• How to Feel More Confident at Work
  • Auto Detailing Jobs - Auto Detailing Business Owner Profile

    Job Title: Auto Detailing Business Owner
    Where: Bellevue, WA
    Years of Experience: 30
    Current Employer: Bradleys Detail of Bellevue
    Education: Bachelor of Arts, University of Washington
    Salary: Research median owner operator salaries and salaries for auto detailing jobs.

    Auto Detailing Jobs - Auto Detailing Business Owner Profile

    What is it like to run your own successful business? In this Salary Story, the owner of a luxury auto detailing business shares some of the challenges and rewards of owning a business. Information on starting a auto detailing business, managing auto detailing jobs, and the daily tasks of an owner operator are all included.

    PayScale: What is your owner operator job description?

    Owner operator of luxury auto detailing business. My job includes day-to-day operations of a company that specializes in polishing, waxing and shampooing of vehicles. I am responsible for the marketing, hiring, training and management of my workforce. I am also responsible for quality control.

  • The Meek Shall Inherit a High Performance Review
    AOL Jobs

    By Lisa Johnson Mandell, AOL Jobs

    If it seems to you that only those who are cocky and arrogant to get ahead, take heart! According to new performance review-based study from Baylor University, the more honesty and humility an employee may have, the higher their job performance will be rated.

  • Restaurant Job Descriptions - Restaurant Hostess

    Name: Kortni Butterton
    Job Title: Restaurant Hostess
    Where: Seattle, WA
    Current Employer: 50 North
    Years of Experience: 3.5
    Education: Issaquah High School, Diploma; Bellevue College, Associate of Arts and Sciences; University of Washington, Communications and Sociology major
    Salary: Research the median salary scale for restaurants, including restaurant hostess jobs.

    Restaurant Job Descriptions - Restaurant Hostess

    A restaurant hostess works on the front lines. As the first point of contact for customers, a hostess has the important task of creating an excellent first impression. It's not always easy, especially after a long shift or when dealing with difficult customers. In addition to representing the restaurant, a hostess often does a ton of behind-the-scenes work in order to keep things running smoothly. If you're wondering what it takes to make it in this job, don't miss this Salary Story from Kortni Butterton. She shares a detailed restaurant hostess job description and describes the ups and downs of working in the food service industry.

  • Are You Built to Make Big Bucks?
    AOL Jobs

    By Gwen Parkes, AOL Jobs

    With so many people either unemployed or looking to change jobs in today's unpredictable economic environment, people are putting a lot of extra thought and time into their job searches, prepping for their interviews and padding their resumes to stand out as "the ideal hire." However, did you know that your fate as an earner could already be determined by your outward appearance and actions?

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  • Interview Confidence to the Edge of Cockiness
    AOL Jobs

    By Jeff Lipschultz, AOL Jobs

    Time and time again, I remind job seekers that your attitude in the interview can make or break your chances of getting the job. Keep in mind though that, "attitude" covers a lot of ground. Job seekers are reminded to keep a positive demeanor on interviews and never to speak ill of past employers. But there is also a value to maintaining an air of confidence during your interviews, one that projects you can do the job well.

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  • Entertainment Salaries: Academy Awards Behind the Scenes

    By Bridget Quigg

    Glitz, glam and garbage cans overflowing: these are all realities of one of Hollywood’s biggest nights, the Academy Awards. Started in 1929, the “Oscars,” as they’re more fondly known, bring leading directors, writers, and actors into the spotlight. But, who’s making sure that the spotlight works and shines in the right spot? And, how high are behind-the-scenes entertainment salaries?

  • You're Only Human... and So Are Interviewers
    AOL Jobs

    By Jeff Lipschultz, AOL Jobs

    You likely have heard that interviewing is like dating. Or interviewing is a complex dance with lots of steps. The translation: Interviewing is a unique conversation where there seem to be many rules and traps that could lead to failure. You can interview almost perfectly and still not get the job. Like professional sports, you can have a good season and still not win the biggest game. (As a Cubs and Bears fan, I am well familiar with getting close and still losing.)

  • PayScale Index: What is an Index Anyway?

    We at PayScale recently released the Q4 2010 results for the PayScale Index. See a previous blog post describing the Index and another one that compares the PayScale Index to other common measures of labor market health.

    However, a common question posed by our readers in response to our release was, "What is an Index?" Or in other words, "What do the numerical values actually measure?"

    In simple terms, an index tracks changes in a variable from some baseline time period. In terms of the PayScale Index, the variable we are tracking is the total cash compensation for full-time private industry employees in the U.S and the baseline year is 2006.

    In this post I will further discuss what an index measures, how it is calculated and compare the PayScale Index to another commonly used index, the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

    Understanding how we measure changes in compensation over time is interesting, but so is understanding your place in the current labor market. Find out where you are with a free PayScale salary report.

  • Your Boss Was Fired: What Now?
    AOL Jobs

    By Jane Genova, AOL Jobs

    In this volatile economy, bosses are often fired. Sometimes there are rumors this is going to happen. Sometimes it's sudden.

    Since it's now so common for the boss to get the ax, there has been a lot written and said by career consultants. But all the guidance comes down to one thing: protecting your own job. There are two ways to go about this, depending on how all this goes down.

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    If you’re a whiz at writing code or a super-smart network systems analyst, which town is a hotbed for startup companies offering the most job opportunities and bucks for your talents? Online salary database and career site PayScale.com has explored its data on technology jobs to answer this question and come up with a helpful list of cities to consider.

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