• How to Turn a Stranger into a Network Contact

    Whether you're looking for a job or trying to advance your career, networking is very important (in a recent HotJobs poll, 57 percent of respondents said that networking was a factor in landing their most recent job). And networking shouldn't end when you log off of LinkedIn or head home from a conference. Valuable contacts are on the perimeter of your social circle, they're the parents of your kids' school chums, they're sitting next to you on airplanes--basically, they're all around you every day. So how do you turn these people from relative strangers into valuable network contacts?

  • Tips for Negotiating Career Advancement in 2011
  • 10 High-Paying Jobs

    10 High-Paying Jobs
  • Low Stress Jobs That Pay Well
  • Who's Hiring? Jobs for 2011
    With the economy slowly creaking back to life, next year should see increased hiring. Jobs are growing but the recovery isn't exactly lifting all boats yet. Some industries are humming again, while some are still struggling.
  • Mark Zuckerberg's Four Qualities of Success
    AOL Jobs

    By Jane Genova, AOL Jobs

    Mark Zuckerberg, Time magazine's Person of the Year, might be very much like you. Once you realize those attitudes, values, and behaviors you have in common, you might decide to also take the road less traveled -- which could lead to unusual accomplishment.

  • Tipping Guidelines for the Holidays and Beyond
    If you're pinching your pennies a little tighter this year, you may be tempted to hold back on handing extra dollars to the service providers in your life. But, if you do, remember that skipping a worker’s gratuity, in many cases, would be like your boss saying to you, “Hey, guess what? We’re going to cut your pay by 20 percent this month.”
  • Tipping Etiquette: Who should you tip and how much?

    During the holiday season, the notion of tipping those who provide you service becomes a hot topic. However, it is important to remember that tips are a year-round affair for many. The questions that plague most people are: "Who do I tip?" and "How much do I tip them?"

    Fear not, for PayScale is to the rescue. We recently released our 5th annual Tipping Study that answers these questions and then some. In this post, I will highlight interesting results from our study, as well as detail the methodology.

    Do you work in a job where tips are commonplace and are wondering how your pay fares? Find out with a free PayScale salary report.

  • Tipping Etiquette: When and How Do People Tip?

    By Bridget Quigg, PayScale.com

    Has your tipping etiquette changed so that you give a little less these days? Americans’ household budgets have been under stress in the last few years and people’s willingness to tip bartenders, hairdressers and other people in the service industry has gone down and stayed down, according to data collected by online salary database PayScale.com.

  • Art Careers - Can You Really Make a Career as an Artist?

    Name: Patrick Howe
    Job Title: Artist, art gallery owner, art instructor
    Where: Seattle, WA
    Current Employer: Self
    Years of Experience: 7
    Relevant Work Experience: I have exhibited my artwork widely in galleries and museums. I have also taught art for many years. I was the head preparator for the Portland Art Museum. In the past I have worked in ad agencies as a creative director and award-winning art director.
    Education: BFA from the Museum Art School (now PCNA) in Portland, OR, 1974.
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find art occupations and salaries.

    Art Careers - Can You Really Make a Career as an Artist?

    Many artists struggle to find a balance between work and art, wondering if they should get a day job, become a commercial artist, or focus on a fine art career. Before committing to the life of an artist, many want to know: can you really make a career as an artist? According to this Salary Story, the answer is yes, but it won't necessarily be easy. Patrick Howe, an artist, art instructor and owner of a Seattle art gallery, describes how he made the leap from toiling at a day job to doing what he loves. If you're a struggling artist or just want to know more about art careers, don't miss Patrick's advice on what it takes to create a successful fine art career.

  • The Right Way to Say,
    The job market is finally showing signs of life--and that means more workers will likely have the opportunity to change jobs in the coming months.

  • Positive Compensation Trends in Some Cities
  • Holiday Work for Extra Cash
  • Meaningful Work that Pays Well
  • How to Work Your Way Up to Management
  • Embarrassing Moments at Work: How to Recover

    By Robert DiGiacomo

    Years later, I still remember that sinking feeling, just after I'd hit the Send button after writing an email complaining about an editor. My worst virtual fear was quickly confirmed: Yes, I had sent my bit of snark to the editor instead of my friend--and no, the editor wasn't amused.

  • Jobs That Pay $60,000 per Year
  • Movie Money: Where Are Entertainment Wages Post-Recession?

    Did you go to the movie theater more during the recession? What about buying video games or board games? They say that people spend a little more on entertainment during economic downturns because it makes the hard times a little easier. If this is true, then movie makers and those working in the entertainment industry should have seen a nice salary boost in the last few years.

  • Congress Average Salary: Is It Too High?
  • Spooky, Scary Jobs and What They Pay

    What is the spookiest job you can think of? Maybe it's one where you work during the middle of the night, in the dark, alone. Or, perhaps it's the gig with the most blood, guts and gore.

    Let's see what the scariest jobs pay and which one you might like to try.

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