• 5 Fast-Growing Flexible Jobs You Didn't Know About
    Some jobs lend themselves to flexible arrangements (like telecommuting, part-time, or temporary work) more than others. If you're a medical transcriptionist, a customer service representative, or a graphic designer, you probably already know that your occupation translates well to working from home, for example. But what about jobs that seemingly require a physical presence, whether it's in the classroom or the operating room? Don't be so fast to assume that working from home, on a full- or part-time basis, is out of the question. FlexJobs' latest list, 25 High-Potential Flexible Jobs for 2016, shows that many jobs provide opportunities to earn money while skipping the commute – at least some of the time.
  • How to Get These 5 High-Paying, Low-Stress Jobs
    Want a good- or even great-paying job but don't want to join the ranks of the over-stressed? Believe it or not, there are options for you. Recently, Business Insider put together a list of high-paying jobs with lower "stress tolerance" ratings, using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Occupational Information Network. We looked at what it takes to prepare for some of top jobs on their list.
  • The 5 Best Jobs for College Students
    Attending college is astronomically expensive. Gone are the days when you could work part-time and over the summers, and come away with enough money to float your tuition and fees out-of-pocket. Still, even if you're paying for your education with loans and grants, extra money comes in handy when you're in school. The challenge is to find jobs that line your pockets without interfering with your studies. As part of PayScale's data report, The Best Jobs for You, we looked at a few of the best part-time jobs for people who don't yet have a degree, but are working toward one.
  • The 5 Best Jobs for Working Parents
    Being a working parent was hard enough in the olden days, before mobile technology stretched office workers' days from 9 to 5 to 24/7. For many people who struggle to balance family commitments and professional responsibilities, even a workday that allowed them to leave the office and continue toiling online from home would be a refreshing change – but corporate cultures often demand face-time as well as productivity, leaving workers who'd like to see their kids out in the cold.
  • The Women on Top: The Country’s Highest-Paid Female CEOs
    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 248,760 Americans held the job title "Chief Executive" in 2013. As leaders who are (at least theoretically) responsible for making some of the most crucial decisions involving a company and its workforce, Chief Executives have at times singular amounts of authority, privilege, and responsibility. They are compensated accordingly, usually with salaries clocking in at a minimum of six figures. In the U.S., for example, CEOs earn an annual median salary of $153,353, according to PayScale's Salary Survey, which includes 6,674 CEOs.
  • Low Stress, High Pay? These 3 Low-Pressure Jobs Can Pay $70k or More per Year

    It's common to think of stress and pay as a tradeoff. For example, surgeons and air traffic controllers pull down the big bucks because their work is not only beneficial to society, but potentially tough on the cortisol levels of the job-holder. We don't care how good you are at managing stress: if your job involves rebuilding the human body or landing several tons of steel and jet fuel, you're going to feel the pressure. But not every high-paying gig demands such sacrifices.

  • Top 10 Careers of the Future [infographic]

    When you think about futuristic jobs, you probably think of something along the lines of robot scientist (which could mean either a scientist who builds robots, or a scientist who is a robot -- either might apply). But the real jobs of the future probably look a bit more familiar.

  • 5 Jobs That Pay Well, But May Not Be Fulfilling

    Some jobs don’t offer warm fuzzies, but they do give you a fat paycheck. If having that comfortable income is a priority for you, and you can find meaning in other aspects of your life, then here are some careers you might want to consider.

  • 20 of the Happiest Jobs for New Grads

    In a tight job market and uncertain economic times, new graduates are often grateful for any job, whether it's one they enjoy or not. In order to help grads find a career they'll love, folks at CareerBliss, a site focused on searches and reviews of companies known for employee satisfaction, created a list of the happiest jobs for the class of 2014.

  • Young Bankers Are Very Unhappy, and Here's Why

    Unless you're in finance, you probably can't imagine being excited to hear that you get one whole day a week off. But that's the position employees of Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merrill Lynch found themselves in recently, when their companies unveiled new policies that would require them to take off four days a month. Bankers, especially junior employees, regularly work over 100 hours a week. But that's only one reason they're miserable.

  • Bankers Are Being Forced to Take a Day Off (and Here's Why You Should Care)

    Many bankers and other finance workers regularly put in 120-hour weeks. But all that might be about to change, thanks to new polices at Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which force associates to take at least one day off a week (or four weekend days off a month, depending). Given that most of us aren't pulling down finance-sector money, why would we care? Think of those junior bankers as canaries in the coal mine of our work-life balance.

  • 3 Hot Careers for Recent College Graduates

    Brand-new college grads are always nervous about starting their careers, but the post-recession economic landscape makes today's workplace an even scarier place. To help younger workers focus their career building efforts, UC San Diego Extension compiles an annual list of hot jobs for new grads.

  • 3 Unexpected Careers That Will Profit From Obamacare

    One of the major points of debate about the Affordable Care Act is whether it will lead to American workers losing their jobs. A recent poll showed that some small business owners have frozen hiring in anticipation of the now-delayed employer mandate, and the news is full of stories about retailers who cut employee hours down to 29.5 per week, to avoid benefit costs. So what's the good news?

  • Why Are Accounting Jobs So Hard to Fill?
    As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and the economy more complex, the demands of top professions have become broader and more nuanced. That's certainly true for accounting and finance jobs, which now require so much more than rote number crunching. But that change in expectations makes it difficult for companies to fill those roles.
  • A Close Look at CPA Salaries
    Tax season has ended. The heaviest lifting is over for America's many CPAs, staff accountants, business owners, and average citizens. We've all pushed passed the April 15 deadline, filing for an extension or not. Did you get help with your taxes this year? How much did you pay for that help? It may have left you thinking that an accounting career is a smart move.
  • Job Description of an Accounting Manager
    Job Title: Accounting Manager
    Years of Experience: 14
    Current Employer: Miles Sand and Gravel Co/dba Concrete Nor'West
    Where: Burlington, WA
    Education: Skagit Valley College, Associate in General Studies, Associate in Office Technology, Accounting Certificate
    Other Relevant Work Experience: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find information on an accounting manager salary.

    Job Description of an Accounting Manager

    Accounting is a field that will always be highly in demand. Known as “the language of business,” accounting is essential to any business and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts positive growth for accountant positions over the next several years. An accounting manager's career path may include related positions such as certified public accountant, auditor or certified management accountant. In the following description of an accounting manager job, we learn the ins and outs of a typical day as well as a common method of starting in this industry and typical problems to avoid.

    PayScale: What is the job description of an accounting manager?

    Manage a team of three to four accounting professionals; work directly with CFO on monthly entries, reconciling bank accounts; prepare and publish profit & loss statements, balance sheets, sales reports, inventory; prepare and report WA State DOR excise returns and quarterly B&O; file for refund of state and federal fuel tax; journal entries; reconcile monthly allocations of prepaid expenses; prepare schedules for year end taxes.

    PayScale: How did you get started as an accounting manager?

    I like working with numbers and balancing. I wanted a profession that I could easily support myself with and that is useful to myself both professionally and personally.
  • Banking and Finance Jobs - Assistant Branch Manager
    Job Title: Assistant Branch Manager
    Where: Montreal, Canada
    Years of Experience: 2 years
    Education: Bachelor of Commerce
    Related Experience: Financial Service Manager for 3 years; Customer Service Manager for 2 years.
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find median salaries for banking and finance jobs, including an assistant branch manager salary.

    Banking and Finance Jobs - Assistant Branch Manager

    With the banking industry still in recovery mode, many recent graduates are wondering if a career in finance is the best choice. For those interested in banking jobs, there's good news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics - although banking and finance jobs are expected to grow more slowly than jobs in other industries, the number of local branches is expected to increase along with demand for more branch managers and tellers.

    In this Salary Story, we get to hear first-hand from an assistant branch manager about what banking jobs are really like. If you're interested in a career in finance, this interview provides a banking job description and describes some of the challenges and rewards of working in a banking career.

  • Finance Careers - Security Pricing Specialist
    Name: Jason Richards
    Job Title: Security Pricing Specialist
    Where: Boston, MA
    Employer: Bank of New York Mellon
    Years of Experience: 7 years
    Education: Eastern Nazarene College, Business Management Degree.
    Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for the Average Salary for a Securities Career.

    Finance Careers - Security Pricing Specialist

    Jason Richards is a security pricing specialist for Mellon Bank. He started at the ground level and is in the process of working his way up. In this Salary Story, Jason explains what public securities markets are and how to make it in Mellon securities careers. He also shares some great advice and stories that would be valuable to anyone working in the stock brokerage industry or pursuing a finance career.

    What does a security pricing specialist do?

    Jason: This job is considered the operations side of a mutual fund company. Previous to working here, I worked at Fidelity Investments. The operations side is configured of security pricing and accounting for securities held by funds that are in investment portfolios, typically 401k retirement portfolios. Each morning I run a report that shows what new securities were bought by our trading desk, and place them on specific broker or vendor pricing lists. This is to ensure that the bonds are priced on a nightly basis. The fluctuation on a bonds price from day to day affects the NAV (Net Asset Value) of the funds that hold the security. The fluctuation of the NAV on a fund affects the performance of the fund in a portfolio. An individual's portfolio is made up of a group of funds, determined by their retirement goal objectives. Each fund specializes in a certain objective, for instance high risk, low risk, steady growth, and a mix. My job is focused on the pricing of securities that are purchased into a fund. Working for fixed income bonds, we collect prices that are evaluated bids, unlike the traded stock price of an equity. Bonds are considered a debt/credit security, whereas a company issues the bond available to holders (investors) as a "loan" for the company to build or use to grow the company. The company will typically issue the bond with a fixed maturity, and coupon/interest rate that will be paid back to the investors on top of principle. This is how investors make money, and how companies can get money, like a loan, to accomplish growth and objectives for the company.

  • Accounting Careers: Speaking the Language of Business

    Name: Toni Miller
    Job Title: Accounting Manager
    Where: Kent, WA - USA
    Years of Experience: 15
    Education: High school and some college
    Annual Salary: Interested in accounting careers or an auditing career? See PayScale's Research Center to learn more about careers in accounting and accounting salaries.

    Accounting involves more than just crunching numbers. Businesses use accounting methods to translate their day-to-day activities into financial variables, and then analyze issues such as efficiency and productivity. The idea of analyzing financial information may cause some people to yawn, but accounting careers can be both challenging and rewarding. In this Salary Story, you'll meet Toni Miller, an accounting manager who plays an important role in her company. Actually, her job involves several roles and numerous responsibilities, as Toni describes in the following interview.

    Toni offers advice on how to prepare for an accounting career and what to expect from an accounting manager position. She gives an insider's look at what accounting careers are really like and discusses the top challenges she faces on the job. If you're a problem-solving whiz looking for a career in finance or business, don't miss this interview!

  • Financial Controller: Accounting Salaries

    Name: Misty Cargill
    Job Title: Financial Controller
    Where: Woodland, CA
    Employer: Resonant Sonic International, Inc.
    Years of Experience: 10
    Education: BS Accounting - University of Phoenix
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for median financial controller and other accounting salaries.

    Financial Controller: Accounting Salaries

    You've probably heard of financial controllers, but may not be able to recite a financial controller job description off the top of your head. In this Salary Story, we crunched the numbers with Misty Cargill who is a financial controller in California.

    She opened the books on how to become a financial controller, factors that can affect accounting salaries and the daily tasks of today's financial controller. For more info on a career that really adds up, keep reading!

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