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Christina is a full-time freelance writer for various online publications including Money Crashers and EcoSalon. She lives in Minnesota, aka North American Siberia, with a 10-year-old, whose caterwauling and incessant need for food, keeps her working. Christina's favorite things include sushi, wine, and documentaries. And also, wine.

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  • How Not To Act When You Don't Like Your Coworkers

    Very few workplaces are without occasional bickering and drama amongst co-workers. The reality is, if you spend that much time with anyone, you are likely going to start becoming annoyed by any number of pet peeves or idiosyncrasies. Although most of us are pretty good at refraining from throat punching people we work with, public bickering can be just as bad. Especially, if you happen to be employed in a public venue, such as the news.
  • Should We Really Care if Nannies Are Replacing Rich Parents?

    Any time a nanny is mentioned, especially nannies working for wealthy parents, non-wealthy and non-nanny-having parents end up getting riled up about rich parents not actually being parents and so forth. Nannies have been filling in for parents at bake sales and school functions for as long as nannies were invented. Yet, many of us feel as though rich parents are once again taking advantage of being rich and somehow shirking parental responsibility.
  • 5 Ways to Include Under-Privileged Women in the Lean In Discussion

    Sheryl Sandberg’s super popular movement that calls for women to “lean in” to the careers has been criticized for leaving out women who are less privileged and lacking many of the options commonly discussed. Many poor and working class women are unable to hold out for higher salaries, or decide who works and who doesn’t. The option to stay home during pregnancy or after childbirth are often not really options but rather the result of having no other choice. How then can we make the Lean In movement more inclusive?
  • Dear Career Women: Our Jobs Are Making Us Ugly

    Good news, working women. Not only do we have to worry about whether our jobs are paying us as much as our male counterparts and the possibility that our jobs may be making us fat, but we also have something else to worry about. And this one is crucial and will directly affect our dating lives, our chances of finding a man to marry us, and even our children. Who knew working could be such a damaging part of our lives?
  • 10 Tips for Graduates on Work Life From People Who Have Been There

    After graduation, the pursuit of a career can appear to be a daunting task. Everyone has advice and rules. Follow your dreams. Follow the money. Never be late. Never be early. Preparing to enter the work force is sometimes harder work than the actual job. So, what exactly do you really need to know when you graduate from college? Take a look at 10 pieces of advice from people who have been there.
  • Believe it or Not Sex in the Workplace Happens

    We tell ourselves that we are well aware of the dangers of office romances and the billion ways they can go wrong. What we don’t really acknowledge and haven't really addressed, is that sex in the workplace happens and some of our co-workers (possibly more than we think) are closer than we would like to imagine.
  • When Childless Employees Miss Out on the Benefits of Work-Life Balance

    We seem to focus quite a bit these days on businesses that provide benefits and perks to mothers and fathers. Companies that are empathetic to the needs of parents and provide a working environment that helps them balance family and career are repeatedly rated as some of the best companies to work for. What about childless couples though? Are you missing out on these work-life benefits because you don’t have kids?
  • 10 Most Obese Professions: Our Jobs May Be Making Us Fat

    Medical issues aside, it has become pretty clear that maintaining a healthy weight involves healthy eating and exercise. There is another element however, that may be contributing to our weight issues and you may be surprised to find out what it is.
  • 5 Big Tips Waitresses Have Received That May Restore Your Faith in Humanity

    According to our 2012-2013 study on How Tips Impact Incomes, waiters and waitresses earn the lowest base salaries in the service industry. The average base is $5.10 an hour and in some states, it may be lower.  Employees in the service industry are often underpaid and rely quite heavily on the tips they receive for basic living expenses. Although rare,  once in a while we hear of waitresses and waiters who have received larger than normal tips from customers.

  • Women: It's Time to Stop Hugging in the Workplace

    While most professionals choose to shake hands during a meet and greet, for some reason there are still many professionals who think it’s best to grandma hug their co-workers. While half-hugging accompanied by air kisses, and fist bumping may seem casual enough, full on bear hugging can make for quite an awkward moment.

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