• Legitimate Jobs That Allow You to Work at Home: 7 Companies Hiring Now
    Can you imagine how simple your life would be if you never had to drive to work? If you have the self-discipline to work from home, the right opportunity could help you get back those commute hours and gain some extra time each day to do whatever you want. If you're wondering where you can find such a job in a waning economy, here are seven companies hiring for work from home right now.
  • Swine Flu: Potential Pandemic Has Many People Working Harder

    Swine flu has arrived in the US and has most people either a little more cautious in public spaces or very scared of any public contact. I’ve spoken with more than one friend who is washing their hands more often or thinks twice about what that tickle in their throat might mean.

    From the Salary Reporter’s perspective, it’s interesting to take a moment to consider the vast number of workers who are going to be involved in controlling this health threat. What are some of these jobs and what can PayScale’s data tell us about them? 

  • The question of "salaried, non-exempt" jobs came up again in my inbox (I have changed a few details to make the email not personally identifiable):

    My classification was Salary Non-Exempt, and I am being told that I will not receive time and one half pay for these hours, such as a Non-Exempt employee would have, but only "Half Time" due to the Salary Non-Exempt classification.

    Half Time is calculated by taking the weekly salary amount ($800.00) and dividing it by 40 hours in the work week; which equals $20.00 per hour. For any time worked over the 40 (example: 10 hours worked over 40 in a week for a total of 50 hours) and dividing it into the normal salary amount of $800.00, giving $16.00 per hour, then dividing the $16.00 by half resulting in $8.00 per hour for any hour worked over 40, or "Half Time" versus the traditional time and one half, in this example $30.00/hour for time and one half.

    Is this accurate? Legal? Do I have any recourse? I answered the phone and supervised no one, swept the floors and cleaned the toilets. Is Salary Non-Exempt even accurate and should I consider a separate complaint to correct it to Non-Exempt?

    When I first read this, I thought paying only $8/hour for overtime had to be illegal under federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations.

    However, I was wrong: the above pay is legal under federal law. In this post, as previously promised, I will address how salary, non-exempt, pay works.

    Wondering if you should be earning $20/hour for answering phones and cleaning toilets? Use the PayScale Salary Calculator to find out.

  • Will the Recession Deflate Your Income Forever?
    As you watch America's fiscal health deteriorate, grimacing through news of layoffs and current unemployment rates, you're probably concerned about your own financial survival, and on the lookout for some smart money secrets. You're not wrong to worry. Economists say incomes won't likely rebound until 2010 or 2011. But you're not defenseless. You can take steps to protect your income and job security.
  • Online Degrees: For Baby Boomers, They Could Be Essential

    The job market is tough. Real tough. Darn tough. Only the most skilled, educated and savvy shall thrive. And, if you’re older than 45, your age can work for or against you. Offering exceptional skills based upon years of experience is a plus. Being closer to your retirement age without more skills to offer than your younger counterparts, isn’t.

    When baby boomers, those folks born between 1946 and 1964, look for employment in this down economy, they may need to work harder to prove themselves than ever before. As a result, many are considering going back to school, especially online. Online courses can fit into a schedule filled with work, family and other responsibilities – like grandkids and aging parents.

    Furthering your education with an online degree not only improves your skill set, it also shows that you care about staying engaged and successful in your career. This drive will be attractive to possible employers. 

  • Nanny Jobs - How Much Money Does a Nanny Make?

    Name: Mary Anne Taylor
    Job Title: Professional Nanny
    Where: Seattle, WA
    Employer: Self-Employed
    Years of Experience: 5
    Education: Bachelor’s in Child Psychology from the University of Washington
    Relevant Experience: Part-time babysitting jobs all through high school and college. I helped take care of my little brother growing up. Received a bachelor’s degree in Child Psychology and now am taking classes to get my teaching certificate.
    Annual Salary: How much money does a nanny make? Use PayScale's Research Center to find out.

    Becoming a Child Care Provider

    What training is needed to be a nanny? How much money does a nanny make? Exactly what is the job description of a nanny? If you’re thinking of becoming a child care provider, these are all questions you are probably asking yourself. In this Salary Story, professional Nanny Mary Anne Taylor answers these questions and explains why her answers tend to vary depending on who she is working for. Overall, becoming a child care provider can lead to a challenging, versatile career that also helps prepare you to raise your own children.

  • Becoming an Architect - Average Architect's Salary
    Name: Jen Uh
    Job Title: Residential Architect and Project Manager
    Where: Bellevue, WA
    Years of Experience: 6
    Education: Bachelor of Arts, Architectural Studies (UW); Master of Architecture (UW)
    Salary: Use PayScale’s research center to find the average salary for an architect.

    Becoming an Architect - Average Architect's Salary

    What skills do architects need? According to Jen Uh, a residential architect and project manager, having a love of both math and art is key for a career in architecture. In this Salary Story, Jen talks about how she fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming an architect. Even though the education required to become an architect is lengthy, the work is rewarding and the progress is tangible. Just imagine the satisfaction of standing inside of a house you designed, knowing how much planning and work went into the process.

  • Key Determinant of Pay: Location, Location, Location

    Companies frequently employ workers all across the nation, but how do they decide what to pay their workers located in different regions? Should they focus on a set of fixed geographical pay offsets? In other words, if pay for a Software Developer is 30% higher in New York than Chicago, should the same pay difference exist for Financial Analysts? The answer is a resounding "no!"

    By using fixed geographical pay offsets, a company will fail to reflect the true variations in labor markets for employees by region. For example, the typical Higher Education Administrator in Chicago earns a pay ~24% less than one in New York, while a typical Urban Planner in Chicago earns ~30% more.

    In this blog, I will show this extreme variation in pay exists across numerous jobs and locations. The results highlight the key reasons why fixed geographical pay offsets across all jobs simply do not make sense.

    Does the location of your job lead to higher pay? Use the free PayScale Salary Survey to find out.

  • Ways to Earn Extra Cash
  • Careers in Science and Public Health: Health Care Management Salary

    Name: Lina Pacelli
    Job Title: Coordinator, Health Sciences
    Where: Bridgeport, Connecticut
    Employer: University of Bridgeport
    Years of Experience: 13
    Education: Quinnipiac University, double bachelor, BS in Business, BA in History.  MBA with a concentration in Health Care Management, and an additional Graduate Health Care Compliance Certificate.
    Annual Salary: Use PayScale's Research Center to find Health Care Management Salaries, and compare Salaries in the Health Care Industry

    Coordinator of Health Sciences for the University of Bridgeport Lina Pacelli loves her job. In this Salary Story, Lina discusses the educational path she took to become a Health Sciences Coordinator, and the rewards and challenges of careers in science and public health. For those who are also looking for health care management, and health science job opportunities, Lina recommends working at a University, and also in a role that will allow you to get away from your desk for part of the day.

  • Career of Love as a Professional Parent

    Name: Alice Miller
    Job Title: Professional Parent
    Where: Boomer, NC
    Employer: Confidential
    Years of Experience: 3
    Relevant Experience: Clinical Medical Assistant
    Education: Medial Assistant Training - Delaware Technical Wilkes County Community College - H R
    Annual Salary: See PayScale’s Reseach Center for Similar Job Titles Salaries in the U.S .

    Career of Love as a Professional Parent

    Being a parent is sometimes a thank-less job.  It should be a profession.  But the official job title of Professional Parent focuses on children with a medical condition. These caring people come in as an “additional” parent and meets the special needs of their clients.  Alice Miller is one of those caring Professional Parents who can give you a deeper insight into this unique career.

    As a professional parent, Alice does a lot for her client – from attending his medical appointments to making sure he keeps his room clean – and maintains detailed regular reports about them and her client’s behavior.  In her own words, she is a “cook, nurse, housekeeper, laundress, counselor, chauffeur, pharmacist and best friend.” But if you read her interview, you will see that she has a heart of gold. Alice loves her client and her career. She truly is a second mom to her patients. Love is essential in this career.

  • Start a Wedding Planner Business

    Name: Paula Barham
    Job Title: Wedding Inc. Founder and Director
    Where: Sydney, Australia
    Employer: Self-employed
    Years of Experience: 14 years
    Relevant Experience: I previously worked for a business planning different types of events.
    Education: Sydney institute
    Annual Salary: Research Wedding Planner Salaries using PayScale's research center.

    What are the duties of a wedding planner?  There’s more to it than finding the right caterer, the perfect dress, and most importantly finding the client.  Paula Barham covers the positives of being a wedding consultant as well as the challenging aspects of the job. Being able to work with people on a regular basis is key. Even though a wedding planner course is helpful, you are always learning something new about the job or about yourself.

  • PayScale - Effective Management Skills
  • Compensation gap between government and private workers widens
  • 7 Most Recession Proof Jobs
    We've heard the tales of career devastation from real estate to investment banking; doesn't it make you wonder which jobs may be secretly, silently thriving amid the chaos?
  • Expert Searchologist - Salary for a Seattle SEO Specialist

    Name: Jon Lanman
    Job Title: Expert Searchologist / SEO Specialist
    Where: Seattle, WA
    Employer: Self-Employed
    Years of Experience: 3 years in Marketing
    Other Relevant Experience: Marketing Assistant, Event Marketing, Publicity Intern
    Education: B.A. in Communications
    Annual Salary: Use PayScale’s Research Center to find SEO Specialist Salaries.

    In this Salary Story we take a look at the day-to-day duties of a Seattle SEO Specialist. Self-proclaimed Searchologist, Jon Lanman shares his passion for SEO, and gives advice on how to begin a career in SEO.

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