earning a high salary is even more so. Both is best; by this score Georgetown and Duke do best by their alumni," said Dr. Al Lee, Director of Quantitative Analysis at PayScale.

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