• Salary Hero: School Superintendent Cuts Own Pay

    By Bridget Quigg

    In the competitive world of salary numbers, negotiations and earning goals, you sometimes you run into surprises. Fresno County school superintendent Larry Powell chose to give up $800,000 in salary over the next three years to help fund education and the arts in Fresno, rather than add to his already-full retirement account.

  • Touring With the Band: Music Industry Gigs and What They Pay
    Whether you're into hair bands or hip hop, you may have wished you could tour the word with your favorite band. Extravagent backstage buffets and longs nights of partying await you, but would you earn any money? Payscale.com decided to talk to some music industry insiders of today and find out what it’s really like to go on the road with a band. The following are insider tips on snagging a job as part of the crew, learning needed skills, networking, typical pay and more.
  • More Apples in Alabama: Teacher Pay by State

    By Lydia Dishman

    Now that sales of pencils and notebooks are in full swing, kids everywhere are facing the inevitability of going back to school. Their teachers have already been prepping for the new academic year. Though envied for their months long “break” from work, the teaching profession involves some trade-offs. One of the biggest: low pay.

  • Is It Time for a Career

    It has been two years since the recession officially ended in the summer of 2009 and economic expansion began again. However, the US economy clearly isn't back to where it was at the end of the last boom in 2007. And, there are a lot of signs it is not getting there any time soon in some areas of the country, jobs, and industries.

    How is your career coming along? If you are one of the many people who have been looking for work for the last two years and not finding the job you want, it may be time to take stock and adjust your goals. Simply put, you may need to move, switch industries, take a lower paying job, or all three, to get back into the workforce.

    Curious about your current career and your position in the labor market? Complete a simple PayScale Salary Survey to see how you compares to others like you.

  • Flying High: Jobs in the Aviation Industry
    Are looking for a job in the aviation industry? Here’s a little-known fact for you. On August 19th America celebrated National Aviation Day. Did you? You won't find greeting cards dedicated to this event but it’s been observed on Orville Wright’s birthday since 1939, when President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed it.

  • Health Care Grant Administrator Job Description
  • By Bridget Quigg

    The gaming industry tends to attract highly intelligent, creative and fun-loving people. Who wouldn’t want to work in “interactive entertainment”? But, how do you get started in the industry and what is it really like to work on a game? Two industry veterans, and PayScale.com, weigh in with some advice and stats.

  • Strange Salary Negotiation Strategies

    The debate rages on: Should a job candidate name a salary number first, or wait to hear from the employer? Money is on the line and feelings are strong on both sides of the issue. Most experts suggest that applicants should keep their mouths shut and make the employer talk first. New research suggests, though, that this may not be the wisest approach. Naming a salary number might boost your earnings.

  • Panel Interview Tips: Prepare for Success

    Getting invited to interview for a job can feel exhilarating. After all of the resume editing and networking, you’re full of hope for your career and your bank account. But, you still have to get through the interview. And, when the big day arrives, it can be especially frightening to face a panel interview.

  • How to Resign with Dignity

    By Laura Beth Roberts, PayScale.com

    The year 2011 has brought us many goodbyes. Oprah said goodbye to CBS, Michael Scott bid a tearful adieu to The Office, and I resigned and said goodbye to my former co-workers. You might not have heard about the last one, but it was tough. And, it caused me to consider, "What's the best way to resign?"

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