• High School Summer Jobs - Food Service Job Opportunities

    Name: Erich Wirtanen
    Job Title: Foods Team Lead
    Where: Rosemount, MN
    Years of Experience: 2
    Education: Currently enrolled at Rosemount High School
    Salary: Research salaries for food service jobs and amusement park salaries.

    High School Summer Jobs - Food Service Job Opportunities

    For students in high school, summer jobs can offer great opportunities to gain work experience, earn extra money, and even have fun. In this Salary Story, we hear from one high school student who explains how he went about applying for summer jobs, why he sought out food service job opportunities, and what he learned from the whole experience. Keep reading to find out why summer jobs can be both educational and fun.

    PayScale: What is the job description for a foods team lead?

    A foods team lead is in charge of a specific building in the amusement park. You are responsible for making sure all the operations in your building are functioning properly. Starting the first day, you begin prepping all of the food and operate on a register face-to-face with every customer. You not only have the task of serving the customer, but also making the food and making sure every part of your building is functioning properly. When something goes wrong you’re the first one to fix it. Whether it is a machine malfunction or an upset customer, you must maintain the values of the park and fix it to the best of your ability, always with a smile. Part of keeping your building functioning is making sure it does not run out of raw materials; you are in charge of making sure you order enough for your building every day. You also have to make sure all your employees eat lunch. You need to keep track of who is on break so your building always has enough staff to run properly. At the end of the day you have to clean your building so it is ready for you to open it back up the next morning.

  • Pay Goes Nowhere After 40

    In a recent project with blogger/career guru Penelope Trunk, we examined the age at which salaries top out. It turns out pay goes essentially nowhere after age 40. Of course there are some differences across gender, degree level and jobs, but the real lesson is don't expect a raise of any real value in the 25 or so years before retirement.

    In this post I will discuss some interesting insights from the data, as well as how the age at which pay growth stops differs across various worker characteristics.

    Are you earning what you are worth, given your experience, degrees, location and other critical factors that affect your pay? Find out with a free PayScale salary report.

  • Babysitting Jobs: What is the Hourly Rate for Babysitting?

    Name: Lexi Marcouiller
    Job Title: Babysitter/Child care
    Years of Experience: 5
    Where: Snohomish, WA
    Education: Snohomish High School student
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find the median babysitting hourly rate in your area.


    Babysitting Jobs: What is the Hourly Rate for Babysitting?

    With neighborhood babysitting jobs available, many teens get their first work experience by providing child care to nearby families. The opportunity to babysit for money can be especially welcome for older siblings who have plenty of practice caring for a younger brother or sister. In this Salary Story, we hear some tips and tricks from an experienced babysitter. She shares the fun side of working with younger kids, but also explains how to handle the more challenging aspects of babysitting jobs.

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  • High-Paying Entry-Level Jobs
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  • How to Feel More Confident at Work
  • Auto Detailing Jobs - Auto Detailing Business Owner Profile

    Job Title: Auto Detailing Business Owner
    Where: Bellevue, WA
    Years of Experience: 30
    Current Employer: Bradleys Detail of Bellevue
    Education: Bachelor of Arts, University of Washington
    Salary: Research median owner operator salaries and salaries for auto detailing jobs.

    Auto Detailing Jobs - Auto Detailing Business Owner Profile

    What is it like to run your own successful business? In this Salary Story, the owner of a luxury auto detailing business shares some of the challenges and rewards of owning a business. Information on starting a auto detailing business, managing auto detailing jobs, and the daily tasks of an owner operator are all included.

    PayScale: What is your owner operator job description?

    Owner operator of luxury auto detailing business. My job includes day-to-day operations of a company that specializes in polishing, waxing and shampooing of vehicles. I am responsible for the marketing, hiring, training and management of my workforce. I am also responsible for quality control.

  • The Meek Shall Inherit a High Performance Review
    AOL Jobs

    By Lisa Johnson Mandell, AOL Jobs

    If it seems to you that only those who are cocky and arrogant to get ahead, take heart! According to new performance review-based study from Baylor University, the more honesty and humility an employee may have, the higher their job performance will be rated.

  • Restaurant Job Descriptions - Restaurant Hostess

    Name: Kortni Butterton
    Job Title: Restaurant Hostess
    Where: Seattle, WA
    Current Employer: 50 North
    Years of Experience: 3.5
    Education: Issaquah High School, Diploma; Bellevue College, Associate of Arts and Sciences; University of Washington, Communications and Sociology major
    Salary: Research the median salary scale for restaurants, including restaurant hostess jobs.

    Restaurant Job Descriptions - Restaurant Hostess

    A restaurant hostess works on the front lines. As the first point of contact for customers, a hostess has the important task of creating an excellent first impression. It's not always easy, especially after a long shift or when dealing with difficult customers. In addition to representing the restaurant, a hostess often does a ton of behind-the-scenes work in order to keep things running smoothly. If you're wondering what it takes to make it in this job, don't miss this Salary Story from Kortni Butterton. She shares a detailed restaurant hostess job description and describes the ups and downs of working in the food service industry.

  • Are You Built to Make Big Bucks?
    AOL Jobs

    By Gwen Parkes, AOL Jobs

    With so many people either unemployed or looking to change jobs in today's unpredictable economic environment, people are putting a lot of extra thought and time into their job searches, prepping for their interviews and padding their resumes to stand out as "the ideal hire." However, did you know that your fate as an earner could already be determined by your outward appearance and actions?

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