• Designers Learn How to (Make It) Work on a New Season of Project Runway
    A new season of Project Runway is here with a whole new crop of talented designers. This year, the show chose a large number of contestants who use fabric in unusual ways. Karen uses her photography skills to create her own fabrics, Justin sews pennies into his shirts and creates shoulder details out of straight pins, and Sandro turns a crochet fishnet into a dress.
  • House of Curves: Is it Friendship Before Business or the Other Way Around?
    The WeTV reality series House of Curves, follows full-figured fashion designer Kenyatta Jones on her journey from boutique biz to major player. Under her Bella Rene label, Kenyatta produces sexy dresses, fitted power suits and trendy casual clothes for younger, full-figured women.
  • Tabatha Takes Over: YouTube is My Trainer
    In last week's episode of Tabatha Takes Over, Tabatha met a business owner who couldn't understand why her Hollywood nail salon was failing. Customers came in but they never came back. Why?
  • Starting Over at 70: XOX Betsey Johnson
    In the 1970's, Betsey Johnson was on her way to becoming an American fashion icon. Known for her whimsical designs, mismatched fabrics and bright colors, her clothes were popular with the young rock stars of the era. From there, she jumped hurdle after hurdle, never giving up on her wild fashions and wilder behavior. Going to a Betsey fashion show was like going to the circus and they always ended with the designer doing her signature cartwheel on the runway.
  • Makeup Artist Salary and Job Description

    Name: Wendy York
    Job Title: Makeup Artist
    Where: Providence, Rhode Island 
    Employer: Self-Employed
    Years of Experience: Over 20
    Education: Some college and licensed in cosmetology
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find the median makeup artist salary.

    Makeup Artist Salary

    According to Wendy York, a self-made makeup artist, embarking on a freelance makeup artist career can be tough, but creativity and freedom are the rewards. If you're interested in working as a makeup artist, but don't know whether to start with makeup artist internships, a makeup artist apprenticeship, or how to find job vacancies for makeup artists, this interview is a must-read.

    Wendy spoke to us about the typical makeup artist salary, her career as a makeup artist (mentioned at, and secrets of makeup artists. She also discussed the challenges and rewards of being self-employed, including how to manage finances while seeking job vacancies for freelance artists. This Salary Story is a great opportunity to learn more about salaries for makeup artists and how to become a professional makeup artist.

  • Artist Salary: Textile Designer & Tattoo Artist Apprentice

    Name: Heather T.
    Job Title: Master Artist, Textile Designer, Tattoo Artist Apprentice
    Where: Quaker Fabric Corporation, Fall River, Massachusetts
    Works: Full-time
    Years of Experience: 8
    Education: BFA in Textile Design/Fiber Arts
    Salary: $55,000/year

    What does a textile designer do...

    As a textile designer, I create patterns for woven upholstery fabric. As a true artist, my job is to generate ideas, from reference materials or verbal instructions, and create artwork that gets woven into fabric. The fabric is then used by furniture makers to upholster couches and chairs. So I guess one measure of success for me as a textile designer could be the number of people that sit on my work.

  • Foot Therapist Salary: Cosmetologist & Nail Technician

    Name: Rebecca Anderson
    Job Title: Nail Technician & Cosmetologist, Salon Owner, Foot Therapist?
    Where: Carmel, IN
    Education: Cosmetology School & Nail Technician license
    Years of Experience: 10 + years in this job
    Salary: $25/hr-$45/hr depending on the service. Cosmetologist Salary: $35,533 is the average salary for a full-time Cosmetologist in Indianapolis, IN
    Employer: Locks n' Nails Salon, Self-employed

    Nail Technician Job Description:

    I provide professional manicure and pedicure services to a diverse client base. But the truth is that It's more about being a therapist - and a perfectionist - than the nails themselves. Every time a customer comes to me, they shed their anxieties and leave looking and feeling so much better.