• Working Moms and Flexibility in the Workplace

    Full-time work is losing its luster among working moms, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center. Instead, they prefer part-time work: 60 percent of working moms rate part-time work as their ideal, up from 48 percent in 1997, according to the survey. At-home moms also have shown a change of heart. In 1997, 24 percent said full-time work away from home would be best; that number has dipped to 16 percent.

    So what's driving this shift?

  • Continuing Education for MBAs

    The Wall Street Journal this week highlighted continuing education programs at Northwestern and York universities for workers with MBA degrees. Designed for mid-career associates who earned MBA degrees before 1995, the so-called Renaissance program at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management seeks to bring managers up to speed on advances in their field. The program at York's Schulich School of Business helps students update their business skills and gain more in-depth knowledge in a specific discipline.

    Such programs beg the question: Should highly degreed individuals, such as those with MBAs, continue their education?

  • Talk Show Host Salary: The Top Talkers

    Getting paid millions to talk is about the easiest job out there, but getting there is another matter. Forbes recently covered the topic of talk show host salary. You may be surprised to learn that the largest talk show host salary belongs to Howard Stern. The outrageous radio show host receives $500 million salary per his 5-year contract with Sirius Satellite Radio. In addition to his talk show host salary, Howard received a bonus of 22.1 million company shares, reportedly valued at $82.9 million, bringing his total income (last year) to $302 million!

    In second place is the more palatable Oprah Winfrey, who earned $225 million, but that wasn't all based on her talk show host salary. The popular daytime gabber has several sources of income: Her talk show, weekly XM Satellite Radio show, part-ownership of Rachel Ray's syndicated daily talk show and a voice-over role in the latest film adaptation of Charlotte’s Web; that doesn't count her magazine, books and other Oprah-related merchandise.

    How does your salary compare to the salary of a talk show host?  Find out with our salary calculator.

  • Art Education Salary: Art Teacher Salary

    Name: Kelly T.M. Kilmer
    Job Title: Art Teacher and Mixed Media Artist
    Where: Across the U.S. and Abroad
    Employer: Independent Contractor/Self Employed
    Years of Experience: 10
    Education: Some College, Self-Taught in the Arts
    Salary: According to the PayScale Research Center, the average art teacher salary (post-secondary) in major cities ranges from $38,849 to $47,550.

    Art Education Salary: Art Teacher Salary

    Many people dream of being successful artists, but the requirements to be an art teacher involve more than artistic talent or skill. We recently spoke to art education teacher Kelly Kilmer who instructs classes in mixed media techniques. She emphasized that one of the requirements to be an art teacher is, of course, to really love teaching. If you want to learn about other requirements to be an art teacher, or want more info on an art education salary and art education jobs, this Salary Story is a must-read.

    Kelly told told us about her mixed media workshops and the factors that affect an art teacher salary. When she's not teaching, Kelly works on her own mixed media art projects. She truly loves to make and share art with others - another of her requirements to be an art teacher (or at least an exceptional one). For those interested in art education, this interview is sure to get those creative (and career) juices flowing!

  • Healthcare Jobs: Education & Nurses' Salaries
    If you want to be a nurse, you're in luck; the sweeping demand is expected to intensify. But what about starting salaries for nurses? How much do RNs make compared to nurse practitioners? And what kind of education do nurses need?
  • Temp Jobs That Pay Well: Computer Tech Jobs and More

    "Temp jobs" may conjure up visions of low-paying administrative jobs filled by hapless out-of-work actors answering phones for minimum wage, but, if you have hi-tech skills, there are temp jobs that pay well, according to a recent report by SFGate.com. High-tech temp workers with skills in hardware engineering, clinical trial administration, database development and computer tech jobs are in big demand, so says a technology employment survey by Yoh.com, a Philadelphia-based outsourcing firm.

    The company reportedly analyzed the hourly pay of 5,000 high-tech temps, tabulated the highest wages and created a list of ten temp jobs that pay well. The temping techs who are earning the most cash are technical consultants who design enterprise resource planning databases; they rake in $83 per hour! At the bottom of the list were temporary aerospace engineers, earning $48.41 per hour. Rocket scientists temping?

    How does your salary measure up to the temp pay of a rocket scientist?  Find out with our salary survey.

  • High Salary Careers: Anesthesiologist Career Information

    Name: Dianna Keneally
    Job Title: Anesthesiologist
    Where: Maine
    Employer: Private Hospital (formerly self-employed)
    Years of Experience: 21
    Education: B.Sc. in Chemistry, M.D., Anesthesiology Residency
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for median anesthesiology salaries.

    High Salary Careers: Anesthesiologist Career Information

    For folks who have ever asked "What is the job outlook for an anesthesiologist?" or wondered about anesthesiology salaries, this career interview won't put you under. We recently spoke to Dianna Keneally, an experienced anesthesiologist, who shed some light on this high salary career.

    This interview covers the job description of an anesthesiologist, factors that affect anesthesiology salaries, and how to become an anesthesiologist - including what education is needed to become an anesthesiologist. The path to becoming an anesthesiologist requires intensive training. The job also comes with great responsibility, which is reflected in high anesthesiology salaries, even for those just starting out. If you're looking for anesthesiology career information, this Salary Story will painlessly lead you in the right direction.

  • Career as a Heavy Equipment Operator

    Name: Shawn Robison
    Job Title: Heavy Equipment Operator
    Where: Louisville, KY
    Employer: Flynn Brothers Contracting
    Years of Experience: 18
    Education: High School Diploma
    Salary of Heavy Equipment Operator: See the PayScale Research Center for the median Pay Scale for Heavy Equipment Operators.

    Career as a Heavy Equipment Operator

    For readers who like to work outdoors, it might be worthwhile to look into a career as a Heavy Equipment Operator. In this Salary Story, we spoke to Heavy Equipment Operator Shawn Robison. He told us about the factors that affect the pay scale for Heavy Equipment Operators and Heavy Equipment Operator job opportunities. If you've been wondering about attending Heavy Equipment Operator schools verses learning on the job, don't miss this interview with a seasoned professional. Shawn shared great info with us on working conditions, what to expect on a job site, and what skills may improve the salary of Heavy Equipment Operator professionals.

    If you want to know what it's like to have a career as a Heavy Equipment Operator, how to find those Heavy Equipment Operator jobs, and the standard salary of a Heavy Equipment Operator, this interview is groundbreaking!

  • Fred Thompson's Next Career Move

    Fred Thompson seems a man of many talents.

    You may know him as the district attorney on the TV drama "Law & Order," or as former U.S. Senator from Tennessee. Or perhaps you've heard of the real-life part he played in Watergate.

    In the next few weeks, you may come to know him as a candidate for president; his career path looks to be bending in that direction.

  • Are PayScale Surgeon Salaries Off?

    Chris, a reader, commented on the surgeon vs. football player salaries post, "Many of the average/base salaries for physicians/surgeons posted in this article are off by hundreds of thousands of dollars."

    I am confident that the data points that make up our averages correspond to the actual salaries received by individual surgeons. In fact, even our broad average salaries compare well with other broad averages, like the Bureau of Labor Statistics survey of all surgeon salaries by metropolitan area, when we select and group surgeons and geography in the same way.

    Assuming Chris means his experience with surgeons' pay is very different from what we report, why are PayScale average surgeon salaries so "off"?

    It comes down to which surgeons go into our averages, vs. the people Chris knows. In this post, I will look at what goes into "average" (median) surgeon salaries, why surgeon salaries vary so much, and why even a median may not really "typical."

    Is your pay off by $100,000's? Use the PayScale salary survey to find out.

  • Voting Smart

    Voting Smart

    As America celebrates another birthday, a slew of characters are vying for the nation's most high-profile job, President of the United States.

    Some of the front-runners on both sides of the aisle are New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards (Democrats), and Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and Arizona Sen. John McCain (Republicans).

    It's too early to say who'll be left standing by next fall, but many are wondering: Who's the best man or woman for the job?

  • Occupational Therapy Careers

    Name: Cheryl Hall
    Job Title: Occupational Therapist
    Where: Baltimore, MD
    Employer: Independent Contractor in Home Health
    Years of Experience: 23
    Education: B.S. Occupational Therapy, San Jose State University, California (now you need a master’s or doctorate degree to become an Occupational Therapist)
    Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for the average Occupational Therapist salary.

    Occupational Therapy Careers

    For those wondering about Occupational therapy careers, an Occupational Therapist salary, or the educational requirements of an Occupational Therapist, this Salary Story has all the right moves. Occupational Therapist Cheryl Hall told us about her own Occupational Therapy career (also mentioned on her blog, ot4function.com), the responsibilities of an Occupational Therapist, and factors that may affect an Occupational Therapist salary.

    She also described the training needed to become an Occupational Therapist, the outlook for Occupational Therapist job openings, and continuing education courses for Occupational Therapist professionals. If you're interested in Occupational Therapy careers, or want to know more about an Occupational Therapist's salary, this story is a must-read!

  • LPN Salary: Duties of a LPN

    Name: Linda J. Meikle
    Job Title: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
    Where: Columbus, Ohio
    Employer: K-Force Professional Staffing and Maxim HealthCare
    Years of Experience: Graduated LPN School in 1971. 36 years.
    Education: GED and LPN School and coursework for RN at various colleges.
    LPN Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for up-to-date information on LPN salary.

    LPN Salary: Duties of a LPN

    In a previous Salary Story, we learned about the job outlook on registered nurse careers. In this interview, we spoke to Licensed Practical Nurse Linda J. Meikle about factors that affect a LPN salary, duties of a LPN (mentioned at her blog: dustyangels.blogspot.com), her job in LPN nursing home care, the requirements for Licensed Practical Nurse candidates and advice for becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse; this Salary Story covers the vitals and more!

    In addition to her knowledge of the salary of Licensed Practical Nurse professionals, the duties of a LPN, and the average income of a Licensed Practical Nurse, Linda has written a memoir, Dusty Angels and Old Diaries. This is her life story depicted from diaries that she kept most of her life. She says it is a book for women (and nurses!) who want to be strong. And keep reading this Salary Story as she describes the duties of a LPN, a LPN salary and more!

  • Should Paid Leave Become Law?

    Some states are considering legislation requiring employers to provide paid family leave to employees, according to a Wall Street Journal op-ed. The editorial says such proposals aren't the way to go because they'll prove too pricey for employers, and invite fraud and abuses by dishonest employees.

    Meanwhile, an article in the New York Times recounts the findings of a survey on the Family and Medical Leave Act, a federal law that provides unpaid time off for employees at businesses with 50 or more workers. The Department of Labor survey found employers and employees divided over FMLA: Workers faulted the law for not offering longer leaves with pay, and employers said their operations have suffered when employees frequently take leave.

    Family leave policies, whether paid or unpaid, at the state or federal levels, are a hot-button issue for both employees and employers. Is there room for compromise?

  • Annual Salary for California Governor: Governor Salaries in 2007

    Being governor may sound like a high annual salary position, but governor salaries don't always pay as much as one might think. In a recent report of governor salaries, stateline.org cited the average governor salary to be $124,398. The annual salary for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the highest in the governor salary ranking, $206,500, but he does not accept his salary (he did pretty well in Hollywood, if I recall).  As I mentioned in a previous column, Salary Increases in the News, Schwarzenegger has been generous to his top state officials, upping their salaries, often in the face of criticism.

    On the other end of the governor salary ranking, we have the governor of Maine, who earns only $70,000 per year. That political office hasn't seen a raise in 20 years! Maine Governor John Baldacci actually saw a decrease in pay of $80,000/year in 2003 when he decided to give up his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives and become governor. Balducci's own assistant reportedly earned more than he did in 2005, with an annual salary of $102,000.  Governor Baldacci actually opposed a pay raise for himself in 2006, but supported a raise for the state's teachers. Why isn't he running for President?

    Could you afford to oppose a salary raise? Find out with our salary calculator.

  • Generation Y at Work

    Generation Y at Work

    What is Generation Y all about?

    That's a question on the minds of many, it seems--particularly journalists, workforce experts, and even Gen Y-ers themselves.

    Some have said members of Generation Y are navel-gazing, I-want-it-now neophytes in the workplace. Others say they're expert multi-taskers and technological wizards, capable of finishing 60 hours' worth of work in 30 hours.

    There's probably truth in all these statements. Gen Y-ers are, after all, humans--with strengths and weaknesses, like any other generation. I think, too, that it's impossible and unfair to generalize about a generation, especially one as large as Generation Y (according to Fortune, there are 79.8 million members of Gen Y, meaning those born between 1977 and 1995).

  • Salary for Teachers vs. Average Pay for High School Coaches

    Teachers don't make a lot of money. That's common knowledge. Still, it may surprise readers to learn that the average salary for teachers in Texas public schools is significantly less than the average pay for high school coaches, according to an article in the Austin-Statesman.

    The paper reported that Texas high school football coaches in Class 5A and 4A schools (that's 950 students or more) earn an average salary of $73,804, while the average salary for teachers in those same schools is about $42,400 (as mentioned on ESPN.com).

    In its report, the Austin American-Statesman "asked every 5A and 4A school district in the state for the total compensation paid to Texas football coaches and for salaries of their highest-paid teachers, high school principals and superintendents for the 2005-06 school year."  The results?  Texas high school football coaches in 27 schools earn a higher salary than even their principals.  The report also says five Texas high school football coaches earn more than $100K. Ennis High School's Sam Harrell tops the list with an annual salary of $106,004; the lowest-paid is Houston Furr's Cornell Gray, who scores $42,300.

    While the reasons given for this pay difference are varied, there is one fundamental. The school boards and, indirectly, the taxpayers in Texas value the high school football coaches more highly than even their best paid teachers.

    How does your salary line up against the average pay for high school coaches?  Find out with our salary survey.

  • Registered Nurse Careers

    Name: Kim McAllister
    Job Title: Registered Nurse - Staff Emergency
    Where: San Francisco Bay Area
    Employer: Medium-sized community hospital
    Years of Experience: 29
    Education: Associate's Degree in Nursing, Currently in school for my BSN
    Salary: According to the PayScale Research Center, the median registered nurse salary (for those who work in emergency rooms) can range from $54,968 to $69,352 in major cities.

    Registered Nurse Careers

    With a shortage of nurses in the U.S. and baby boomers getting older, the outlook on jobs for registered nurses is stronger than ever. In a previous Salary Story we interviewed a traveling registered nurse and learned about traveling registered nurse careers. This time around, we interviewed a registered nurse who works in an emergency room. Kim McAllister spoke to us about registered nurse careers, different jobs for registered nurses, interview questions for registered nurse candidates and factors that affect a registered nurse salary.

    She also told us about the job description of a registered nurse and the educational requirements to become a registered nurse. Kim explained that registered nurse careers involve more than just treating illness. Speaking from the experience of her own registered nurse career, Kim said that nurses "promote wellness through educating patients on healthy behaviors and working with them to help them stay well." For readers who want to learn more about registered nurse careers, the typical registered nurse salary and jobs for registered nurses, this chat is good medicine!

  • Note to New Grads: Work Hard, Not Constantly

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg offered tips for new college graduates on their first job and beyond, as he gave a commencement address at the City University of New York's College of Staten Island.

    Several Wall Street Journal blogs examine Bloomberg's speech (click here and here), and the full speech is available via YouTube.

    Some have focused on Bloomberg's mention of the importance of face-time at the office.

    "If you’re the first one in the morning and the last one to leave at night and you take fewer vacation days and never take a sick day, you will do better than the people who don’t do that. It is very simple,” Bloomberg told the new graduates.

    Was Bloomberg urging them to become workaholics--or was he after something more?

  • Different Definitions of the American Dream

    America is the land of opportunity. If you have a goal, such as owning your own sweet shop or becoming a movie star, you can attain it here through hard work and perseverance.

    Is this just the myth of an American Dream, or does the American Dream exist?

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