• 5 Jobs for People Who Love Travel

    Most workers who travel as part of their jobs get to see the insides of identical conference centers from sea to shining sea. It's exciting if you like single-serving coffee or collect hotel soaps, and less exciting if your true love is travel -- the real kind, where you get to immerse yourself in a culture, however briefly, and see the world from a whole new perspective. If that's your idea of the perfect gig, these jobs might be a good fit for you.

  • 20 of the Happiest Jobs for New Grads

    In a tight job market and uncertain economic times, new graduates are often grateful for any job, whether it's one they enjoy or not. In order to help grads find a career they'll love, folks at CareerBliss, a site focused on searches and reviews of companies known for employee satisfaction, created a list of the happiest jobs for the class of 2014.

  • Top Paid Jobs Post-Military Service
  • Merchandising Jobs - Marketing Consultant Job Description

    Name: Marg
    Job Title: Marketing Consultant
    Where: Northeast PA
    Current Employer: National Marketing Company
    Years of Experience: 6
    Other Relevant Work Experience: Program Coordinator/Writer
    Education: BA Sociology, Assoc. Equivalency Paralegal, Assoc. Education
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find the median salaries for marketers.

    Merchandising Jobs - Marketing Consultant Job Description

    Many businesses need their products to be marketed creatively, not just via advertising or the Internet, but through face-to-face contact with potential customers. An intriguing display can help draw people in to sample products and get information. For a successful marketer, flexibility is key - changing products, setting up multiple displays, and interacting with various consumers may all be part of a days work. In this Salary Story, an experienced marketing consultant describes what it's like to market products in various retail locations. Find out why merchandising jobs can be both fun and challenging.

    PayScale: What is your marketing consultant job description?

    Merchandise products from manufacturers, set up displays, distribute sample products, brochures and coupons to consumers.

  • Business Career Info - Becoming a Business Consultant
    Name: Philip Lafeber
    Job Title: Business consultant
    Current Employer: Mavim
    Where: Amsterdam, NH
    Years of Experience: 6
    Other Relevant Work Experience: ICT analysis, process consultancy
    Education: University of Amsterdam, M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find median salaries for business consultant careers.

    Business Career Info - Becoming a Business Consultant

    In this Salary Story, business consultant Philip Lafeber discusses the ins and outs of consulting careers. For anyone considering a career in this field, he provides a detailed description of his current responsibilities, offers sound advice on becoming a business consultant, and describes some of the differences between internal and external business consultant positions. For more business career info, check out the links at the bottom of the page.

  • The Core Role of Human Resources

    Name: Rossy White
    Job Title: Human Resurces Consultant
    Where: Fort Myers, FL
    Years of Experience: 10 years
    Education: Marketing Degree; Master's Degree in Human Resources Administration
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the average salary of a human resources consultant.

    Human Resources Consultant

    Rossy White is a highly trained HR superstar. She has worked in human resources, public management and consulting for a decade. Her human resources career has involved international work, employment in the public and private sectors and success in starting her own HR business. In this Salary Story, read about the core role of human resources professionals and get Rossy's advice on how to succeed in the HR field.
  • Start a Wedding Planner Business

    Name: Paula Barham
    Job Title: Wedding Inc. Founder and Director
    Where: Sydney, Australia
    Employer: Self-employed
    Years of Experience: 14 years
    Relevant Experience: I previously worked for a business planning different types of events.
    Education: Sydney institute
    Annual Salary: Research Wedding Planner Salaries using PayScale's research center.

    What are the duties of a wedding planner?  There’s more to it than finding the right caterer, the perfect dress, and most importantly finding the client.  Paula Barham covers the positives of being a wedding consultant as well as the challenging aspects of the job. Being able to work with people on a regular basis is key. Even though a wedding planner course is helpful, you are always learning something new about the job or about yourself.

  • Accountant Career Path - Accountant Average Salary

    Name: Christine White
    Job Title: Accountant
    Where: Virginia
    Employer: Self-Employed
    Years of Experience: 20
    Education: BBA, Averett University in Danville, VA
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for an accountant average salary.

    Accountant Career Path - Accountant Average Salary

    If you're interested in an accountant career path and/or an accountant average salary, this interview with accountant Christine White crunches the numbers. Christine has gone out of her way to follow her own path as an accountant by continuing her education with online accounting classes, pursuing forensic accounting, and always focusing on excellent customer service. She spoke to us about how she started her accountant career path, the responsibilities of accounting jobs, the education needed for an accountant career and how self-employment vs. working at a firm may impact an accountant's average salary.

    This Salary Story also covers different jobs for accountants, including tax accountant jobs. And, if you're already taking steps toward an accountant career path, don't miss Christine's tips for how to handle the stress of tax season. Don't put this off until April 15th, read it today!

  • Actuary Salaries and Job Description

    Name: Promod Sharma
    Job Title: Actuary
    Where: Toronto, Ontario
    Employer: Major Canadian Life Insurance Company
    Years of Experience: 23
    Education: BSc (University of Western Ontario)
    Salary: Use PayScale's Research Center to find median actuary salaries.

    Actuary Salaries and Job Description

    Most people may not know what an actuary does, or the reasons to become an actuary. As this interview reveals, actuarial jobs offer great variety and growth potential. We spoke to actuary Promod Sharma who gave us inside info on what to expect from actuarial jobs, factors that affect actuary salaries and the outlook for actuarial jobs. Promod emphasized that actuary positions are not necessarily boring, as many people assume. According to Promod, actuarial jobs can provide challenging work as well as the opportunity to help consumers.

    This informative interview also covers the actuary exam(s) given by the Society of Actuaries to become an Associate of The Society Of Actuaries. If you're seeking a job in this field or want more actuary salary info, keep reading!

  • Career Salaries: Recruiting for a Living

    Name: Tricia Trimble
    Job Title: Recruiter
    Where: Los Angeles, CA
    Employer: Various Firms
    Years of Experience: 9
    Education: BS Accounting from Santa Clara University, CPA Certification
    Salary: Commission based recruiter – typically $100K and up

    Career Salaries: Recruiting for a Living

    Recruiting, or “head hunting” as it’s sometimes called, is a special niche in human resources. Instead of the candidate searching for the company, the company searches for the candidate. They do this by hiring a recruiting firm or an independent recruiter. If you enjoy articles about starting a new career, salary negotiation, recruitment and selection, recruiter career salaries or online employment recruiters, keep reading!

    In this salary story, we meet Tricia Trimble, an independent recruiter who gives us the inside scoop on headhunters, changing careers, salaries, interview and resume tips, starting a recruiter career and recruiter career salaries. Tricia is one of the many executive recruiters California will keep busy in 2007, according to the OC Register. Before you leap into this profession and Google “head hunter Beverly Hills,” read what this down-to-earth gal has to say about recruiter career salaries and how to become an executive recruiter.

  • Human Resources Salaries: YourHRGuy.com Tells All

    Name: Lance Haun
    Job Title: Human Resources Manager
    Where: Walla Walla, WA
    Employer: QualitySmith, Inc.
    Years of Experience: 4
    Education: Bachelors in Business Administration (Washington State)
    Salary: Human Resources Managers with my level of experience have a salary range of 30-70k, depending on additional education and locale. (Use PayScale's Resource Center to research salaries for Human Resources Managers, and HR Executive Salaries.)

    Human Resources Salaries: YourHRGuy.com Tells All

    When the question is asked, "What is a Human Resource Manager?" some people may think of Office Space movie sound clips on YouTube.com. However, Human Resources Manager is a top job for those who want to be a part of shaping their workplace.

    We could bore you with articles about "HR's role in organizational change management" and ";motivational strategies for the workplace," but thought it would be more fun to interview Lance Haun, the guy behind YourHRGuy.com, which gives readers the latest information on a human resources career, compensation, interviewing, and current and future issues for human resource managers. We asked about the duties of a human resources manager, what it's like to work in human resources, resume tricks, funny moments and human resources salaries. Find out how Lance built his own human resources resume and why being an HR manager can be both challenging and rewarding.

  • Hourly Wage: SEO Addict Rand Fishkin: Search Engine Marketing Consultant

    Name: Rand Fishkin
    Job Title: CEO and Search Engine Marketing Consultant at seomoz.org
    Where: Seattle, WA
    Education:  3.75 years at the University of Washington, Rand Fishkin was a Finance Major in the Undergraduate School of Business
    Years of Experience: Started writing batch files as a kid, Rand Fishkin grew up in Frontpage, 4 years in SEO consulting.
    Salary: Rand Fishkin earns $400/hr for being a Search Engine Marketing consultant. A white hat (above board) SEO marketer at a small company might have a salary between $40k and $80k depending on location, experience and other factors.

    Search Engine Marketing Consultant Job Description:

  • Interior Designer Salary

    designer salary, interior designer, television series, salary range, celebrity homes, interior of celebrity homes, 70's television series, UCLA interior design program Name: Chris Barrett
    Job Title: Interior Designer
    Where: Santa Monica, CA
    Years of Experience: 19
    Interior Designer Salary: Mid-Six Figures (See Payscale's Average Interior Designer Salary)
    Employer: KAA Design Group

    Interior Designer Job Description:

    Generally, the mission of an interior designer is to create memorable experiences in residential or commercial spaces. The designer has to have a clear vision for every project. Once the clear vision is in place, we start to formulate the process to achieve the vision to fit the architecture, environment and the client’s needs. We design, we shop, we order, we execute. We supervise construction and millwork. We are, more or less, the executive producer of the production.

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