• Carpenter Salary: How to Become a Carpenter

    Name: Justin Katz
    Job Title: Carpenter
    Where: Newport, RI
    Employer: David E. Michael, Distinctive Homes
    Years of Experience: 3
    Education: BA in English, University of Rhode Island
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median carpenter salary.

    Carpenter Salary: How to Become a Carpenter

    Carpentry is one of those archaic professions that seems to be outsource-proof and recession-proof. Becoming a carpenter can require an investment not only in tools, but also in developing woodworking, mathematical, and organizational skills. In this Salary Story, we spoke to career carpenter Justin Katz who explained the factors that can affect a carpenter salary, different aspects of carpenter jobs, and helpful information on how to become a carpenter.

    For readers interested in how to apply for carpenter jobs, the training qualifications of a carpenter, growth potential for carpenter jobs, and how to earn a higher carpenter salary, this interview provides a sturdy foundation. Keep reading to find out how to become a carpenter and why carpentry can be rewarding work.

  • Job Market Growth and Wages: By Counties

    Do you have to live in a big city to earn big wages?  About half of all Americans live in the 30 largest urban areas of 2 million or more in population, and more than 70% live in the 100 largest metros with more than 500,000 in population. However, there is money to be made outside (perhaps only slightly outside) these urban centers.

    CNN.Money.com recently reported on the strong job market growth and wages in certain non-urban counties. Topping the list was Tooele County, Utah which has seen a job increase of 112.5% (from 2000-2006). This traditional mining region is now employing workers in technical and scientific fields. With almost full employment, Tooele County's job growth outlook includes a new metals plant that will pay an average salary of $45,000.

    How does your salary compare to high paying jobs in non-urban locations? Find out with our salary calculator.

  • Salaries of New York Yankees Baseball Players

    It's no easy task owning the New York Yankees these days. The salaries of New York Yankees baseball players cost around $195 million, total, and are going to increase as some contracts are up for renewal. The Yankees are expected to pay Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada $40 million (each) over three years, and exercise $16 million options for right fielder Bobby Abreu and pitcher Andy Pettitte.  But those numbers are peanuts compared to third baseman Alex Rodriguez, also known as a "A-Rod."

    A-Rod leads the salaries of New York Yankees baseball players and all MLB players. And now, his ten-year $252 million contract is about to expire, meaning he will become a free agent. According to Sports illustrated.cnn.com, he will once again top the salaries of New York Yankees baseball players, if he accepts the Yankees' anticipated offer of 4 to 5 years at $25 to $30 million annually. And on top of that, he's still owed more money.  How much?  Keep reading.

    How does your salary compare to the salaries of New York Yankees baseball players?  Find out with the PayScale Salary Calculator.

  • Salary of Surgical Technologist

    Name: Patricia Eder, CST/SA/CTBS
    Job Title: Surgical Technologist/Surgical Assistant
    Where: Kenosha, WI
    Employer: Aurora Health Care
    Years of Experience: 34
    Education: Associate Degree +
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for median surgical technology salaries.

    Salary of Surgical Technologist

    How much do surgical technologists make? In this Salary Story, surgical technologist Patricia Eder told us about her life as a surgical technologist, how education can affect the salary of surgical technologist professionals and the impact of HMOs on surgical technologist job listings.

    When she's not performing the duties of surgical technologist pros, Patricia is busy keeping the world clean with her natural soaps at Patti's Potions. For readers interested in salaries for surgical technologists, or who want info on becoming a surgical technologist, this interview is the right procedure.

  • Vive La France, Vive Les États-Unis
    When it comes to making a great nation, labor and workforce issues must take center stage--otherwise, the most any country can hope for is mediocrity. France and America, two great nations, have much to say about how their people work, and both are pushing to make things better.
  • Professional Wrestler's Salary

    Name: Darin Childs
    Job Title: Professional Wrestler
    Where: I have wrestled throughout the world and run my own company throughout the State of Texas
    Employer: Owner of Anarchy Championship Wrestling
    Years of Experience: 10
    Education: B.A., Ohio State University

    Professional Wrestler's Salary

    If you enjoy body-slams, pile-drivers and head-locks, then don't miss this Salary Story on how to become a professional wrestler. We spoke to to pro wrestler Darin Childs who gave us the inside moves on factors that can affect a professional wrestler's salary and how to become a professional wrestler.

    He also told us about pro wrestling franchises and Mexican professional wrestling. If you're tough enough, keep reading our jaw-breaking info on this unusual career.

  • Finding Percentages in Salary Increase for 2008

    I blogged a while ago about salary predictions for 2007; what about finding percentages in salary increase for 2008? That was the topic of a Money.CNN.com article. Everyone's situation is different, but the average pay increase doesn't look too impressive in 2008, according to a salary survey by human resource consulting firms Hewitt and Mercer. They are surveying up to 1,000 companies, and so far their preliminary salary survey results show an average pay increase of 3.8 percent next year.

    According to Ken Abosch, the head of Hewitt Associate's compensation practice, the typical pay raise increase is expected to be tame even for star employees. Because base salary is one of a company's largest expenses, there's a push to keep a lid on fixed costs. That said, the area where employees may earn more money will be in bonuses. Of course, there are always exceptions; will you get a raise in 2008?  Keep reading!

    Wondering how to calculate a pay increase?  Find out with our salary calculator.

  • How Not to Get a Raise

    How Not to Get a Raise
  • State Teacher Salary Comparisons: Texas Teacher Salary Gap

    Texas state teacher pay is an interesting topic. In a previous column (Salary for Teachers vs. Average Pay for High School Coaches), I noted how high school football coaches earn a far greater salary than most teachers in Texas. The Statesman.com also reported on more state teacher salary comparisons; this time between the teachers themselves. According to the article, the salary for teachers at poor schools (with minority students) is less than the salary for teachers at wealthier schools.

    The Texas teacher salary gap is reportedly wider in Austin than in most other large Texas school districts, according to a pair of recent reports based on a teacher salary survey of the state's 10 largest school districts by University of Texas education researcher Ed Fuller. The reports were funded by a Washington-based think-tank Education Trust. Is Austin being unfairly singled out? What's going on with Texas teacher salaries?

    Is your salary earning high marks? Find out with our salary calculator.

  • IT Project Manager Salary Survey

    Name: Don Spencer
    Job Title: IT Project Manager
    Where: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
    Employer: Self-Employed - Consulting
    Years of Experience: 24
    Education: Hons.B.A. (History & Philosophy, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada), M.A. (History, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the average salary of a project manager.

    IT Project Manager Salary Survey

    Do you enjoy computers, managing projects and all things 2.0? Then you may want to consider a career as an IT project manager. If you don't know what the job description for IT project manager professionals is, then this Salary Story will fill in the missing data.

    We recently interviewed IT project manager Don Spencer who gave us the inside scoop on career paths for IT project managers and a realistic IT project manager job description. If you want more info on the average salary of a project manager, you can also check out our IT project manager salary survey. Take a moment to log on to this interesting career!

  • Meeting and Event Planner Careers

    Name: Jamie Lamb
    Job Title: Meeting and Event Planner (& Professional Bridal Consultant)
    Where: Middletown, Pennsylvania 
    Employer: Self-Employed - Coordinated Dreams
    Years of Experience: 3
    Education: Bachelors of Science in Business Management, Franklin University
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median event planner salary.

    Meeting and Event Planner Careers

    If you're interested in meeting and event planner careers, you don't want to miss this Salary Story.  Meeting and event planner Jamie Lamb told us about various meeting and event planner positions, gave advice for new meeting planners and explained the leadership skills required for successful event planner careers.

    Jamie also gave tips for beginning meeting planners on how to become a certified meeting planner, told us about the factors that affect an event planner salary, meeting planner duties and what to expect from both independent and in-house event planner careers. This interview provides invaluable info for anyone wondering how to join the ranks of independent meeting and event planners.

  • Reporting for Duty: Weighing in on Military Pay
    Imagine a job where, on graduating high school, you're eligible for a signing bonus as hefty as $40,000, your healthcare plan is sterling, your gym membership is free, and if you have a family, your compensation climbs.
  • Can This Job Be Saved? How to Know When It's Time to Go
  • Salaries of Pro Athletes: The David Beckham Salary

    I've previously blogged about the salaries of pro athletes. It's hard to ignore the 24/7 hype surrounding the British soccer star David Beckham and his reported $250 million dollar pay day. He is playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team, which hopes the Euro footballer can create excitement for a sport that never quite caught on in the U.S.

    The question is, how much is Beckham actually earning in annual salary? Will he really earn $250 million in compensation?

    As reported by the Houston Chronicle, Beckham's annual salary will be $5.5 million a year (plus another unspecified million) for the next five years. Does this join the ranks of overpaid professional athletes' salaries? Major League Soccer (MSL) player salaries normally cap at $2.4 million, but the new "Beckham Rule" allows for exceptions of certain professional athletes' high salaries. According to the Washington Post, the average soccer player salary in the MSL is $115,432; about 30 percent of the MSL players are under developmental contracts and earn $17,700 or $12,900.

    How does your salary compare to average professional sports salaries?  Find out with our salary survey.

  • Oil and Gas Geologist Jobs: Striking It Rich

    With gas prices going through the roof over the past year, you might think the only ones doing well in the petro industry were oil company executives, but oil and gas geologist jobs are also bringing in strong annual salaries, according to a recent report by the Houston Chronicle. The oil biz has been struggling with the problem of older workers and a lack of younger recruits. Since supply is not meeting demand, many oil field jobs are paying more than in previous years.

    A recently released study by the University of Houston and the Boyden executive search firm stated that the median salary of a petroleum geologist (with 10 years experience) has increased 23 percent over the past three years, going from $107,500 (2004) to $132,132 (2006). But it's not just the oil and gas geologist jobs; oil drilling rig jobs have hit a gusher, increasing from $36,000 to $58,000 during the same three years. Some oil companies are even paying sign-on bonuses (up to $15,000) to entry-level geologists with master's degrees.

    Has your salary struck oil? Find out with our salary calculator.

  • Teaching Salaries USA vs. World

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez made the news when he announced a 40% increase in school teacher salaries (reported by plenglish.com) for the Latin American country. Teachers will reportedly see that salary boost in November of 2007.  Chavez was quoted as saying, "...we will do everything possible to continue rising standard of living, not only with the basic salary but also with social security and housing plans."

    While Chavez's true long-term agenda is questionable, there is no denying that U.S. educators would welcome a raise in school teacher salaries. In fact, how does the U.S. compare to the rest of the world?  According to a report of global school teacher salaries by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), the U.S. is lagging behind. To find out why, read more.

    How does your salary compare to the average school teacher salaries?  Find out with the PayScale Salary Calculator.   

  • Ebusiness Trends in Job Hunting

    The other day I overheard a woman in a coffee shop calling "help wanted" ads out of the newspaper with her cell phone.  I could only hear what was said on her end, but it wasn't promising:  "Umm, no, I don't have a resume."  "I don't know what speed I can type." It was probably not one of the better executive administrative assistant job searches. Most people are better prepared than she was (I hope), but may still have a hard time finding employment and/or dealing with job hunting frustrations.

    Forbes.com recently covered some ebusiness trends in job hunting and suggested ways to boost a flagging job search. Most jobs are not filled through classified ads, but through networking. Like it or not, it's who you know, or who you just met. Some executive job coaches recommend three to five networking meetings weekly. Just like dating, job hunting and successful internet job searches are often a numbers game.

    Would your salary last if you were job hunting for over a year?  Find out with the PayScale's full salary survey.

  • CRNA Income - Nurse Anesthetist Salary and Career Information

    Name: Terry Freemark
    Job Title: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
    Where: Southeastern Pennsylvania
    Employer: Hospital
    Years of Experience: 10+
    Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Science
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median Nurse Anesthetist Salary.

    Nurse Anesthetist Salary and Career Information

    If you asked most people, they probably wouldn't be able to give you a nurse anesthetist job description. In this Salary Story, nurse anesthetist Terry Freemark solves the mystery. He describes his nurse anesthetist career and sheds light on nurse anesthetist study programs, the typical nurse anesthetist work schedule and factors that can affect the average nurse anesthetist salary.

    If you're looking for a challenging profession in a medical field, a nurse anesthetist career may be the perfect choice. As you will soon read, preparing for a nurse anesthetist career requires intensive study and training, but the outcome is a rewarding nursing position that plays a critical role in health care.

  • Under Hovering Helicopter Parents, Millennials' Careers Can't Soar

    The over-involved parents of Millennials -- aka "helicopter parents"--have been known to frequent their kids' high schools and colleges, scheduling and planning a large part of their lives. As Gen Y comes of age, parents now are showing up at business schools and in the workplace, and some say they're hindering their adult children's chances for success.

    An Associated Press story on MSNBC.com explains:

    “It has now reached epidemic proportions,” says Michael Ellis, director of career and life education at Delaware Valley College, a small, private school in Doylestown, Pa.

    At the school’s annual job fair last year, he says, one father accompanied his daughter, handed out her resume and answered most of the questions the recruiters were asking the young woman. Even more often, he receives calls from parents, only to find out later that their soon-to-be college grad was sitting next to the parent, quietly listening.

    Jobs counselors at universities across the country say experiences like those are now commonplace.

    “My main concern is the obvious need of the students to develop their independence and confidence,” says Kate Brooks, director of the Liberal Arts Career Center at the University of Texas. “I think it’s great that parents want to share their advice — and even better that students of this age are willing to listen — but I think the boundaries get crossed sometimes.”

    What can be done to stop such boundary-crossings?

  • How to Negotiate A Starting Salary for a New Job

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