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Kristina Cowan

Kristina Cowan

Kristina Cowan is a journalist with more than 15 years of experience. She has served as a writer, reporter and editor, covering education, business and women’s issues for a variety of publications and outlets, including The American Council on Education, Harvard University, Northwestern University,,,,, Congressional Quarterly and Tribune Media Services. Her latest projects include writing about motherhood and women's issues, and launching several writing-critique groups. Kristina and her French-born husband live with their two small children in the Chicago area.

Most Recent Posts by Kristina Cowan
  • Will the Recession Deflate Your Income Forever?

    As you watch America's fiscal health deteriorate, grimacing through news of layoffs and current unemployment rates, you're probably concerned about your own financial survival, and on the lookout for some smart money secrets. You're not wrong to worry. Economists say incomes won't likely rebound until 2010 or 2011. But you're not defenseless. You can take steps to protect your income and job security.
  • The U.S. Recession and College Student

    If you're graduating from college this spring, you may be on edge. Not at the thought of the awaiting pomp, circumstance, degree-collecting or cap-tossing-but at the abysmal job market lurking beyond your ivy-covered walls. Indeed, daily reports of layoffs, financial ruin and political squabbling over the economy could be dashing your hopes of finding a job anytime soon.
  • Stress Management in the Workplace

    Most every day there's a torrent of bad news reminding us our economy is sick. But what about us-are workers getting sick from economic-stress-induced angst? Some of us might be.
  • Can the Obama Economic Plan Boost Your Salary?

    President-elect Barack Obama has made history. He triumphed in a rough-and-tumble campaign to become the first African-American elected to the highest office in the land. Now big questions loom over the Obama economic plan, and what the future of his presidency will look like. More specifically, what are Obama's plans for job creation and reviving America's ailing economy? Will he endorse something similar to Bush's economic stimulus package or propose something different?
  • Unemployment During the Great Depression: Are We Getting Close?

    Each week delivers more grim news about some part of the economy, including job cuts and climbing unemployment. All the gloom-and-doom has some recalling unemployment during the Great Depression. At this point the U.S. unemployment rate is 6.7 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics; peak unemployment during the Great Depression was 25 percent. Are we inching toward a similarly unsavory fate?

  • Joe the Plumber and the Middle-Class Income Range

    Joe Wurzelbacher is getting his 15 minutes of fame--raising questions about the middle class income range. Better known as Joe the Plumber, he stepped into the limelight earlier this month asking about Sen. Barack Obama’s tax plan.
  • 3 Successful Work at Home Career Tales

    Avoid work at home hoaxes and scams, and learn how to launch a successful work at home career. Three success stories and fool-proof work at home jobs.
  • The Wealthiest Celebrities vs. Regular People: Top 5 Overpaid Celebrities & CEOs

    Some say hugely inflated salaries tell a lot about our cultural values – since it’s the teachers and waitresses of the world that go to the movies and buy new kitchen appliances, funding paychecks for the wealthiest celebrities and CEOs of the world. “What jobs pay makes a statement about what we value. As a culture, these disparities make shocking statements about which human activities are more valuable to us,” says Dr. Al Lee,’s director of quantitative analysis.
  • 4 Ways to Work from Home Now: Ditch Your 9-to-5 Gig

    Are you tired of the 9-to-5 shuffle? It doesn't take much to build a case for working from home. Maybe your daily commute time is hours long, you can't find enough time to spend with your family, or you're fed up with your boss's 24-7 work schedule.
  • NFL Player Salaries: What They Are, and Why

    NFL player salaries are excessive, aren't they? It depends whom you ask. National Football League team owners seem to think NFL player salaries are bloated: in May they voted unanimously to terminate their labor contract with the players union early, in a move to cut salary costs. Even some NFL players themselves believe salaries, particularly for rookies, are unfair. 

    So just what do NFL player salaries look like these days? According to a recent USA TODAY survey of player compensation, the top-paid player for 2008 is Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger at $27.7 million, followed by Minnesota defensive end Jared Allen at $21.1 million, Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald at $17.1 million, and Oakland quarterback JaMarcus Russell at $16.9 million. The survey includes all signing bonuses in the initial contract year, as well as base pay and other bonuses. The story notes that teams are willing to fork over big bucks for NFL player salaries, especially for a quarterback who holds the promise of being a "marquee player."


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