• Becoming a Life Coach

    Becoming a Life Coach

    Name: Eileen Wood
    Job Title: Wellness and Life Coach, Writer, Inspirational Teacher
    Years of Experience: 20 years
    Where: Raleigh, NC
    Current Employer: Self-Employed
    Education: East Carolina University, BA; Atlantic University, MA
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for median life coach salary data.

    Becoming a Life Coach

    What is a life coach? The simple answer is that a life coach can help clients to reach personal goals and make life changes. Making career changes, learning to manage stress more effectively, or pursuing long neglected dreams are just a few examples of why someone might hire a life coach. In this Salary Story, Eileen Wood, a wellness and life coach in North Carolina, explains what being a life coach means to her. She describes her approach to life coaching, offers advice on becoming a life coach, and talks about the challenges and rewards that are a part of transforming people's lives.

    PayScale: What is a life coach? Describe your life coach job description.


    As a wellness and life coach I encourage and inspire others to take control of their lives. Self-empowerment is a very strong attribute that reflects in all areas of life. It is the key to success and having a fulfilling life. By working with the mind, body and spirit, an individual can become more aware of what their purpose is in life, what is important to them, find their strengths and change their life for the better. Life coaching is like training for a marathon, only this marathon is for your life's journey. Just like an Olympic athlete uses a coach to help him/her excel at a sport, an individual will benefit immensely from using a life coach to help him/her excel in daily life experiences. Through the written word in articles and books, as a writer and aspiring author, I offer people opportunities to gain insight into their own self preservation. The pathway to personal success starts with the self and then moves outward. “If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people” - Chinese proverb.

    As a teacher I work with meditation, stress management, philosophy, metaphysics, science and ancient wisdom in order to help others understand themselves and how they fit in the world.

  • College Grad Salaries: Which School and Major Pays?

    In partnership with CNN/Money, PayScale has produced its annual College Salary Report for 2010. Unlike the more subtle 2010 PayScale College Return on Investment (ROI) Report, this report answers four simple questions:

    • What do bachelor's graduates with a particular major earn, both early in their career and at mid-career?
    • What do bachelor's graduates of a school earn, both early in their career and at mid-career?

    This year, the report includes an analysis of 999 US schools and 120 majors, up from 598 schools and 75 majors last year, and now covers schools with over 80% of all enrolled bachelor's degree students.

    Working on this report, I am always amazed at the diversity of higher education in the US. Read on to learn about the top majors and schools this year, including some surprising changes from last year.

    Are you earning what you are worth, given the degrees, experience, responsibilities, location and other critical factors that affect your pay? Find out with PayScale's comprehensive and accurate salary survey.

  • An Iron Company with a Heart of Gold

    In a sleepy, industrial area south of Seattle, Washington called South Park, a bright light is shining in this dark economy. The third generation owners of Seidelhuber Iron & Bronze Works were faced with the same diminished workload and missing income that hit most of the manufacturing industry in the last few years. But, how they handled that financial stress makes them very, very different.

  • A Manageable Work Day

    A Manageable Work Day
  • Housekeeper Jobs - Hotel Housekeeping
    Name: Sharon M.
    Job Title: Hotel Housekeeper
    Where: St. Louis Park, MN
    Years of Experience: 3
    Education: Cooper High School
    Other Relevant Work Experience: Used to be a housekeeper in a nursing home.
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find the average wage for housekeepers.

    Housekeeper Jobs - Hotel Housekeeping

    It's easy to imagine some of the challenges that might come with hotel housekeeping jobs, like trashed party rooms or difficult customers. But, as Sharon explains in this Salary Story, housekeeping jobs also have certain rewards. Sharon describes her past experience as a housekeeper, including how she chose to work in hotel housekeeping and what she liked best about the job. Keep reading to find out why housekeeping jobs can be perfect for college students or entrepreneurs looking to start a business.

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    Did you get an AA, a BA, a Master’s or a Ph.D.? No matter what your degree, it ought to help boost your salary. Are you getting the most earnings possible from your education? How do you know?
  • Is College a Good Investment?

    Together with Bloomberg BusinessWeek, PayScale on Monday released a report on the return on investment (ROI) in education at 554 bachelor's degree granting colleges and universities

    All together, the PayScale College ROI Report ranked 852 possibilities, evaluating public universities for both in-state and out of state tuition costs.

    Why evaluate college tuition as an investment? There is a clear analogy from the housing market.

    Conventional wisdom used to say that buying a house was always a great investment, offering returns of 10% or more a year. As many have painfully learned over the last few years, buying a house at the wrong price can be a bad investment, particularly if you borrowed too much to pay for it.

    Conventional wisdom also says that paying for tuition, room and board for a 4-year bachelor's degree, no matter what the cost, is a great investment, offering long term returns of $1,000,000 or more over going to work straight out of high school.

    The PayScale College ROI report shows that the return varies tremendously across schools. Netting a million dollar payday is far from a sure thing.

    In the next few blog posts, I'll cover the basics of our methodology, why we made the choices we did in calculating ROI, some guidance on how to use this to evaluate college choices and costs, and respond to some of the criticisms.

    Whether you went to college or not, are you earning what you are worth? Spend 5 minutes completing the PayScale online salary evaluation survey and know.

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