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Christina Majaski

Christina is a full-time freelance writer for various online publications including Money Crashers and EcoSalon. She lives in Minnesota, aka North American Siberia, with a 10-year-old, whose caterwauling and incessant need for food, keeps her working. Christina's favorite things include sushi, wine, and documentaries. And also, wine.

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Most Recent Posts by Christina Majaski
  • 5 Ways Your Boss Is Making You Unproductive

    When we miss a deadline, we usually blame ourselves. But, what if it really isn’t your fault that you’re unproductive? What if your boss is making you unproductive? Here are five signs the blame might lie at the feet of your boss.
  • Lessons from Abercrombie's Weird and Discriminatory Rule Book

    Stringent dress code requirements are funny and sometimes hard to believe. However, companies may want to pay attention to the king of weird dress codes – Abercrombie & Fitch. If your rules cost your business money, it’s probably time to re-evaluate your priorities.
  • How to Respond When They Say Your Project Stinks

    Someday you will receive negative feedback. You can sob your eyes out, exact revenge on whomever dares to speak negatively of your project, or you can learn from the feedback and respond gracefully and professionally. Here’s how.
  • 5 Ways to Be the Best Coworker Ever

    Are you an awesome coworker or are you the kind who steals lunches and makes inappropriate comments? If you want to be the toast of the office, here are some simple tips for upping your game.
  • Walking Dead 101 and other Zombie College Courses

    Right when some of us wondered whether college was a big waste of time, a course such as The Walking Dead at the University of California Irvine comes along. Not only is it fun, but it’s free. If you’re wondering whether you’ll leave college with nothing more than a lifetime of debt, consider brushing up on your post-apocalyptic survival skills with these zombie college courses.
  • 5 Steps to Recovery When Twerking Has Cost Your Job

    So, you walk into work, bend over and twerk all over your co-worker, and accidentally make strange gestures with a huge foam finger. Maybe not. But are you Drunk-Table-Dancing-Martha at the Christmas party? Here are 5 steps to recovering.
  • 5 Signs That No, You Do Not Have Great Multitasking Skills

    Out of all of the skills printed on resumes, multitasking is probably the most overused. It is rare that an applicant will admit that he or she is unable to manage more than one task at a time, but unrealistic to believe that the entire job-force has great multitasking skills. Here are a few signs that you are not a great multitasker, along with a few quick tips to help (because, multitasking).
  • No Mohawks Allowed

    Just in case you thought your company’s rules prohibiting you from wearing your fuzzy bath robe and requiring daily hairbrushing were intrusive and overbearing, Abercrombie & Fitch’s “Look Policy Guidelines” may give you a run for your money. And while a ban on extreme hair and large earrings may seem really, really bizarre, Abercrombie isn’t the only company with weird dress code rules.
  • 5 Ways to Survive a Boring Friday Afternoon at Work

    Sure, it’s Friday and we are super duper glad and TGIFing everyone sometimes as early as Thursday. But, sometimes, those last few hours of work make the best day of the work week, downright painful. Here are 5 ways to survive a boring Friday afternoon at work.
  • 4 Tips from Teen Moguls that the Rest of Us Could Learn From

    Gen Y is often unfairly characterized as a generation of lazy and spoiled young people who expect all things, including success, to be handed to them. However, as recently explored in PayScale’s Gen Y data, 15% of management positions are currently being filled by the Gen Y age group, with the average salary of $39,700 being earned. Additionally, Millennials have been inventing and becoming overnight millionaires almost regularly. Is it possible that we could learn more about business and success from this generation?


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