• Which Company has the Most Loyal Employees?

    Gone are the days of working your entire career at one company and retiring with a gold watch and a champagne send-off. Today, the average worker spends an average of 3.68 years with a company.So which companies boast the employees with the longest tenure?

  • The Slideshow of Shattered Dreams
    What does it mean to be underemployed? Simply put, it means you have the education for a higher level job than the job you currently find yourself working. According to NPR, over 22 million Americans are underemployed. How did they get there?
  • 3 Job Interview Tips from Miss Utah
    There are few things worse in a job interview than fumbling for an intelligent answer to a question. Miss Utah learned this lesson the hard way during the Q&A portion of the Miss USA pageant. (We're sorry, we mean Miss USA Scholarship Program.)
  • Female Senators Get a New Bathroom
    Is it really progress for women in the workplace when we are celebrating larger restrooms in 2013? Women Senators think so, according to this report. While we are happy for their new, shorter wait for the bathroom, we wonder when we will be able to celebrate larger victories for working women.