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PayScale Launches Meeting Cost Calculator

Meeting Miser tracks salary costs of workplace meetings

Seattle, WA - November 7, 2007 - PayScale, Inc. today announced the launch of Meeting Miser (, a free widget that allows people to calculate the salary costs of workplace meetings. Meeting Miser pulls salary information from the PayScale dataset that includes over 10 million unique user profiles worldwide.

Meeting Miser monitors the cost of workplace meetings based upon the location and job titles of the meeting attendees, helping workers answer the question: Are your meetings worth every penny? With Meeting Miser, simply enter your location and the job title of each attendee and click Start. The real-time ticker calculates the salary cost of the meeting by pulling approximate wage data from PayScale's database.

"Meeting Miser is fun to use and also has practical applications for improving workplace productivity" said Joe Giordano, Founder, PayScale, Inc. "It provides an accurate snapshot of the compensation dollars an organization spends on meetings - and they can definitely add up."

The Meeting Miser provides reporting and archiving functions as well as the ability to manage meeting times and their budget in real-time:

• View your meeting history, and export the data to Excel.
• Set an alarm to alert you before the meeting runs over your budget.
• Send a summary of meeting statistics to attendees via email afterward.

"Meeting Miser is a great way to stay focused on high priority items during meetings because it provides a visual reminder that time is money," said Mark Mader, CEO of Smartsheet.

Every day many thousands of people take PayScale's salary survey to compare their pay anonymously with their peers and improve their understanding of the job market. PayScale has created the concept of anonymously comparing your salary online - in detail - to other real people with similar individual and job characteristics (e.g.., location, company type and size, job, experience, education, skills, and more.) Using an advanced search and proprietary matching technology, PayScale finds a relevant peer group from their data set that matches the user-provided job information. The system allows every user's job profile to be unique and relevant to his/her different job requirements. This creates a level of accuracy that cannot be achieved with traditional methodologies and allows individuals to better understand earning potential.

In August, PayScale unveiled GigZig (, the first online application that allows individuals to explore possible career paths - by looking at real career paths of other users and what each job in the path typically pays today.

About PayScale
PayScale is a market leader in online compensation and benefits data for employers and individuals. With the world's largest database of real-time individual employee compensation profiles, PayScale provides a precise snapshot of current market pay. PayScale's patent-pending profiling technology collects and indexes employee pay attributes and makes this data available through its online search tools and salary reports at PayScale's tools help millions of employees maximize their earning potential and plan their careers, and PayScale Professional, PayScale's award-winning compensation data service for HR professionals and hiring managers, now provides real time salary information to more than 4,000 organizations.

The Meeting Miser can also be found at BNET, at BNET (, from CNET Networks, is the award-winning Web destination for management, providing business managers a trusted resource for the challenges they face every day.