• Salary Range: Art Gallery Owner
    Name: Angi Sullins
    Job Title: Fantasy Art Gallery Owner (Duirwaigh Gallery)
    Where: Atlanta, GA
    Years of Experience: 10+
    Salary: $100,000 range
    Employer: Self-Employed

    Art Gallery Owner Job Description:

    I am the president of Duirwaigh, Inc., an inspired agency and fantasy art gallery. We represent artists working in fantasy art, fairy tale and mythopoetic art. Our agency acts as artists' advocate in all business situations and is responsible for selling original fantasy art, publishing prints, calendars and books of such artwork, as well as licensing the copyright to other companies for usage on their products. Our goal is to provide inspiration and enchantment to the world while supporting the artists who create it.

  • Editor Salary at Large

    Editor Salary at Large

    Harvard University, salary range, manuscript editing services, publishing help for authors, writing process and rewriting stage, freelance editor, freelance proofreader, career pay, Let's Go Travel Guides Name: Laura Leon
    Job Title: Editor
    Where: Boston, MA
    Years of Experience: 10+
    Salary: See PayScale's median Editor Salary
    Employer: Self-Employed
    Education: M.Ed. Harvard University

    Editor Job Description:

    An editor makes people's writing better. I provide manuscript editing services. I prepare reports, articles, and book manuscripts (fiction and non-fiction) for publication. This occasionally includes fact-checking during the writing process and rewriting stage. This usually includes making the manuscript conform to the publishers' style guidelines. I have worked on technical reports, textbooks and glossy magazines. I provide publishing help for authors. Requirements: a good eye for detail and lots of patience.

  • Salaries for Web Designer

    Name: Dave LaFlam
    Job Title: Owner, Freelance Web Designer/Slackbax Media
    Where: Santa Monica, CA
    Years of Experience: 5+
    Salary: $40,000 - $80,000
    Employer: Self
    Education: BFA

    Web Designer Job Description:

    The job of a web designer is to build web sites for clients (I also maintain web sites if clients call for that service) using HTML, CSS, Flash, ActionScript, Javascript and PHP. I also do consulting, re-designs and monthly updates. As a freelance web designer, I build/create micro-sites, perform platform testing (MAC & PC), test browsers on sites, as well as incorporate interactive and ecommerce elements. I also equip web sites for video/audio streaming (Quicktime, FLV) podcasting, blogs and more.

  • Truck Driver Salaries: Owner Operator Trucking Jobs

    "You know the difference between a fairy tale and a trucker tale? A fairy tale starts with: 'once upon a time...' and a trucker tale starts with: 'You're never going to believe this sh*t'...". - Don Floyd

    Name: Don Floyd
    Job Title: Long Distance Truck Driver/ Owner Operator Trucking
    Where: Don's owner operator trucking job is based in Enid, OK
    Truck Driver Salary: $66,000 = $0.60 per mile x 110,000 miles. See truckers cost per mile calculation below. (Owner operator trucking jobs typically pay more than just being a truck driver.)
    Years of Experience: 31 years of truck driving experience, 10 years in owner operator trucking jobs

    Truck Driver Salaries: Owner Operator Trucking Jobs

    Job Description of a Truck Driver: To drive a truck with capacity of more than three tons to transport materials to specified destinations. In owner operator trucking jobs, the driver is also responsible for finding and scheduling loads.

    We all wonder what it would be like. We've bought the little pieces of the puzzle, but we've never put it all together. What is it like to be a long distance truck driver? And what are the benefits and drawbacks of owner operator trucking jobs? I own a Pabst Blue Ribbon trucker hat. I own a 64 ounce thermos that is waiting to be filled with truck stop "high octane" coffee. I've driven 600 miles in a single day. But, there is still so much to learn about long distance truck drivers.

    Salary Stories recently interviewed truck driver Don Floyd about his many years on the road. Don explained the job description of a truck driver, the differences between owner operator trucking jobs and other truck driver jobs, truck driver salaries, and just how much coffee it takes to keep a driver going. If you've ever dreamed of a life on the open road, keep reading!

  • On the Silver Screen: Film Producer Annual Salary
    Name: Brendan Davis
    Job Title: Film Producer-Director
    Where: Santa Monica, CA
    Years of Experience: A lifetime, really – but it’s paid the bills for two years
    Salary: Varies per project (See PayScale's Average Film Producer Annual Salary)
    Employer: Tangible Entertainment (Self)
    Education: BA, Film and Television (with a minor in Psych – very important!): Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

    What is a Film Producer?

    What is a film producer? Well, my job is to find and develop material from which – in my opinion – can be created an artistically and commercially viable project, a hit movie. Then I plan and oversee all aspects of taking that project from the page to the silver screen and making it happen. This entails making or overseeing all major decisions involved in the process (both creative and technical). A typical film producer work schedule is hectic!

  • Interior Designer Salary

    designer salary, interior designer, television series, salary range, celebrity homes, interior of celebrity homes, 70's television series, UCLA interior design program Name: Chris Barrett
    Job Title: Interior Designer
    Where: Santa Monica, CA
    Years of Experience: 19
    Interior Designer Salary: Mid-Six Figures (See Payscale's Average Interior Designer Salary)
    Employer: KAA Design Group

    Interior Designer Job Description:

    Generally, the mission of an interior designer is to create memorable experiences in residential or commercial spaces. The designer has to have a clear vision for every project. Once the clear vision is in place, we start to formulate the process to achieve the vision to fit the architecture, environment and the client’s needs. We design, we shop, we order, we execute. We supervise construction and millwork. We are, more or less, the executive producer of the production.

  • Salary Report: Hollywood Publicist Salary

    Name: Lynn Hasty
    Job Title: Founder/Owner/Publicist Green Galactic
    Where: Los Angeles, CA
    Years of Experience: 13
    Salary: $60,000
    Employer: Green Galactic (Self)

    Salary Report: Hollywood Publicist Salary

    Do you love working with people, promoting arts and entertainment, or supporting creative projects? Being a Hollywood Publicist sounds glamorous, but as publicist Lynn Hasty told us in a recent interview, it's all about "making friends." We asked Lynn about a publicist's salary, publicist career descriptions, the duties of a publicist, and what jobs for publicists are really like. If you're interested in public relations, a publicist career or publicist salaries, keep reading! 

    Hollywood Publicist Job Description:

    My work as a publicist includes helping clients get themselves or their product or service into the media: print, online, radio, TV. I deal with Arts & Entertainment-type clients and campaigns. In working with basically unknown artists, I interact with the media, to help educate, enlighten, promote and publicize. Hopefully, I get to work with a client on an ongoing basis so that we can achieve these tasks over time.

  • Craig Newmark: Craigslist Founder and Customer Service Guru

    Name: Craig Newmark
    Job Title: Customer Service Rep and Founder of craigslist
    Where: San Francisco, CA
    Years of Experience: 30
    Salary: Top Secret (See PayScale's Average Customer Service Salary)
    Employer: Self

    Customer Service Job Description:

    I perform specialized customer service functions, including fighting online scams. I also talk to the press as required. Jim (Buckmaster) is a much better manager than me, but I'm really good at customer service and customer feedback. It helps me maintain the spirit of craigslist, and shows that we're committed.

  • Salary Info: Casting Director

    Name: Amy Klein
    Job Title: Casting Director
    Where: Los Angeles, CA
    Education: College of the Redwoods, UCLA
    Years of Experience: 15+
    Salary: Varies project to project
    Employer: Self

    Casting Director Job Description:

    As a Casting Director, it's my job to evaluate all the speaking roles in a script and make lists of "name" actors for the roles, along with their availability and schedule for the project. I have casting calls for feature films, casting calls for tv shows, casting calls for teenagers, movie auditions and casting calls for kids. I audition actors for speaking parts and present the best choices for the parts to the Producers/Director/Studios. Then the deals are negotiated, usually with their talent agency.

  • Real Estate Agent Salary

    Name: George F. Lamson III
    Job Title: Real Estate Agent
    Where: Seattle, Washington
    Education: Bachelors
    Years of Experience: 5+
    Salary: 100% Commission
    Employer: John L. Scott Real Estate

    Real Estate Agent Job Description:

    As a Seattle real estate agent, I am typically working with several buyers and sellers, around 10 or 15 at a time. The reason I have so many is because there are people buying throughout the year, but some people may take 3 months or 6 months to buy. One of the tools I use is the Multiple Listing Service For Real Estate Sales.

  • Salary Range: Low Start, High Finish

    In the marketplace, there are the jobs that start off at the bottom and stay there, but there are also opportunities that start at the bottom and reap great rewards later (no, we're not talking about the lottery!). One of those vocational opportunities is working as a stockbroker, which is the centerpiece of the holiday film The Pursuit of Happyness.

    Unlike the typical good date movies that open during the holidays, Will Smith plays a homeless man (with son in tow) who takes a job as an intern at Dean Witter with hopes of working his way up to a stockbroker gig. That’s pretty much how it works in the real world too. Surprisingly, there is no diploma or degree required to be a stockbroker, you can be a Harvard grad or a high school drop-out (although, I suspect a college degree doesn’t hurt).

    As in The Pursuit of Happyness, most future stockbrokers start off in an internship training program (which usually doesn't pay or pays little); then they must pass several licensing exams. After that gauntlet, most rookie stockbrokers don’t survive because the job is commission based. For those who do, the average salary for a stockbroker in New York is $91,130. And top performers can earn a high-end annual salary of $160,914! That’s going from homeless to some serious stockbroker respect!

    How does your salary compare to the market? Crunch the numbers with our salary calculator.

  • The Pursuit of Happyness Movie: 10 Ways to Deal With Being Suddenly Unemployed

    The Pursuit of Happyness, a film based on a true story, demonstrates how easy it is to become homeless. Most believe it will never happen to them, but how many people are one paycheck from being homeless? If the unimaginable does occur, here are 10 ways to deal with facing or surviving homelessness.

    1. Believe in yourself. Being unemployed and worrying about homelessness can be debilitating on an emotional level. Remember that many famous people faced homelessness at one time - Jim Carrey, William Shatner and Oscar-Winner Hilary Swank all lived in their cars. If you find yourself sinking into depression, seek out free mental health care and/or free medical care. 

    2. Take advantage of public services. Fortunately, most public libraries are equipped with computers, providing free access to the internet (thank you, President Clinton). Time-wise, it’s far more efficient to look for jobs online and send out resumes via e-mail, than to wander around looking for “Help Wanted” signs.

  • The Pursuit of Happyness Movie and Real Life Facts About Homelessness

    The Pursuit of Happyness

    One of the many holiday movies opening this winter is The Pursuit of Happyness. This is not the typical holiday fare, nor one of those fluffy date movies, but rather a sobering film about a man who loses his job and becomes homeless with his young son. The Pursuit of Happyness movie features Will Smith as a homeless man who finally lands a position at a Dean Witter investment firm, only to find that his new position is actually an unpaid internship.

    The Pursuit of Happyness presents a timely topic, especially when more and more salary surveys remind us how many people are one paycheck from being homeless.  That alone may be hard to fathom in the richest country in the world, but there are more surprising facts about homelessness.

  • Wage Rate: Tipping Bartenders to Casino Dealers

    I have an ethically challenged friend who practices “second generation tipping.” He takes a tip off someone else’s table and puts it on his. His rational is, “I get good service, the waiter gets his tip; everyone wins.” To understand where his logic is flawed, I turned to the PayScale Salary Report Database.

    Many employees depend on tips for much of their income. In fact, the minimum wage an employer must pay drops below $2.50/hour in 15 states for workers earning tips. The restaurant customer is more the employer of a waiter than the person who hired him.

    All this tip data was so interesting, we included it in a larger article of tipping for the holidays on the PayScale website. I'll highlight a few of the interesting facts here about who relies on tips to make ends meet.

    How does your salary fare, with or without tips?  Find out with our salary calculator.

  • Ten Highest-Paid Career Women

    Earlier this year, Forbes columnist Michael Noer urged readers not to marry career women. Not surprisingly, his Forbes Magazine Online article drew a lot of fire, especially when Noer claimed that nuptials with a career woman would result in “...a higher risk of having a rocky marriage.”

    As someone married to a career woman (a director of clinical affairs, no less) for over 20 years, I take exception with Noer's analysis. While my wife is not in the rarified ranks of Fortune Magazine Online's list of the ten highest-paid women, the advantages of marrying a career woman are manifold (million-fold? :-)

    Let's look at this list of most successful career women. Do they prove Noer's thesis, or do they somehow find wedded bliss while pursuing a career? If you are curious how your or your spouse's pay compares, find out with our salary calculator.

  • Pay Scale: State Senators

    The recent election certainly changed the political landscape; while congressional power has shifted to the Democrats, all Senators and Congressmen are paid equally in Washington D.C., regardless of which state they represent.

    However, that consistency does not exist on the state level. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures and their 2005 annual salary survey of lawmakers (in each of the 50 states), the pay rate for state senators and representatives differs from state to state. So if you’re thinking of running for office, you might want to do a salary comparison before taking the plunge.

    Let's take a look at how the state senators' pay scale varies between Arkansas and California. In Arkansas, a lawmaker’s annual salary is a paltry $14,067; while in California, state senators and representatives are paid an annual salary of $110,880. If the work lawmakers do is proportional to the number of citizens, the Californians are getting a deal: each state senator in California costs each citizen 0.3 cents, while the price is 0.5 cents per lawmaker per citizen in Arkansas :-)

    Is your salary closer to an Arkansas or California state senator? Find out with our exclusive PayScale salary survey.

  • Annual Salary: White House Staff

    Most people know that the annual salary for President Bush is $400,000, and some may be aware that Vice President Cheney's is $212,100, but what about everyone else who works in the White House? It would seem like a dream job: famous boss, getting to ride in President Bush's limo and a high salary, right?

    According to an article in the National Journal, staff assistants (those who respond to the President’s mail and answer phones) in the White House make an annual salary of $30,000. That’s not really high pay, especially in the Washington D.C. area, where rent can be pricey. However, with the White House address on their resume, those staffers will probably see an increase in their career salary down the road.

    Their salaries pale in comparison to the "Director of Lessons Learned", who makes an annual salary of $106,641. What the heck is a Director of Lessons Learned? The position was reportedly created by President Bush after Hurricane Katrina, to study what went wrong with the government’s response.

    Does your salary look like it was hit by Hurricane Katrina? Find out with our salary calculator.

  • Low Starting Pay: High Profile Careers

    We’re often taught that putting in long hours and acquiring advanced degrees will result in a big paycheck. Sometimes that’s true, but there are some vocations where extra effort may not result in a large salary, even after all that time and studying.

    If you dream of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and having a glamorous architect salary, remember that budding architects have to give up around seven years of their lives to complete undergraduate and master's degrees. After getting your degree, you still won’t be earning a typical architect salary. You have to take a licensing exam and work as an intern at architectural firms for three years.

    According to the American Institute of Architects’ 2005 compensation survey and the PayScale salary database, first-year interns (armed with a master's degree) usually make a starting pay of about $34,000 and often carry $50,000 to $80,000 in debt - thanks to student loans. If you hang in there and pursue your dream of becoming an architect, with 10 years of experience or more you can earn a median architect salary of $70,300 in the US.

    What does your job draw compared to the typical architect career? Find out with our salary calculator.

  • How Large a Salary Survey Sample is Enough? (II)

    In a previous post, I claimed that as few as 5 employee profiles are enough to report accurately on the typical pay for a job. How can that be?

    In this post, we'll look at how statistics work, and why a small, targeted, data set is often preferable to a much larger, but poorly characterized one. You don't even need fancy math to calculate this.

    If you are curious what kind of sample we have for your job, try the PayScale salary calculator.

  • How Large a Salary Survey Sample is Enough?

    PayScale often receives questions about how many salary survey employee profiles we have.

    Our answer is we have enough, and the number is growing rapidly. :-)

    This begs the question, how large a salary survey data set is enough? How many data points are required for PayScale data to be truly significant? The number needed depends on what questions are being asked. In this post, I'll look at the questions the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale typically ask, and the amount of data each needs to handle statistical fluctuations.

    You can experience our data techniques first-hand by trying the PayScale salary survey.

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