• Ready to Move? Cost of Living Comparison

    The economy is starting to perk up a little. Hiring is up and is supposed to continue to improve for the rest of the year. That said, this isn’t happening everywhere. Some areas of the country are recovering faster than others. Are you willing to move for a job? You would be willing to move for the best job offer you can find? It’s important to do a cost of living comparison before you do.

  • Summer Jobs and What They Pay
    By Lydia Dishman
    Faced with the prospect of hanging out with friends and catching some rays or spending all day hunched over a cash register or computer, most teens and 20-somethings would likely choose the lounging around. But the time spent working a summer job – even at entry-level – can be a valuable stepping stone in any career. Here’s the inside scoop on seasonal employment from young people who’ve been in the trenches, as well as salary information from online salary database PayScale.com.
  • Top Paid Jobs Post-Military Service
  • Top Employers Near Military Bases
  • Not Average: Starting Salaries That Start High
  • Severance Packages for Employees: Maximize Yours
  • Healthiest Locations for Healthcare Careers

    Healthcare careers are lava hot these days. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the healthcare industry will generate 3.2 million new jobs between 2008 and 2018, more than any other sector, due largely to the growth in the elderly population.

    But are there plentiful healthcare jobs in every town? Not exactly. Some towns are richer with job openings and solid wages than others. That's why PayScale created it's latest special report for job seekers, Healthcare Hotspots.

  • Healthcare Hotspots

    Healthcare Hotspots

    Today we published a ranking of the Top 10 Healthcare Hotspots. How did we determine these you ask? Well being salary experts, we of course factored in the median pay of healthcare jobs in these metros, but we also factored in the relative prevalence of healthcare jobs in these metros compared to the national average.

    Therefore, the top healthcare hotspots are determined by both typical pay levels and typical employment levels. Read on to learn more about the top healthcare hotspots and find out who the winner is.

    Are you in healthcare and wondering if you are earning what you are worth? Find out with PayScale's comprehensive and accurate salary survey.

  • Working on the Royal Wedding Details

    The words “royal wedding” bring up images of long, satin gowns, shiny shoes and fancy hats. Not to mention the crowds of onlookers, food stands and… a great, big mess.

  • Napping at Work Is Good for Your Heart
    AOL Jobs

    By Lisa Mandel, AOL Jobs

    It looks like nap time isn't just for toddlers any more. A recent study shows that bagging a few Zs during the day at work could not only refresh you and reduce stress, but could even have cardiovascular benefits.

  • Medical Assistant Salaries and Career Options

    Name: Michelle Francis
    Job Title: Medical Assistant
    Where: Walnut Creek, CA
    Years of Experience: 5
    Current Employer: Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group
    Other Relevant Work Experience: CPR certified, BLS certified, Arrhythmia/EKG certificate
    Education: Concorde Career Institute, Medical Assisting, 4.0 GPA, perfect attendance
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find median medical assistant salary data.

    Medical Assistant Salaries and Career Options

    Medical assistants work in many health care settings and perform numerous duties while assisting providers, working with patients, and helping to keep a medical practice running smoothly. While there's no question that working in this field can sometimes be stressful, it's also true that medical assisting careers can be greatly rewarding. As Michelle Francis explains in the following interview, the typical medical assistant salary may not be huge, but being able to help patients - and sometimes family members - is worth a great deal.

  • Spend Smart on Your College Tuition: Rankings by ROI
    Do you have $200,000 handy? How about $120,000? Okay, let’s go as low as $70,000. Got that? Outside of a few public schools’ in-state tuition, you’ll be paying $70,000 or more for a bachelor’s degree these days. It’s a lot of money so what if you thought of it as a financial investment? You could pick the school that gives you the most back on your tuition dollar and be… profitable.

  • College is Not Always a Good Investment

    Today, we released our annual study with Bloomberg BusinessWeek on the return on investment (ROI) in education for 691 bachelor's degree granting schools.

    As college costs continue to rise, the justification for paying these costs becomes ever more important. What better justification is there but a measure of their future payoff? In other words, is attending college a good investment in terms of the pay increase it offers over a high school degree?

    The PayScale ROI study helps to answer this question, but the answer is not a simple yes or no. Whether attending college is a good investment or not depends upon many factors, such as the cost incurred, graduation rates at the school, major choice, and the typical pay of the school's graduates.

    In this post I will briefly discuss the methodology of the study, how it changed from last year, and some key insights from the data.

    Whether you went to college or not, are you earning what you are worth? Find out with a free PayScale salary report.

  • Real Estate Salaries - Getting Started in a Real Estate Career

    Name: Kevin Meyer
    Job Title: Real Estate Agent
    Years of Experience: 9+
    Where: Woodinville, WA
    Current Employer: Coldwell Banker Bain
    Other Relevant Work Experience: Market Leader LLC - a leading provider of real estate marketing software
    Education: Rockwell Real Estate Institution Bellevue College
    Salary: Research the median real estate agent salary.

    Real Estate Salaries - Getting Started in a Real Estate Career

    Real estate salaries can vary greatly depending on how long an agent has been in the business, changes in the economy, location and many other factors. Since real estate agents are generally paid on commission rather than earning a set salary, getting clients can be one of the most important parts of the job. For those just getting started in a real estate career, honing skills in marketing and customer service can help build a successful business. In this Salary Story, real estate agent Kevin Meyer describes what it's really like to be an agent, and offers valuable advice for individuals who are just getting started in a real estate career.

  • High School Summer Jobs - Food Service Job Opportunities

    Name: Erich Wirtanen
    Job Title: Foods Team Lead
    Where: Rosemount, MN
    Years of Experience: 2
    Education: Currently enrolled at Rosemount High School
    Salary: Research salaries for food service jobs and amusement park salaries.

    High School Summer Jobs - Food Service Job Opportunities

    For students in high school, summer jobs can offer great opportunities to gain work experience, earn extra money, and even have fun. In this Salary Story, we hear from one high school student who explains how he went about applying for summer jobs, why he sought out food service job opportunities, and what he learned from the whole experience. Keep reading to find out why summer jobs can be both educational and fun.

    PayScale: What is the job description for a foods team lead?

    A foods team lead is in charge of a specific building in the amusement park. You are responsible for making sure all the operations in your building are functioning properly. Starting the first day, you begin prepping all of the food and operate on a register face-to-face with every customer. You not only have the task of serving the customer, but also making the food and making sure every part of your building is functioning properly. When something goes wrong you’re the first one to fix it. Whether it is a machine malfunction or an upset customer, you must maintain the values of the park and fix it to the best of your ability, always with a smile. Part of keeping your building functioning is making sure it does not run out of raw materials; you are in charge of making sure you order enough for your building every day. You also have to make sure all your employees eat lunch. You need to keep track of who is on break so your building always has enough staff to run properly. At the end of the day you have to clean your building so it is ready for you to open it back up the next morning.

  • Pay Goes Nowhere After 40

    In a recent project with blogger/career guru Penelope Trunk, we examined the age at which salaries top out. It turns out pay goes essentially nowhere after age 40. Of course there are some differences across gender, degree level and jobs, but the real lesson is don't expect a raise of any real value in the 25 or so years before retirement.

    In this post I will discuss some interesting insights from the data, as well as how the age at which pay growth stops differs across various worker characteristics.

    Are you earning what you are worth, given your experience, degrees, location and other critical factors that affect your pay? Find out with a free PayScale salary report.

  • Babysitting Jobs: What is the Hourly Rate for Babysitting?

    Name: Lexi Marcouiller
    Job Title: Babysitter/Child care
    Years of Experience: 5
    Where: Snohomish, WA
    Education: Snohomish High School student
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find the median babysitting hourly rate in your area.


    Babysitting Jobs: What is the Hourly Rate for Babysitting?

    With neighborhood babysitting jobs available, many teens get their first work experience by providing child care to nearby families. The opportunity to babysit for money can be especially welcome for older siblings who have plenty of practice caring for a younger brother or sister. In this Salary Story, we hear some tips and tricks from an experienced babysitter. She shares the fun side of working with younger kids, but also explains how to handle the more challenging aspects of babysitting jobs.

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