• Cosmetic Salesperson - Job Description & Salary
    Name: Julie Olen
    Job Title: Salesperson for Retail Cosmetics
    Where: West Hollywood, CA
    Employer: Janet Sartin
    Years of Experience: 25
    Education: Berklee School of Music, Boston MA, two-year course. Sawyer College of Business, diploma in Instrumental Performance. University of Vermont, diploma in Photography. Trinity College of Vermont, graduated from Women's Small Business Program.
    Annual Salary: Use PayScale’s Research Center to find the median starting salary for sales associates.

    What is a Cosmetic Salesperson's Job Description?

    Whether you're a hairstylist, clothing designer or cosmetic sales rep, working in the world of beauty and fashion is all about helping people to look and feel good. For those who work at department stores, helping customers first-hand can be fun, but also challenging - and working at the cosmetics counter can be an especially demanding job. With many people passing through, a cosmetic salesperson manages a high volume of clients.  Plus, a cosmetics line regularly introduces new products and discontinues others, and competition is just a few feet away.

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  • Job for Math Majors - Quantitative Research Coordinator

    Name: Amber Dean
    Job Title: Quantitative Research Coordinator & Business Owner
    Where: Macon, GA – United States
    Employer: Private Club Associates Continuum

    Years of Experience: 25 years
    Relevant Experience: 2

    Education: Took some classes at Griffin Technical College; computer programming courses for 1 year at Macon State College; degree in art, took statistic courses and research methodology at Mercer University; degree in math, took statistics and math courses. 
    Annual Salary: Use PayScale’s Research Center to find median marketing research analyst salaries.

    What can you do with a math or statistics degree? As it turns out, there are jobs for math or statistics majors in many fields. For math lovers like Amber Dean, a quantitative research coordinator, it's possible to find great satisfaction in a job that uses math on a regular basis. In this Salary Story, Amber describes the many advantages to a job in quantitative research. 

    By using math and statistics, Amber is able to learn consumers’ preferences and purchasing habits. A major part of the job involves using research and analysis to examine the most important information gathered from focus groups. If you love analyzing statistics as well as working with people, this can be both a fun and rewarding challenge. Overall, working as a quantitative research coordinator involves a mixture of marketing research and math analysis. Keep reading to find out if this job is right for you.

  • Loopholes, Lawyers and Obama’s Executive Compensation Cap

    President Obama’s recent work to limit executive compensation makes my heart sing – or at least hum a bit. Like most Americans, I am shocked and scared over what’s happened in our country, and I cling to signs of hope. President Obama’s recent push to limit executive compensation sounds like a something worth clinging to. But, I’m worried about what sort of results it will really have once Wall Street’s lawyers get a hold of it.

  • MBA Schools: Whose Graduates Earn High Salaries?

    Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs promise expanded career opportunities and the potential to bring home the big bucks.

    Lindsey Gerdes at BusinessWeek recently worked with us on an intriguing story about pay for MBA graduates. Using BusinessWeek's Ranking of the top 45 business schools, we looked in our data to see how each school's graduates are paid over the course of their careers.

    Not surprisingly, graduates of the top ranked programs often earn the highest pay, but several lower ranked programs have graduates who can more than double their starting pay in their later careers.

    In this post, we will look at a few of the interesting tidbits we discovered while researching MBA pay.

    Will an MBA lead to higher pay in your career? Use the PayScale Salary Survey to find out.

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