• More Women Find Work, Just Not at Well-Paying Jobs
    The latest unemployment data seems to show positive gains for women. The female jobless rate – 63 percent by the last count – is the lowest it's been for five years. Men's, in comparison, remains above 7 percent. Women are finding work, pushing down that unemployment rate, but the jobs they're landing aren't the most lucrative.
  • Part-Time is the New Full-Time in the Restaurant Industry
    Economic recession replaced full-time work with part-time gigs, easy to fill because widespread joblessness means more people will accept just about any employment opportunity. That's good news for employers trying to save a buck by bypassing the need to offer healthcare, but pretty sucky for the rest of America who have to accept that, well, part-time is the new normal.
  • Young People Left Behind in Jobs Recovery
    The latest jobless figures show that the economic recovery is leaving young people in the dust. Youth and young adults are underemployed or unemployed at almost recession-era peaks. That's an alarming statistic since the extent that young people aren't realizing their full working potential can have long-term consequences for everyone else.
  • Why Don't More Men Take Paternity Leave?
    Chatter about paternity leave is trending across the globe since Prince William returned to his princely duties after the birth of his son. We're curious why so many men feel a stigma about taking time off work to connect with their just-born offspring.
  • What's the Difference Between Lean and Green Manufacturing? [Infographic]
    The goal of lean manufacturing is to tighten up efficiency, cut down on wasted time, maximize talent and reduce waste. It sounds a lot like the benefits of going green, too. Let's look at some of the similarities, where green manufacturing intersects with lean principles.
  • 3 Finance Tips From The Undead
    Ever notice how vampires, in monster lore, are wealthy, cunning and hold positions of power while their undead cousins, zombies, wander around aimlessly with no achievements to speak of? FinancesOnline.com has a few lessons to impart to the walking dead from the more fiscally savvy Transylvanian bloodsuckers.
  • How Much Do Interns Make at Facebook and Google? [Infographic]
    The short answer: A lot. In fact, the tech giants offer their software engineer interns pay and benefits that would make most of American wish they'd studied coding in college.
  • New York Times Cites Men 3.4 Times More Than Women
    A survey of the New York Times' front page stories showed that men dominate both the bylines and sources quoted in those stories. Since men greatly outnumber women in the newsroom that should come as no surprise.
  • Howard Buffett's Crusade Against World Hunger
    Howard Buffett was born to privilege. But from an early age, the son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett wanted nothing more than to be a farmer. Later in life he found a way to combine his privilege and his passion, forming a foundation that helps fight hunger both in America and around the world.
  • Depression's $23 Billion Toll on the American Workplace
    People diagnosed with clinical depression are much more likely to miss work. How much does their absenteeism cost the U.S. workplace? One study says it adds up to $23 billion a year in lost productivity.
  • Fast Food Workers Can't Afford Rent, Demand Higher Wages
    Media outlets are calling it the largest fast food worker strike in U.S. history. Starting Monday, hundreds of low-wage workers walked out of McDonald's and other chain eateries in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Flint, Mich. and Kansas City, Mo., demanding living wages so they can afford rent, shoes and healthy food.
  • The Super-Cheap Masters Degree That Could Revolutionize Higher Education
    Georgia institute of Technology is about to rock the realm of higher education. The college will open up an online masters degree program in computer science for just $6,600 – that's $38,400 less than typical out-of-state tuition for the same degree on-campus.
  • The Truth About Green Jobs [Infographic]
    CEO Magazine ranked California as the worst place to do business for the past five years? Why? At least some businesses say it's because of the state's stringent regulations, which make it tough to start and run a business.
  • More Colleges Offer Career Guidance
    Colleges used to market themselves as a place to settle for a few years, enjoy your coming-of-age and find your passion. Today, that focus has shifted from following one's dreams to finding a job.
  • 7 Top Cities for Startups [Infographic]
    Looking for an affordable startup scene? Consider packing up and moving to Austin, Texas, which topped a recent ranking of the hottest startup scenes in the U.S.
  • Americans Want a Degree, But Won't Pay as Much to Get One
    Families are still optimistic about the value of a college degree, they're just less willing to pay as much to get one, says a new Sallie Mae survey.
  • Why is STEM Education So Important?
    Jobs in science, tech, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields earn you more money and drive innovation and the economy forward. But how do we spark interest in these careers among today's students? Here's an illustration of just how critical today's STEM education is to tomorrow's economy.
  • Tech Workers Are So, So Young
    With kids toddling around around with iPads and an entire generation raised on social media, it's commonly accepted that technology is mastered by the young. So it should come as no surprise to find out that the median age in the tech industry is young. Very young. And also, very male.
  • On the Front Line: Life as a Female Journalist in Syria
    Journalism can be a thankless job with its low pay, long hours and tremendous risks. Italian war correspondent Francesca Borri penned a harrowing essay about life on the front lines of Syrian combat, a war zone she covers as a freelancer and, against the patronizing advice of others, as a woman.
  • Stop Hating On Millennials
    Millennials: the generation media love to hate. It seems like every day there's another hit piece on the "most selfish generation," the one that still lives with their parents, won't get married young enough, take endless selfies, post food pics on Instagram and can't decide on a career path. Relax, people. We're not as bad as you think.

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