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  • Worst Paying College Majors

    Recently a piece on the "Worst Paying College Majors" in the Huffington Post and later on Yahoo! received a lot of attention. The list of "Worst Paying College Majors" came from our annual PayScale College Salary Report.

    People both hotly debated and amicably agreed upon the list of majors via 1000+ comments at the end of the Huffington Post piece. In this article I will discuss two of these comments and address misconceptions some Huffington Post readers have.

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  • Top of Their Class: Teachers’ Salaries by State

    How to you reward someone for helping young people learn the alphabet, have confidence in themselves, remember long division, behave well in public, respect authority, dream their biggest dreams, grow healthy social connections and also turn their homework in on time?

  • Outside Sales Representative Job Description
    Name: Jason M.
    Job Title: Co-owner & main sales rep – ilocalonline.com
    Where: Black Diamond, WA
    Current Employer: iLocal Marketing, Inc.
    Years of Experience: 11 Years
    Other Relevant Work Experience: Numerous Sales Jobs, Print Advertising, Internet Marketing, Telecommunications, Telemarketing, Outside Sales
    Education: Green River Community College, AA Degree; Washington State University
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find the median outside sales representative salary.

    Outside Sales Representative Salary and Job Description

    Outside sales representatives, also simply known as sales reps, are professionals who commonly travel to businesses or other organizations in order to sell their firm’s products or services. Maintaining contact with current customers and attracting new ones, professional sales reps make presentations to buyers and management or may demonstrate items to production supervisors. Salaries are typically at least partly based on performance as outside sales workers frequently receive commissions on their sales. Although many sales workers receive a base salary in addition to commission, some receive compensation based solely on sales revenue.

    In this Salary Story, Jason outlines an outside sales representative job description, explains how he got into the field, and discusses the top challenges he faces as small business owner. In addition to describing his sales rep position, Jason also explains how he became co-owner of a small Seattle Advertising Agency. Although outside sales representative jobs are typically lucrative, Jason’s decision to go into business for himself could be a particularly wise move, based on the typical salary of a small business owner. Keep reading to get an insider's look at owning an advertising and website development business.
  • Salary Negotiations With Prospective Employers - PayScale
  • Does a 2nd Choice School mean 2nd Rate Pay?

    As high school seniors spent April sorting through their college acceptance letters and deciding where to attend school, they may now be lamenting the fact they were rejected by their top choice college or university. However, a recent article in The Daily Beast finds people who don't attend their top choice school are regularly happier than those who do.

    Top choice schools are often schools with name recognition and severe admission standards (e.g. Harvard or Berkeley), not necessarily schools that are a good fit for the applicant. The Daily Beast article finds students typically rank prestigious schools as top choice schools, even if the student knows very little about the school. This blogger is guilty of this: my top choice school was Princeton University for no real reason other than the fact it was Princeton.

    Upon closer inspection, 2nd choice schools may offer a better fit in terms of the academic rigor, social life, campus setting and location. Therefore, students who attend their 2nd choice school are often happier with this choice.

    However, what does attending a 2nd choice school mean for your pay down the road? In other words, is there a trade-off between happiness and future salaries when attending a lower choice school?

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  • Internet Marketing Jobs - Digital Support Specialist
    Job Title: Digital Support Specialist
    Years of Experience: 2 years
    Where: Lone Tree, CO
    Education: Associate of Arts in Business
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for median Internet advertising salaries.

    Internet Marketing Jobs - Digital Support Specialist

    Internet marketing is still a relatively new field, but one that's growing quickly as both small businesses and large companies compete for online advertising space. Career opportunities related to Web advertising include important jobs that happen behind the scenes, including customer service roles and positions focusing on administrative tasks such as data entry. Internet jobs in marketing and advertising are thus available to a wide range of individuals with varying levels of experience.

    In this Salary Story, you'll get an insider's look at an Internet career in marketing and advertising. Find out what a digital support specialist does, how to get started in this type of work, and what it's like to do this job for a larger company. Perhaps most importantly, you'll hear about how a positive work environment and added benefits can make this job especially rewarding.

    PayScale: What is your digital support specialist job description?

    My job duties consist of updating listings and customer advertising profiles on the Internet. We also assist sales reps in getting issues that their customers are having resolved quickly. We also add listings to the system and other databases to create more profiles and listings on our site.

  • Salary Raises: Understanding Cost of Living vs. Merit Pay Increases

    I have been looking at pay raises lately, and one thing I have been struggling with is how HR managers talk about raises.

    For example, a recent question on an HR discussion board was whether companies should give cost of living adjustments (COLAs) or "merit" increases.

    In this post, I'll cover what HR means by COLAs and merit raises, and then discuss why this is not really the right way to talk about pay and raises.

    Are you due for a raise? Use PayScale's detailed salary calculator to figure out based on your unique skills and abilities what you are worth.

  • Zig-Zag Career Paths: Where Will You Be in Five Years?
  • Retail Merchandising Jobs: Get Paid to Keep Shop
  • IT Project Manager Skill Sets
    Name: Dave Cooperider
    Job Title: Sr. IT Project Manager/PMP
    Years of Experience: 8
    Where: Omaha, NE
    Current Employer: West Corporation
    Education: Project Management Institute - PMP # 329370; TAP University, Project Management Training; University of Nebraska at Omaha, AAS, Information Systems
    Other Relevant Work Experience: Background managing team of project managers
    Salary: See the Payscale Research Center for median IT project manager salaries.

    IT Project Manager Skill Sets – Job Skills and Salary Comparison

    IT (Information Technology) project managers make high-tech designs become reality. Blending the specialized knowledge needed to accomplish the work with the supervisory abilities needed to manage a team and complete a project, IT project manager skill sets include a mix of technical and general management skills. While the average salary for an IT project manager is often quite high, long hours and high stress are often part of the job. Often promoted from project engineer positions, project managers must possess excellent time-management, leadership and communication abilities. In this  interview, IT project manager Dave Cooperider explains how he climbed from account manager to his current position and describes some of the pitfalls in this high-stakes industry. Find out why his career choice is rewarding, and compare salaries for IT project managers with varying years of experience.

    PayScale: What are the responsibilities of an IT project manager?

    Responsible for enterprise-wide project management support of projects involving all areas of technology and trade, including but not limited to telephony (Sonus Networks, Avaya and Nortel), Carrier Circuits, Network Engineering WAN/MAN/LAN, Information Security, Server Hardware, and Database Administration. Accountable for combined yearly average project budget of $20 million. Follows PMI standards to manage projects through the project lifecycles of initiation, planning, execution and closure. Prepares project schedules and keeps data current in MS Project and Project Server. Leads the development of work-breakdown structures, develops project tracking and variance reports, assembles risk management plans and Work Effort documents and creates other project documentation in accordance with PMI Standards. Many documents were adopted by the department as best practices for project management.

  • Good Blue Collar Jobs in Demand
  • A Close Look at CPA Salaries
    Tax season has ended. The heaviest lifting is over for America's many CPAs, staff accountants, business owners, and average citizens. We've all pushed passed the April 15 deadline, filing for an extension or not. Did you get help with your taxes this year? How much did you pay for that help? It may have left you thinking that an accounting career is a smart move.
  • Federal Employee Salaries: Some Above Private Sector

    You’ve likely heard frustrated friends compare some federal employee salaries and generous health benefits with private sector employees' slender paychecks and missing benefits. Some fact-finding shows that your friends may have reason to gripe.

  • Flight Attendant Salary per Hour Takes Off

    Are you considering working for the airlines? Good idea. It's wise to keep your head in the clouds. Besides exotic lands, generous travel benefits and your new "cool" status at cocktail parties, you'll likely also enjoy a solid financial future. Did you know that the average hourly salary for a flight attendant climbs from about $15 per hour to over $40 within 20 years?

  • Administrative Assistant Job Description
    Name: Misty O.
    Job Title: Administrative Assistant
    Years of Experience: 8
    Where: Seattle, WA
    Current Employer: I am currently unemployed, in part because I am in the process of changing careers.
    Other Relevant Work Experience: Temped as a legal assistant at two law firms.
    Education: University of Washington, BA, Communications/Advertising emphasis
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for median administrative assistant salaries.

    Administrative Assistant Job Description

    As long as there’s an office, there will be a need for administrative assistants. In this administrative assistant job description, Misty explains why she chose this position and how to best succeed in it. She explains that, due to salary considerations, it can be beneficial to gain initial experience at a small company and then find the right larger firm to stay with for the long-term. Misty also describes her administrative assistant job duties as well as challenges faced on the job. Learn why this can be a rewarding position, and get practical advice from an experienced administrative assistant.
  • Job Description of an Accounting Manager
    Job Title: Accounting Manager
    Years of Experience: 14
    Current Employer: Miles Sand and Gravel Co/dba Concrete Nor'West
    Where: Burlington, WA
    Education: Skagit Valley College, Associate in General Studies, Associate in Office Technology, Accounting Certificate
    Other Relevant Work Experience: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find information on an accounting manager salary.

    Job Description of an Accounting Manager

    Accounting is a field that will always be highly in demand. Known as “the language of business,” accounting is essential to any business and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts positive growth for accountant positions over the next several years. An accounting manager's career path may include related positions such as certified public accountant, auditor or certified management accountant. In the following description of an accounting manager job, we learn the ins and outs of a typical day as well as a common method of starting in this industry and typical problems to avoid.

    PayScale: What is the job description of an accounting manager?

    Manage a team of three to four accounting professionals; work directly with CFO on monthly entries, reconciling bank accounts; prepare and publish profit & loss statements, balance sheets, sales reports, inventory; prepare and report WA State DOR excise returns and quarterly B&O; file for refund of state and federal fuel tax; journal entries; reconcile monthly allocations of prepaid expenses; prepare schedules for year end taxes.

    PayScale: How did you get started as an accounting manager?

    I like working with numbers and balancing. I wanted a profession that I could easily support myself with and that is useful to myself both professionally and personally.
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    Jobs in My Local Area
  • Nursing and Agriculture Jobs - Occupational Health Nurse Salary
    Name: Mary Fleming
    Job Title: Agriculture Health Nurse - Occupational Health Nurse
    Years of Experience: 19 years
    Current Employer: Grady Memorial Hospital
    Where: Delaware, Ohio
    Education: Grant Hospital School of Nursing, diploma; Capital University, BSN; Ohio State University, working for MPH
    Other Relevant Work Experience: RN since 1977
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median occupational health nurse salary.

    Nursing and Agriculture Jobs - Occupational Health Nurse Salary

    The agriculture industry offers some of the world's most dangerous jobs, including farm machinery operator, farm worker, farm laborer and farm mechanic. In this Salary Story, occupational nurse Mary Fleming explains the dangers of the agriculture industry and what occupational health nurse jobs are really like. She also shares fun stories about how an agriculture health nurse can become a technical advisor for novels and how she won the most prestigious community health award, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leader Award.

    PayScale: What is your Agriculture Health Nurse/Occupational Health Nurse job description?

    I do patient follow-up for agriculturally related injuries, diseases, and fatalities. Some is by mailed questionnaire, some by phone, and some visits. Patient education, wound assessment, assisting with secondary injury prevention, hazard assessment, etc. Then, working with regional advisory board, design public health interventions like a tetanus campaign to get adults up to date with their boosters after a fatality and sales of first aid kits for on-farm use because of the number of trauma cases. We do research projects like the research to design a grain rescue tube that could be used on farms for grain engulfments because 92 percent of the people trapped to chest level die while they attempt to rescue them.

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