Salary Data: Where does PayScale get data? How do I know it’s accurate?

At PayScale, our salary data resides in the largest real-time online employee salary database in the world. The salary database was built from the millions of curious individuals who want to compare their salary data and understand the market for their skills.

We create each individualized salary report by analyzing anonymous salary data collected over the last year from people with similar job titles, years experience, education, etc. This automated process includes extensive checks and statistical tests for consistency and accuracy on all salary data.

The great advantage PayScale has is that the people who do the job, know what makes them special, and know why they earn what they earn, are the people answering our questions. These individuals are motivated to answer the questions with accurate salary data, so that they will in turn receive an accurate salary report.


Dr. Al Lee

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  1. 1 Katie 02 Feb
    How exactly do you check the accuracy of each individual's volunteered data?


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