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Jennifer Wadsworth

Jennifer Wadsworth

Jennifer is a Bay Area-based journalist who writes about politics, current events, career news and social issues. She lives in San Jose, Calif., with a blue heeler dog named Blu and an African grey parrot called Dorian.

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  • More Women Find Work, Just Not at Well-Paying Jobs

    The latest unemployment data seems to show positive gains for women. The female jobless rate – 63 percent by the last count – is the lowest it's been for five years. Men's, in comparison, remains above 7 percent. Women are finding work, pushing down that unemployment rate, but the jobs they're landing aren't the most lucrative.
  • Harvard Freshmen are a Bunch of Cheaters

    A recent survey produced results that fly in the face of Harvard's emphasis on honesty and academic integrity.
  • Why Do Women Choose Lower-Paying Jobs?

    NPR reporter Lisa Chow majored in applied mathematics. She got her MBA. But when choosing a job, she picked one in journalism, not exactly the most lucrative option. Why do women, even the ones who earn a STEM-related degree, tend to opt for jobs with lower pay?
  • Want Upward Mobility? Get an Education – If You Can Afford It

    America, for all its fanfare about providing equal opportunity, is becoming increasingly stratified. Income inequality is growing, quashing the ability for the poor and middle-class to achieve upward mobility. And education, the great equalizer, has priced itself out of reach for many families, deepening the divide.
  • Want to Boost the Economy? Skip the Four-Year Degree

    Middle-market employers are looking for more workers with education – just not the four-year brand you'd expect.
  • En Vogue: The Working Woman's Fashion Dilemma

    Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer appeared in last month's issue of Vogue, elegantly perched on a lawn chair, decked out in the high-end couture she's known to wear. The image elicited some sharp response from women who felt the image belittled the Silicon Valley powerhouse by dressing her up as a more of a fashionista than a C-suite celebrity.
  • Could a Post-College SAT Become the New Norm?

    As employers lose faith in the almighty GPA, they're looking for other other benchmarks to gauge competence. They need only to wait another school year. Beginning in 2014, about 200 colleges in the U.S. plan to roll out a post-grad exit exam to give companies a better idea of a grad's real-world readiness.
  • America's Growing Adjunct Crisis [Infographic]

    Though they study on average more than eight years to teach, most adjunct professors earn just $20,000 a year. The number of masters and doctorate degree holders on food stamps has tripled in the past few years. Why do we reward our best and brightest with measly pay, massive debt and, very often, no career?
  • Part-Time is the New Full-Time in the Restaurant Industry

    Economic recession replaced full-time work with part-time gigs, easy to fill because widespread joblessness means more people will accept just about any employment opportunity. That's good news for employers trying to save a buck by bypassing the need to offer healthcare, but pretty sucky for the rest of America who have to accept that, well, part-time is the new normal.
  • White House Unveils Plan for College Affordability

    President Obama kicked off a two-day bus tour with talks about how to make college more affordable. "We can't price the middle class — and people working to get into the middle class — out of a college education," he told an audience at The State University of New York in Buffalo Wednesday.

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