• New Research Center Homepage, Career Path Charts and Some Cleanup - Thai Release
    We're releasing some features today that we've long-wanted to give our first-time users: a better landing page for our Career and Salary Research Center, and a better visualization of career paths based on our GigZig data platform.
  • These 3 Types of Jobs Won't Make You Rich, But They Might Make You Happy

    Money is only one of the many reasons we work. Some people find incredible satisfaction in their careers, even when the pay is average is or low. The following are some of the most meaningful jobs that will not make you a millionaire, but might prove that money doesn't buy happiness.

  • Use PayScale’s Best Jobs for You Tool to Find Your Dream Job

    Choosing a job is never an easy task, whether you’re a fresh-faced student deciding on a field of study or an experienced professional thinking about your next big career move. PayScale’s new Best Jobs for You tool is here to make that decision a lot easier. This new tool allows you to comb through our immense career database to find a job that matches your preferences, experience and education levels and earns the salary you want.

  • RC:TNG Expands to Canada and India - The Italian Release
    The first release of the fourth quarter of 2013 is live. We've been hard at work on all aspects of the site, and we're excited for this release. Read on for the full details...
  • The PayScale Index Gets Real, Predictive and Transatlantic, and Lots More
    Aloha! Welcome to the Hawaiian release of the PayScale consumer product. We're continuing our march down the list of the most delicious cuisines of the word. This release has a ton of great improvements for The PayScale Index and the beta version of the Research Center. Read on for the details and the screenshots of the updates.
  • RC:TNG, Blog and Survey Updates in PayScale's
    We've made updates to the new Research Center (lovingly dubbed: RC:TNG), to the survey, to the blog and even some stuff under the covers. Read on to see all the cool things we're doing.
  • Salary Research Center: The Next Generation
    Today we welcome the next generation of the PayScale Research Center to our site, or as we've been calling it: RC:TNG*. We're generating more pages that are more specific and give you a better picture about the jobs you're interested in researching.
  • PayScale Teams Up With Nokia's JobLens App to Revolutionize Mobile Job Searching
    Good news for job hunters in the UK - the job hunt just got a whole lot easier and more convenient thanks to JobLens, a Nokia mobile app that helps job seekers locate opportunities based on their location and social media networks. The app has partnered with key companies such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and (most importantly) PayScale to make the job search to application process seamless. Learn about this app for a peek into the future of job hunting.
  • Salary for Job Titles We Didn't Know About Last Week - Wallingford Release

    By Adam Phillabaum - @adamb0mb

    Welcome to the Wallingford Release Notes. As always, you can find the details below.

    This is a sad release because it was the last release for Perry at PayScale. He's moving on to be a software engineer at a bigger and better company. We wish him luck, and will miss him.

    Anyways, read on for the details!

  • Disambiguations and Enhancements - View Ridge Release

    By Adam Phillabaum, @adamb0mb

    Bonjour! I'm pretty excited for the features we're releasing today. Last release we worked on some behind-the-scenes tools to help us process some of our previously unused data. This release, we are pushing out some new features based on that new data.

    Read on to see the new hotness.

  • Expanded Data Set for Salary Reporting, the back end, and More - Ravenna Release
  • New Release: More Employers, More Facebook, More Q&A

    The PayScale Consumer Team has released our latest features. In this release, we:

    • Expanded the number of employers in the Research Center
    • Integrated Facebook into the Research Center
    • Improved Employer Q&A
  • PayScale Likes LinkedIn and Facebook

    by Adam Phillabaum, @adamb0mb

    Today, PayScale just got a little more social. Today's release focused on bringing your connections into your career and education decisions. 

  • 2012-2013 College Salary Report, College Selector Tool and a New Search

    The Consumer Team has been hard at work with the latest site release. Not only did we release the latest (and greatest) version of the Consumer website, but we also published our 2012-2013 College Salary Report and the brand-new College Selector.

  • We're Learning More About Your Employers

    By Adam Phillabaum, @adamb0mb

    Welcome to another installment of "here is what PayScale is up to." 

    This release, we focused on improving our Employer Salary pages in the PayScale Research Center. We'll use the Salaries at Boeing page as our example, and I'll walk you through that.

  • Your Personal Salary Report Is Now Easier to Understand

    By Adam Phillabaum, @adamb0mb

    The Personal Salary Report is one of the coolest things we offer. There is an amazing amount of technology going on behind-the-scenes, and those workings are upgraded and improved on a regular basis. The way our salary reporting engine works is really interesting and, hopefully, will get it's own blog post in the future.

  • School Pages, About Us, and Search Technology

    By Adam Phillabaum, @adamb0mb

    We released the latest version of the PayScale consumer website yesterday. Here is the rundown of what we shipped, and why it's great.

    School Pages in the Research Center

    PayScale generates a lot of really interesting reports and rankings, like our College ROI and College Salary Report. But, we've never made the school rankings available in our Research Center. So, we integrated our rankings, data from the government, from Wikipedia, and from you (our users) to create a resource for prospective students, current students, parents and alumni. 

  • The PayScale Index, now with Canada
  • Your Company, Your Job

    Your Company, Your Job

    PayScale's latest feature allows you to compare pay, benefits and work environment for job at a specific company.   We'll walk you through this feature and show you how you can use it. 

    Let's say you are interested in a job as a mechanical engineer at Ford.   These are the questions you’d have if you were looking at that job:

    • How well does Ford pay its mechanical engineers?
    • What are the benefits?
    • Are people at Ford happy in their jobs?
    • What about Chrysler? Or GM?

    To answer those questions, we created a page for our users to drill down for a specific job at a specific company.

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