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Kayla Kitamorn

Kayla Kitamorn

Kayla is a freelance writer who also teaches English and not-so-secretly loves grammar and alliteration. Kayla is an avid list maker and documenter of memories. She enjoys biking to all 27 of the Seattle Public Library branches, dog-watching, and eating chocolate chip cookies.

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  • 7 Fresh Tips for a Great First Day at Your New Job

    There is plenty of traditional advice out there for making a good impression on your first day on the job. Show up on time, dress for success, ask questions, and other yawn-inducing advice that you’ve heard a million times. We talked to people in person and on Facebook and added our own ideas to bring you a fresh set of tips for a great first day at your new job.

  • 3 Ways to Make the Best of a Terrible Commute

    I’m about to leave behind a luxurious commute (an 18-minute walk or seven-minute bike ride) for a new job with a one-hour, three-bus commute. Armed with the knowledge that your commute can have an immense effect on your happiness, I’m determined to face this challenge head on. If you’re dealing with a lengthy commute like me, here are three ways to make the best of it.

  • Never Forget a Task With “Remember the Milk”

    When you’re struggling with the elusive work-life balance, you’re bound to lose track of something along the way. Or maybe you’re just a disorganized person who tends to forget things. In part three of my series on productivity, I take a look at the app Remember the Milk, which aims to help you, well, remember the milk and all your other important tasks.

  • An App Whose Goal is to Help You Achieve Yours

    The goal tracking app Way of Life aims to help you meet your goals by providing you a way to track your progress and visualize trends. But does it actually work?

  • Use Tomatoes to Manage Your Time

    In part two of my series on productivity, I bring you a time management method that is so simple you don’t even need a smartphone. All you need is a timer, some paper, and a pencil. Now that’s refreshing.

  • CARROT: An App to Get Your Lazy Butt in Gear

    Need a jerk to be mean to you until you get work done? Meet CARROT, the answer all your procrastination woes. In part one of a series on productivity apps, I take a look at CARROT: The To-Do List with a Personality.

  • Don’t Quite Have it Together? Fake It

    You know that coworker who always makes everything seem so easy, like being organized and not wearing her shirt inside out twice in one week? She either has singing cartoon animals helping her get dressed and organize her expense reports, or she has some of these tricks up her sleeve.

  • Your Office is Just Like Middle School

    Not many of us look back on our middle school years fondly. Puberty, gym class, mean girls—we dreamed of being grown-up because it would mean the end of the Awkward. Surprisingly, middle school and your professional life may not be so different.

  • 3 Ways to Deal With Your Jerkface Boss

    An over-demanding boss can quickly turn your dream job into your job from hell. Don’t let your micromanaging, unreasonable, monster-of-a-boss keep you from an otherwise great job! Instead of quitting, Forbes offers up some tips for how to deal with your unbearable boss. Here are 3 highlights:

  • 4 Ways We Should All Be More Like Kanye West

    Kanye West’s recent interview with The New York Times has garnered a lot of attention because of some of his more narcissistic statements: “I am the Michael Jordan of music” and “I understand culture. I am the nucleus.” It’s easy to just write West off as a pompous star, but his influence and success merits a closer look. Here are four ways we should all be more like Kanye West, based on his quotes from the recent interview.


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