• What is the Salary of a Pastry Chef?

    Name: David Benton
    Job Title: Pastry Chef
    Where: Oakland, California
    Employer: Self-Employed - SugarSweet Pastries
    Years of Experience: 3
    Education: California Culinary Academy, San Francisco, California
    Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for the median pastry chef salary.

    What is the Salary of a Pastry Chef?

    Looking for a delicious career? For readers interested in pastry chef salaries, the qualifications to become a pastry chef and other career information, our interview with chef David Benton has all the right ingredients.

    In this Salary Story, David told us about the outlook for pastry chef jobs in America, the education needed for a pastry chef, and different jobs for a pastry chef, including hotel and restaurant positions. David discussed how jobs for a pastry chef can be competitive and come with certain expectations, plus lessons learned in culinary school and on the job. He also explained how education and experience impact pastry chef jobs and gave insight into how different employers can affect the working conditions and salary of a pastry chef.   

    If you're interested in becoming a pastry chef, then take few moments to learn more about this creative career. Bon Appetit!

  • Working for the Airlines: the Worst of Times?

    Once upon a time, the U.S. airline industry was a good place to work, and employees showed up at work with smiles on their faces. So went the discussion I had recently with a retired airline worker, as we endured an almost eight-hour delay on a flight from the West Coast to Washington.

    Many on our flight were baffled by the lack of communication from workers at the gate, who weren't surly--they weren't saying much at all. The former airline worker explained that many working the gate often don't know what's causing the delays--and their salaries tend to be skimpy. An MSNBC article backs that up:

    Airline employees have been kicked around a lot in recent years. Management has threatened their unions, cut their paychecks, eliminated their pensions, changed the work rules, reduced personnel and even hidden behind bankruptcy protection — and yet has found it possible to shower bonuses upon their CEOs and top brass. Let's face it, employee morale is broken and no amount of company pep talk is going to fix it. Just go to Chicago O'Hare or Atlanta Hartsfield airport during the peak flight hours. You'll see many employees doing their jobs, but their spirit is all but extinct.

    As news swirls that this summer might be one of the worst travel seasons ever, I wonder: is this the worst time to be working for the airline industry?

  • Minding the Economy

    Minding the Economy

    America, are you concerned about the economy?

    That may seem an odd question on the heels of my post about economic inequality. Still I'm prompted to ask after reading the inaugural politics-and-economics New York Times column by Tom Redburn.

    Redburn suggests that Iraq, not the economy, is dominating the stage for politicians and the American electorate--and that the president has little control over the economy. He goes on to write:

    All this, of course, doesn’t mean that Washington is irrelevant to the economy. Far from it. But what matters much more is how government policies on everything from health care and social security costs to the environment affect the economy’s long-term health and underlying productive capabilities. And that’s not what either the politicians or the voters are paying much attention to right now.

  • Benefits of Working Flex Time: Where to find it, how to get it
  • What Is the Salary for a Hotel Manager?

    Name: Daniel Edward Craig
    Job Title: General Manager, Opus Hotel Vancouver (& Acting General Manager, Opus Montreal)
    Where: Vancouver and Montreal
    Employer: Opus Hotels
    Years of Experience: 15
    Education: Bachelor of Arts, International Relations, University of British Columbia
    Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for the average Hotel General Manager Salary.

    What is the Salary for a Hotel Manager?

    What is the salary for a hotel manager? What are the primary duties of hotel managers? These questions and many more are answered in our interview with Hotel General Manager Daniel Craig. In this Salary Story, he told us all about being a hotel manager and the duties of hotel manager professionals.

    He also spoke about how to become a good hotel manager, factors that affect a hotel general manager salary, hotel general manager jobs and how to build a hotel manager career. Check in today for this interesting profile!

  • Does the American Dream Exist?
  • Living the American Dream
    Albert E. Smith wasn't born into privilege. The son of a printer and an IRS worker, he was born in Camden, N.J., the poorest city in the United States, and was the first member of his family to attend college. He earned a degree from Rutgers University College, and pursued a successful banking career, eventually becoming executive vice president of the Fidelity Bank & Trust Co. of New Jersey (now Bank of America). He later became president of Canon Financial Services Inc., expanding its portfolio from $20 million to $1.5 billion.
  • Know the Salary for Respiratory Therapists

    Name: Glenna Muse
    Job Title: Respiratory Therapist
    Where: Springfield, Missouri
    Employer: Cox South Hospital, CoxHealth Systems
    Years of Experience: 2
    Education: Associate's Degree, Ozarks Technical Community College
    Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for the average respiratory therapist salary.

    Know the Salary for Respiratory Therapists

    Do you know the salary for respiratory therapists? Or the training required for a respiratory therapist career? If not, don't miss this interview with one of the many respiratory therapist workers in America. In our conversation with Glenna Muse, she talked about her respiratory therapist career path, various aspects of respiratory therapist jobs, hourly wage influences, the occupational outlook for respiratory therapists and more!

    Respiratory therapists work in a variety of settings with diverse patients. Glenna described her range of responsibilities as a respiratory therapist and discussed how respiratory therapist salaries are influenced by work setting. She explained that there are many factors that may affect a respiratory therapist's salary, including the difference between working as a certified respiratory therapist vs. a registered therapist.

    Glenna took a unique path toward starting her respiratory therapist career. If you're contemplating a second career or just want to know more about a the average respiratory therapist salary, then take a deep breath and enjoy this inspiring Salary Story!

  • Getting Rid of Economic Inequality: How Do We Do It?

    An in-depth New York Times article on super-rich tycoons such as Sanford Weill and Bill Gates drew scorn from a number of NYT readers, who say the moguls don't give enough credit to their employees and should pay higher taxes. The article says we're in a new "Gilded Age":

    Only twice before over the last century has 5 percent of the national income gone to families in the upper one-one-hundredth of a percent of the income distribution — currently, the almost 15,000 families with incomes of $9.5 million or more a year, according to an analysis of tax returns by the economists Emmanuel Saez at the University of California, Berkeley and Thomas Piketty at the Paris School of Economics.

    Extreme wealth in America isn't necessarily a bad thing -- in fact, it's an important part of the American Dream. What's troubling is America's economic inequality: while the top tiers are doing better all the time, the middle- and low-income sectors can hardly say the same.

    What can be done to snuff out America's economic inequality?

  • Hillary Clinton: A Woman of Many Firsts
    Hillary Rodham Clinton once had a job sliming fish. Indeed, the woman considered the Democratic front-runner for the White House spent a summer in Alaska, washing dishes and sliming fish.
  • Will Rudy Giuliani, ‘America’s Mayor’, be America’s Next President?
    Rudy Giuliani hasn't always been a Republican. He started as a Democrat in the 1960s, later becoming an Independent and then a Republican.
  • List of Salaries for Careers (that stand the test of time)

    While I often focus on "hot" jobs, like software developer, MSN Careers recently produced a list of stable careers that they claim will always be there. These jobs are not always glamorous, or even a dream job description, but they are consistent over the decades, and in some cases, centuries. For those looking to play it safe from trends, here is a list of salaries for careers that stand the test of time.

    As long as there are germs, diseases and fatty foods, doctors will always be in demand. According to the PayScale Research Center, the median medical doctor salary varies according to specialty and locale. For instance, pediatricians' salaries in Georgia average out to a median salary of $117, 250. Not bad pay for a job that has been around since the ancient Greeks and before.

    How does your salary compare with Hippocrates's profession? Find out with our salary survey.

  • Hot IT Salaries: How Education & Location Influence IT Salaries
    Jim Lanzalotto thinks these are the good old days for technology workers and hot IT jobs. Lanzalotto, vice president of strategy and marketing at Yoh, a talent and outsourcing firm, said, "The market as a whole is incredibly strong and the lack of IT workers is making a difference. There are just not enough people to do all the work in software development." So what are these IT jobs, and how well do they pay?
  • Supreme Court Pay-Discrimination Ruling Stirs Debate
    The Supreme Court recently issued a number of decisions that have raised more than a few eyebrows. One of those Supreme Court cases, on discrimination in pay, drew the ire of some experts and lawmakers-but others have voiced their support.
  • Phlebotomy Salaries and Career Outlook

    Name: Angela Swicegood
    Job Title: Phlebotomist
    Where: Bentonville, Arkansas
    Employer: Private Clinic
    Years of Experience: 1
    Education: GED, Phlebotomy School, CPT (Certified Phlebotomy Technician)
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median phlebotomy salaries.

    Phlebotomy Salaries and Career Outlook

    We recently needled Angela about her phlebotomist career, work tasks of a phlebotomist, training required to become a phlebotomist and factors that affect phlebotomy salaries.

    Nobody likes to have their blood drawn, but Angela has some great tips for how to help patients feel more comfortable. She also gives advice on the importance of developing skills and experience for improving your phlebotomist career outlook. For readers interested in what it's like to be a phlebotomist, the average pay for phlebotomists, different phlebotomist career options, or the outlook for phlebotomist careers, this interview is required reading!

  • Working Moms and Flexibility in the Workplace

    Full-time work is losing its luster among working moms, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center. Instead, they prefer part-time work: 60 percent of working moms rate part-time work as their ideal, up from 48 percent in 1997, according to the survey. At-home moms also have shown a change of heart. In 1997, 24 percent said full-time work away from home would be best; that number has dipped to 16 percent.

    So what's driving this shift?

  • Continuing Education for MBAs

    The Wall Street Journal this week highlighted continuing education programs at Northwestern and York universities for workers with MBA degrees. Designed for mid-career associates who earned MBA degrees before 1995, the so-called Renaissance program at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management seeks to bring managers up to speed on advances in their field. The program at York's Schulich School of Business helps students update their business skills and gain more in-depth knowledge in a specific discipline.

    Such programs beg the question: Should highly degreed individuals, such as those with MBAs, continue their education?

  • Talk Show Host Salary: The Top Talkers

    Getting paid millions to talk is about the easiest job out there, but getting there is another matter. Forbes recently covered the topic of talk show host salary. You may be surprised to learn that the largest talk show host salary belongs to Howard Stern. The outrageous radio show host receives $500 million salary per his 5-year contract with Sirius Satellite Radio. In addition to his talk show host salary, Howard received a bonus of 22.1 million company shares, reportedly valued at $82.9 million, bringing his total income (last year) to $302 million!

    In second place is the more palatable Oprah Winfrey, who earned $225 million, but that wasn't all based on her talk show host salary. The popular daytime gabber has several sources of income: Her talk show, weekly XM Satellite Radio show, part-ownership of Rachel Ray's syndicated daily talk show and a voice-over role in the latest film adaptation of Charlotte’s Web; that doesn't count her magazine, books and other Oprah-related merchandise.

    How does your salary compare to the salary of a talk show host?  Find out with our salary calculator.

  • Art Education Salary: Art Teacher Salary

    Name: Kelly T.M. Kilmer
    Job Title: Art Teacher and Mixed Media Artist
    Where: Across the U.S. and Abroad
    Employer: Independent Contractor/Self Employed
    Years of Experience: 10
    Education: Some College, Self-Taught in the Arts
    Salary: According to the PayScale Research Center, the average art teacher salary (post-secondary) in major cities ranges from $38,849 to $47,550.

    Art Education Salary: Art Teacher Salary

    Many people dream of being successful artists, but the requirements to be an art teacher involve more than artistic talent or skill. We recently spoke to art education teacher Kelly Kilmer who instructs classes in mixed media techniques. She emphasized that one of the requirements to be an art teacher is, of course, to really love teaching. If you want to learn about other requirements to be an art teacher, or want more info on an art education salary and art education jobs, this Salary Story is a must-read.

    Kelly told told us about her mixed media workshops and the factors that affect an art teacher salary. When she's not teaching, Kelly works on her own mixed media art projects. She truly loves to make and share art with others - another of her requirements to be an art teacher (or at least an exceptional one). For those interested in art education, this interview is sure to get those creative (and career) juices flowing!

  • Healthcare Jobs: Education & Nurses' Salaries
    If you want to be a nurse, you're in luck; the sweeping demand is expected to intensify. But what about starting salaries for nurses? How much do RNs make compared to nurse practitioners? And what kind of education do nurses need?

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