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  • Green Jobs - Green Building Specialist
    Name: Valerie Garrett, LEED AP
    Job Title: Coordinator, Regional Green Building Hotline and Green Building Specialist
    Where: Portland, OR
    Years of Experience: Two years at present job; 18 in career
    Education: University of Houston Bachelor of Architecture with Honors, Architectural license, LEED Accredited Professional
    Employer: City of Portland Oregon Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Green Building Program
    Salary: >See the PayScale Research Center for median salaries in the green building industry.

    Green Jobs - Green Building Specialist

    Green building. Green energy. Green products. Green is the eco-friendly catchphrase of the century and multiple industries are adopting it as their own. Demand is slowly increasing for both greener products and building design as consumers become aware of the importance of sustainability. This shift toward environmentally friendly consumerism also means the creation of more green jobs.

    The following Salary Story provides one example of what a green job can look like. Green building guru Valerie Garrett describes the multiple facets of her job - from education to outreach to marketing and more. As a green building specialist and coordinator of a regional green building hotline, Valerie helps local residents and business owners make their lives and work more green. Keep reading to find out if this green job would be right for you.

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  • Travel and Tourism Jobs - Salary for Marketing Assistant
    Name: Karen Martel
    Job Title: Administrative and Marketing Assistant
    Where: North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Years of Experience: 5 years
    Education: Lampeter comprehensive, Cardigan College FE, SW London Poly: STEC VIC
    Employer: Battlefords Tourism
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find the average salary for marketing assistant jobs.

    Marketing Assistant Job - Travel and Tourism Industry

    Marketing for people’s tourist dollar can be some of the hardest marketing around. Creating effective communications and promotions for tourism requires a talented assistant with great customer service skills. Karen Martel has the qualities of a marketing assistant needed to do the job. She works in a relatively small travel market, so the advantages of developing a tourism marketing strategy are not lost on her. In this Salary Story, Karen describes the different aspects of her job, from customer service to office management and marketing. Find out why she loves being an administrative and marketing assistant within the travel and tourism industry.

    PayScale: What is expected in the job of administrative and marketing assistant?

    Look after phones, all office duties, all administrative duties in running the office, and assist callers and visitors with information on the local area. Compile stats, assist with marketing projects for the city, town and municipality. Assist my boss with projects, such as the AGM, tourism awareness week, summer projects requiring supervision of students. Compile and work on the visitor guide for the area - including advertising, editorial, events and who to send it to - and send it out world wide. Keep comprehensive databases of the distribution for literature, upkeep of website (including a travellers' blog), and many other duties.

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    As the ice begins to thaw – just slightly - on our frozen, recession-era job market, opportunities are popping up in some cities at a faster rate than others. A recent article written for Yahoo! Hotjobs by PayScale titled, “10 Great Cities for Salary Growth” offers a list of cities that, against all odds, saw a growth in job opportunities in 2009, some at a rate of nearly 10 percent.

    Are you open to living in Orlando, FL, McAllen, TX or Salt Lake City, UT? If you’re having trouble finding work in your town, you might want to consider places like these, where jobs in hi-tech, health care and telecom are available.  The next questions to ask are: what kind of money could you make in your line of work in that town and how does the cost of living compare to where you live now?

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