• Pay Off: New List of College Majors by Salary

    Curious how you can make your college degree pay off quicker? More data is emerging now about which college majors lead to the most lucrative careers. PayScale has been publishing a list of college majors by pay since 2008. But, now, a new study of Census Bureau data supports PayScale’s conclusions. Sorry Psych majors, we were right that the aeronautical engineers will likely be out-earning you… by a lot.

  • What is the Salary for a Home Appraisal Reviewer?

    Name: Bill Wesen
    Job Title: Residential Home Appraisal Reviewer
    Where: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
    Years of Experience: 10
    Other Relevant Work Experience: Electrical Engineering
    Education: Bachelor of Engineering
    Salary: Research the median salary for appraisal reviewer.

    What is the Salary for a Home Appraisal Reviewer?

    This Salary Story focuses on a real estate career that is more behind-the-scenes than an appraiser or real estate agent. We'll find out exactly what a home appraisal reviewer does, how to get started as a real estate appraiser, and some of the challenges you can expect to face in this career. For more info on real estate salaries, check out the links after the interview.

    PayScale: What is your home appraisal reviewer job description?

    An appraisal reviewer is not much different from an appraiser, it’s simply the next step up the line. As an appraisal reviewer, I analyze the quality of residential home appraisal reports. This means that I read the appraisal reports and check that they have everything they need, and that the appraisers who wrote the reports did everything they were supposed to do. First I read the report, and make sure it is the right report type for the house. There are different reports based on whether it is a single home, multifamily, land, condominium, or cooperative property type. I have to check the address; surprisingly enough it is easy to make a typo on a report for something as simple as the address. Then there are many appraisal requirements the appraisers have to meet in the report. I have to make sure the appraisers did the correct procedures the right way; it is easy to skimp out on a necessary time-consuming procedure. There are procedures for measuring the house, finding comparable properties nearby that have been sold recently, and taking pictures of these comparable properties as proof that the appraiser did what he or she was supposed to. Many appraisers dislike having to visit comparable properties to get an idea of what the local open market is; instead of visiting the comparable properties, they take pictures off the internet.

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    The economy is starting to perk up a little. Hiring is up and is supposed to continue to improve for the rest of the year. That said, this isn’t happening everywhere. Some areas of the country are recovering faster than others. Are you willing to move for a job? You would be willing to move for the best job offer you can find? It’s important to do a cost of living comparison before you do.

  • Summer Jobs and What They Pay
    By Lydia Dishman
    Faced with the prospect of hanging out with friends and catching some rays or spending all day hunched over a cash register or computer, most teens and 20-somethings would likely choose the lounging around. But the time spent working a summer job – even at entry-level – can be a valuable stepping stone in any career. Here’s the inside scoop on seasonal employment from young people who’ve been in the trenches, as well as salary information from online salary database PayScale.com.
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  • Healthiest Locations for Healthcare Careers

    Healthcare careers are lava hot these days. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the healthcare industry will generate 3.2 million new jobs between 2008 and 2018, more than any other sector, due largely to the growth in the elderly population.

    But are there plentiful healthcare jobs in every town? Not exactly. Some towns are richer with job openings and solid wages than others. That's why PayScale created it's latest special report for job seekers, Healthcare Hotspots.

  • Healthcare Hotspots

    Healthcare Hotspots

    Today we published a ranking of the Top 10 Healthcare Hotspots. How did we determine these you ask? Well being salary experts, we of course factored in the median pay of healthcare jobs in these metros, but we also factored in the relative prevalence of healthcare jobs in these metros compared to the national average.

    Therefore, the top healthcare hotspots are determined by both typical pay levels and typical employment levels. Read on to learn more about the top healthcare hotspots and find out who the winner is.

    Are you in healthcare and wondering if you are earning what you are worth? Find out with PayScale's comprehensive and accurate salary survey.

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