• Clinical Dietitian Salaries

    Name: Hope Gardner
    Job Title: Clinical Dietitian, previously a Dietary Aide
    Where: Columbia, South Carolina
    Employer: Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital
    Education: Master's of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from LA TECH University
    Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from University of Louisiana at Lafayette
    Annual Salary: $45,000 (To see Clinical Dietitian salaries by years of experience, visit the PayScale Research Center. Also find information on other medical jobs, including Medical Laboratory Technician salaries).

    Hope Gardner has found her perfect career fit, combining a love of food and a passion for helping people.  Beginning her career as a Dietary Aide, Hope is now a Clinical Dietitian, rehabilitating patients through dietary counseling. Here, Hope shares what she loves most about her job, and outlines a possible career path for anyone considering a job as a Dietary Aide or Clinical Dietitian.

    Clinical Dietitian Job Description and Duties of a Dietitian:
    Complete nutritional assessments of patients to determine if they are at risk of being malnourished, counsel patients on diets, importance of nutrition, also work with registered nurses (RNs), and physical and occupational therapists for the best possible rehab potential for a patient.

    PayScale: How did you get started as a Clinical Dietitian?
    Hope: "I love food and wanted to help people and didn't want to be a chef (late nights) or a nurse (hate needles). I'm perfectly right in the middle of both of these!"

  • Bad News for High Salary and Seed Schools in NCAA Basketball Tourney

    In the second round of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship, the power of university alumni salaries (pay of graduates with 5 to 15 years of experience) to predict the outcome of basketball games finally waned.

    The PayScale bracket picks, when adjusted for the first round outcomes, only predicted 9 out of 16 games correctly. This is basically the same as tossing a coin.

    The seeding committee did better: the higher seeded team won 13 out of 16 second round games.

    However, we discovered a new pattern in the data: high seed and high alumni salaries appear to be a bad combination in NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

    What does this mean for which universities will make the final 4? Read on...

    Are you overpaid and underachieving like a Duke University ($96,800), or underpaid and overachieving like Western Kentucky University ($48,800)? Find out with the PayScale salary survey.

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  • Men's NCAA Basketball First Day: Salary picks 12 of 16
  • Nonprofit Salaries - Nonprofit Executive Director

    Name: Ann E. Tucker
    Job Title: Nonprofit Executive Director
    Where: Galesburg, IL
    Employer: United Way of Knox County, Inc.
    Years of Experience: 15 as a paralegal
    Education: Illinois Central College, Associate Degree;  Western Illinois University - going back to get my bachelor's degree
    Nonprofit Salaries : $45,000 to $75,000*
    See the PayScale Research Center for median salaries of nonprofit executive directors.

    Nonprofit Salaries - Nonprofit Executive Director

    A career in the nonprofit industry can certainly have its perks. Ann Tucker is a nonprofit executive director for United Way, and says there’s not much she doesn’t love about her job. Plus, Ann gets the daily satisfaction of knowing she’s helping others. Median nonprofit executive director salaries can be as low as $35,000 for those with less than one year of experience, but can also reach beyond $90,000 once one has gained at least 20 years of experience. Salaries can also vary by location, so be sure to check out salaries of Nonprofit Executive Directors by city.

    Nonprofit Executive Director Job Description:

    Organize and hold an annual campaign; recruit and train volunteers; organize special events; supervise one full-time employee and two part-time employees; networking; attend seminars; promote public awareness of our organization and our partner agencies; agency relations.

    PayScale: How did you get started as an executive director for a nonprofit?

    I had been a paralegal for 15 years. Due to downsizing in my firm, and burnout on my part, I was forced to find new employment. I interviewed for an administrative assistant position with United Way. Three weeks after I started my job, the executive director submitted her [resignation].  I was offered the job after serving as interim director for six months.

  • Best-Paying Careers for Women
  • Can Job Hopping Hurt Your Career?
    Edward Muzio's grandfather worked in the same company his whole life. His mother labored in the same industry until she retired, though for different employers. But between the two of them, Edward and his brother have worked in six different career fields during 30 combined years.
  • Continuing Education: A Lifelong Pursuit That Pays
    If you want job security, try investing in 'employment insurance.' That's the term Greg Schulz uses to describe continuing education. "Continuing education is almost like employment insurance...If something unexpected happens, you are insured and protected. It teaches you something new, but also serves as insurance in a fast-paced and changing world-the more skills you can develop, the better prepared you are to have a successful career," explains Schulz, dean of instruction and student services at California's North Orange County Community College District.
  • Making Sense of a Softening Job Market

    For the U.S. economy, the hits keep coming.

    In February, employers cut jobs by the largest amount in five years. According to the Associated Press:

    For the second straight month, nervous employers got rid of jobs nationwide. In February, they sliced payrolls by 63,000, even deeper than the 22,000 cut in January, the Labor Department reported Friday. The grim snapshot of the country’s employment climate underscored the heavy toll the housing and credit debacles are taking on companies, jobseekers and the economy as a whole.

    While the Bush administration tries to remain upbeat, toting a recent stimulus package, others are casting a darker shadow over the future. A New York Times story reports:

    Within minutes of the new report on employment, many in the dwindling pool of optimists changed their positions. ... Just one minute after the Labor Department published its report at 8:30 a.m., JPMorgan Chase reversed its stance, declaring that a recession appeared to have begun. Lehman Brothers switched its position as well.

    What does this all mean for workers and jobseekers?

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  • Is a Person's Salary Considered Privacy Act Information?

    Is a person's salary considered privacy act information?  SignOnSanDiego.com reported that the California Supreme Court ruled in favor a newspaper seeking government job info and salary numbers of public employees. The ruling said that the city of Oakland must release the names, records of termination and salaries of police officers (who earned more than $100,000 in 2004).

    Police officer unions claimed that this information on salary and payment should remain confidential due to privacy. However, Chief Justice Ronald George stated: “Counterbalancing any cognizable interest that public employees may have in avoiding disclosure of their salaries is the strong public interest in knowing how the government spends its money." Should government job info and salary be made public?

    Are you being paid fairly? Check your salary, privately, with our PayScale Salary Calculator.

  • Web Developer -- Inside Info on a Web Developer Job & Web Developer Salaries

    Name: Debbie Johnson
    Job Title: Web Developer
    Where: Sacramento, CA
    Employer: Infotech Consulting
    Years of Experience: 10
    Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Phoenix
    Annual Salary: $60,000 (See the PayScale Research Center for the median salary of software developers in the US by years experience.)

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