• How Long Can I Carry COBRA Insurance After My Job Loss?
  • Salary Negotiation Tips: What Not to Do
    If you want to make adults squirm like kindergarteners, broach the subject of salary negotiation. Talking money makes most workers uncomfortable. And while they want such talks to succeed, they make plenty of blunders. If only they had some basic negotiation guidelines.

  • What Are Frequently Asked Interview Questions?
  • Jobs for English Majors: They Do Exist

    The butt of every cocktail party joke – the English major. “Oh, that’s nice that you read Shakespeare. But, how does that get you a job?”

    Well, it turns out that wordsmithing just might be the ticket in to today’s job market. According to a survey of HR professionals by global outplacement agency Challenger, Gray and Christmas and quoted in a New York Times article, “Young Workers: U Nd 2 Improve Ur Writing Skills,” the number one skill missing amongst entry-level job applicants is “writing skills.” Huh, sounds like that business degree may not do the trick for getting started in a new career.

  • Using PayScale’s Data as a Retention Tracking System of College Students
  • Outsourcing: Is It a Good Idea? Not for U.S. Job Seekers
  • Part-Time Weekend Retail Jobs
  • Women Snapping Up Government Salaries

    On Sept. 3, USA Today published an article on women’s soon-to-be majority in America’s workforce, “Women Gain in Historic Job Shift.” Rosie the Riveter may have her day.

    Due to the significant job loss suffered by men in the manufacturing and construction industries over the last year, compared with the job security found in health-care and government where women dominate, women may soon be the steadier breadwinners for the first time in America’s history. The question is, how well are they faring, compared to men, in their health care and government salaries?

  • Nonprofit Careers in Demand - Program Manager

    Name: Pamela Banks-Johnson
    Job Title: Program Specialist, Assistant Director
    Where: Piscataway, NJ
    Years of Experience: 15+
    Education: Keller Graduate School of Management, MPA - Concentration in Nonprofit Management
    Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for median Nonprofit Salaries, including the Salary for a Nonprofit Program Manager.

    Nonprofit Careers in Demand - Program Manager

    Working in a nonprofit organization is not only a job, but a labor of love. In this inspiring Salary Story with program manager Pamela Banks-Johnson, you will learn all about the workings of a nonprofit organization as well as program manager duties, the challenges of nonprofit management, and what to expect from nonprofit salaries. Pamela is the definition of a quality program specialist. If you’re interested in the nuances of a nonprofit career or looking for a sample job description for a nonprofit program manager, then keep reading. You will find Pamela’s insights informative and invaluable.

  • Nursing Jobs - Neonatal Nursing Career

    Name: Donna
    Job Title: Licensed Practical Nurse
    Where: Loris, SC
    Employer: Not Given
    Years of Experience: 9
    Education: Brunswick Community College: Diploma; Neonatal resuscitation program instructor
    Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for the median LPN salary range.

    Neonatal Nursing Career

    Donna has a passion for labor. No, not construction work, but the hardest labor of all, delivering a baby. Though most of the work is done by the mother, Donna shows that it’s definitely a team effort. She shares her newborn nursery nurse resume and describes some personal experiences from her neonatal nursing career. In this labor and delivery nurse article you will also find out what steps are taken to prepare for a delivery all the way to discharge of the newborn, and read about the challenges of the average neonatal nurse. If you are prepared to learn how to care for people during a tornado, then read on.

    Neonatal Nurse Job Description

    I'm a level 1 newborn nursery nurse. I'm in charge of taking care of the infants in our facility during my shift. I also attend all vaginal and C-section deliveries and assist in labor and delivery by hooking up laboring patients to monitors, starting IV's, assisting with getting patients ready for C-sections, and assisting on the postpartum floor with general patient care. Part of my job is to assist doctors with circumcisions, lumbar punctures, and umbilical catheterizations. I then enter all orders into the database. Sometimes I attend infants on phototherapy, maintain their IV fluids, oxygen needs, and conduct hearing screens on infants prior to discharge. I'm one of four neonatal resuscitation program instructors at my facility. I keep staff up to date on the latest Nurse Refresher Program (NRP) updates and procedures. Patient education is also an important part of my job.

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