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Cynthia Boris

Cynthia Boris is a freelance writer who specializes in small business marketing, social media, technology and entertainment. She watches more TV than any two average people and credits it with teaching her how to survive a zombie attack and choose the perfect wedding dress.

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  • Does Someone Have to Go: Employees Vote with Their Hearts Not Their Heads

    Last week on Does Someone Have to Go, we watched as the employees of Velocity Merchant Services roasted their co-workers in candid videos. That was followed by a mortifying round where salaries were revealed and from there, the group chose the three employees they thought deserved to be fired. Can the bottom three redeem themselves?
  • Employees Literally Jump Through Hoops for the Boss Tonight on Wipeout

    If you think your boss makes you jump through hoops every day, you need to watch tonight's episode of the ABC game show Wipeout. It's a special Boss & Employee edition with a twist. In the first round, the teams will have to work together to make it through obstacles such as Cuckoo Crazy and the Wipeout Break Room. From there, they'll have to conquer the Miami Pound Machine and the last couples standing will head off to the nerd-infested IT City.
  • 'Giving You the Business' Rewards Standout Employees With a Franchise of Their Own

    Hidden camera shows have been around since Allen Funt began pulling pranks on TV back in 1948. "Smile, you're on Candid Camera!" In recent years, hidden camera shows haven't given people much to smile about as they're generally used to catch employees doing bad things behind the boss' back.
  • Could Your Business Be the Next Big Reality Show?

    From cupcake bakers to duck call makers, small business owners and employees are today's top reality stars. The benefits of letting a camera crew follow your every move are obvious. Every episode is like a half hour commercial for your business and that means more people at your door.
  • Resale Royalty 103: 'VIP: Very Important Purchasers'

    When 80 percent of your sales come from 20 percent of your customers, having a VIP Club that caters to that 20 percent makes good business sense. In this week's episode of Resale Royalty, Sue decides to relaunch her old VIP club at the suggestion of one of her oldest customers. They decide to kick the club off with a fancy evening party that will show the customers that Women's Closet Exchange isn't just a retail store, it's a social community for people who love quality fashion.
  • Employees Compete For Their Jobs in New Fox Reality Series

    When you lose on a TV game show, all you give up is a little bit of dignity. But when you lose on Fox's new reality series Does Someone Have to Go, the next stop is the unemployment line. To make matters worse, the pink slip doesn't come from the boss, it comes from the co-workers. Think a group of grown adults can make a rational business decision without it turning into a popularity contest? No way and that's why Fox thinks they have a hit on their hands.
  • Leadership Lessons from 'Star Trek'

    Taking command of a starship is a lot like running a company. You have to have a vision, a team to help you get the job done, and you have to make tough decisions with your head and not your heart. Feeling a little shaky in the Captain's chair? Here are a few leadership lessons from Star Trek that will help you through tough times.
  • Crowd Rules: Dealing with Debt

    According to Crowd Rules host Pat Kiernan, there are times when debt is good for business. That's kind of hard to believe. The only time debt may be a good thing is when it gets you a slot on Crowd Rules and a chance to win $50,000. Let's meet this week's business owners:
  • TV's Most Dangerous Jobs: Is the Risk Worth the Reward?

    Since the golden age of television, we've been watching firemen and police officers put their lives on the line in order to protect the innocent. But those are just actors and although a few have been known to get hurt in the performance of their duties, acting isn't usually a dangerous profession. On the other hand, the stars of these four reality shows are truly risking life and limb every time the cameras roll. Why do they do it? Because with big risks, come big rewards.
  • Starting Over at 70: XOX Betsey Johnson

    In the 1970's, Betsey Johnson was on her way to becoming an American fashion icon. Known for her whimsical designs, mismatched fabrics and bright colors, her clothes were popular with the young rock stars of the era. From there, she jumped hurdle after hurdle, never giving up on her wild fashions and wilder behavior. Going to a Betsey fashion show was like going to the circus and they always ended with the designer doing her signature cartwheel on the runway.

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