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Do you have a funny story about your wacky job?  Do you have crazy boss or weird co-workers?  Is your job like a real life Office Space?  Great!  We want to hear about it! Here's your chance to get paid for your pain. All you have to do is put your work story on video and enter the Salary Stories Video Contest!

For the next three months, will be giving away a $1000 prize for the best monthly entry into our Salary Stories Video Contest. For the next three months, we will be collecting funny videos about people's jobs and posting the best to our video blog. Tell us your funny, strange or surprising work story on video and you could be one of our video contest winners.

You could be our video contest winner - but you have to enter!

Do your co-workers annoy you? Is your boss a cheapskate?  Are customers driving you crazy? Don't hold it in any longer, tell us your real life Office Space story. We want to see your funny video clips about your job. Not sure what to say or tape? Check out our Salary Stories video blog and see what these people have to say about their sometimes serious, sometimes funny jobs:

How to tell a winning Salary Story
Not sure what a winning video contest entry would look like for Salary Stories? Still wondering what funny video clips to send us? Read the stories here on or visit the PayScale Salary Stories Group on YouTube to get inspired by:

  • Career advice from Cranium Games co-founder Whit Alexander
  • What Rebecca Anderson REALLY does as a nail technician
  • Who fashion writer Daniel Billett met during Fashion Week
  • How much SEOmoz marketing consultant Rand Fishkin makes in an hour
  • Each one of the entries in our video blog contains a segment on how much his/her particular job or industry pays. If you are curious about the average salary for your job, you can find out for free on If you don't want to or can't share your actual salary in the video contest, you can use the industry range that PayScale salary surveys provides.

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