Salary and Career News Round Up: Bad Managers, Mac vs. PC, and Reinventing Detroit

By Elise Oras,

Just in case you were busy this week, we've rounded up the salary trends, career stories and job news you may have missed. 

  • During your career you have probably had many different managers, with different management styles. Hopefully most of your managers were encouraging, supportive and trustworthy. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Read the top ten things only bad managers say
  • If you have just graduated or you are looking for a new career path, the news is not all gloom and doom. Even in this rough economy, there are jobs and industries that are still seeing growth. These ten fast growing fields can provide you with a fresh start and a good paycheck. 
  • North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, in part due to the oil boomtowns. Many oil company workers are earning six-figure salaries but the influx of work has trickled to other industries like hospitality, retail and health care. If you're thinking about relocating for a job, you might consider North Dakota. 
  • Are you Mac or PC? What about your workplace? A new study by Forrester Research shows that 41 percent of workplaces do not allow access to company resources via a Mac. The study also shows that Mac users are more productive.
  • Percentages, wealth, and where you fall, have been in the news quite a bit lately. We here at PayScale wondered where U.S. households stand when compared to other U.S. households.
  • Do you rely on your morning coffee to get through the day? Well, now you can get that jolt of caffeine without grinding the beans. A new product actually shoots 100 mg of lime-flavored caffeine powder directly on your tongue. 
  • It is not just the 99 percent that think the 1 percent should pay more taxes. It turns out, 68 percent of millionaires agree, the U.S. should tax the rich
  • Detroit is a city that has been hit especially hard in the last few years, but don't discount the Motor City just yet. Wages are trending up, home prices are increasing and there is a new generation of Millennials, armed with ideas, working to reinvent Detroit.


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