• PayScale Unaffected By Heartbleed Bug
    The Heartbleed bug that has likely been giving many website IT departments heartburn as they attempt to scramble to implement a fix fortunately did not impact usernames or passwords on PayScale.com or any of its compensation products for businesses like PayScale MarketRate™, PayScale Insight™, and PayScale Insight Expert™. Your PayScale passwords are safe and do not need to be changed.
  • Wages for Food Service Workers Finally See Some Growth

    Nobody takes a job in food service expecting a huge salary – unless they’ve watched too many episodes of Top Chef. If you work in food service, it’s either because you have a passion for it or you’re biding time until you move into a different career (you know, like movie star).

  • Colleges Owe Students Their Best Chance at a Bright Future (Without the Rose-Colored Glasses)

    There’s been a lot of debate lately about the value of higher education as compared to its costs. In fact, PayScale.com puts out an annual ranking on the return on investment for a college education by school. And, the schools that fall to the bottom of that list, in terms of providing a good return on investment for their students, have a lot to say about how an education’s value shouldn’t be quantified in monetary terms. How should it be measured, then? It certainly costs money to attend college, so why shouldn’t students expect some type of monetary return on that investment? It is, in fact, an investment in their future, or so they’re told.

  • Most Annoying Work Habits

    With most of us spending at least 40 hours per week at work, it may feel like you see your co-workers more than your family or friends. And, what happens when you see someone all the time? They start to get on your nerves. So, it's only natural to occasionally get annoyed by the people you work with. (They probably think you're annoying, too.) But, what stand out as the most annoying work habits?

  • Most Stressful Jobs and What They Pay

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