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Alida Moore

Alida Moore

Alida Moore joined the PayScale team in 2012. She became Web Content Editor in 2013. Alida grew up in Texas and moved to Seattle in 2007. She dislikes hot weather, Ray Liotta, and cilantro. She likes football, running, and toast. Her favorite color is sparkly.

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  • Does Physical Fitness Lead to Career Success?

    Vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan made headlines after he claimed to have run a marathon in "under three [hours], high twos. I had a two hour and fifty-something". Runner's World discovered his actual marathon time was 4:01:25. Now, most runners will tell you it is highly unlikely a marathoner would forget his or her PR, especially by that much. So why would Ryan guess low? Does our culture value fitness to the point of believing an athlete is more qualified for an office like the vice presidency? Or could it be that phsyical fitness makes one more successful overall?

  • Marissa Mayer’s Maternity Leave Maddens the Masses

    Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, and her husband welcomed their son to the world on Sunday night. Instead of offering congratulations, the blogosphere is all fired up because Mayer plans to return to the office as early as next week, taking what might be the shortest and most public maternity leave this author can remember.

  • Big Business, Gay Rights, and Rainbow Cookies

    This election season, there are few topics as controversial as gay marriage. President Obama has come out in support of marriage equality, and four states (Maine, Washington State, Minnesota, and Maryland) will put civil rights for gay couples on the ballot this November. It's no surprise Americans are talking about this hot topic, but now big business has joined in the conversation. 

  • Top 10 Party Schools of the Past Decade: A Comparison by Salary

    Attend a traditional party school and you could learn many valuable life lessons. “Beer is hydrating.” “Staying up all night drinking coffee and eating Pop-Tarts improves critical thinking.” But the lesson nobody ever teaches is that attending a party school will get you ahead in life. Colleges where afternoon classes and bad hangovers are the norm aren’t known for turning out big earners, but is that rep even deserved anymore?

  • College Choice: An Economist's View [video]

    For many high school students, the idea of choosing a college and a major can be more stressful than finding a date for Homecoming or accidentally wearing a prom dress that highlights armpit sweat. (That last bit is entirely hypothetical and definitely not something that happened to this author in Texas, 1999.) To help you sort through the overwhelming amount of advice you might be receiving -- go here! major in this! don't take out too many loans! -- PayScale's lead economist, Katie Bardaro, sat down to answer your questions in today's G+ Hangout with PayScale -- College Choice: An Economist's View. 

  • Want to “Make Memories” at College? Pick a Party School That Pays [infographic]

    Psst… hey, high school students. Come closer for a secret your parents don’t need to hear. Remember that party school you’ve been eyeing, the one with 24/7 ragers and beer pong tournaments? Turns out that a degree from that institution could lead to a high-paying job after graduation.

  • 2nd Annual Cintas and Carhartt Cold Crew Contest

    Winter is coming. The leaves are changing color and coffee shops everywhere are selling pumpkin spiced everything, a sign of shorter days and chillier weather. If you are an office worker, the drop in temperature means bundling up for the daily commute. If you work outdoors, winter means much more. How do most outdoor workers stay warm throughout the winter months?

  • Coursera Creates a Successful Global Higher Education Community

    Back in June, we introduced you to The free online educational site seems unstoppable as it takes the world of learning by storm with its “Education for Everyone” motto. Third-generation Ph.D. and Coursera co-founder, Daphne Koller, recently gave a thought-provoking TED talk titled, “What We’re Learning from Online Education.” TED, a nonprofit devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading,” posts inspiring talks given by great thinkers and entrepreneurs, starting a global conversation, available to the world for free.

  • Under Pressure: Job Stress in the Tech World

    Go to dinner with a group of friends in the tech industry and the conversation will often turn into an argument about who is the most stressed out. The competition is fierce, like a good old-fashioned pie eating contest, because in both cases the winner is rewarded with heartburn, nausea, and stomach cramps. We at PayScale wanted to settle the argument, so we gathered the data to find out, in today's Geek Universe, which workers are actually the most stressed?

  • Help PayScale Spend $10,000

    What would you do if someone handed you $10,000 to donate to charity? What organizations are you most passionate about?

    These are the questions we at PayScale are asking ourselves as we continue to vie for the opportunity to win $10k in the American City Business Journals' Social Madness competition. Your votes helped us move forward this far in the contest, representing Seattle in the national competition, and now we're much closer to donating $10k to charity. Can you help us win and pick where the money will go?


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