• Are Employers Reluctant to Hire Veterans?

    Despite their skills and can-do attitudes, former military personnel are still a tough sell with employers, some experts say. And the younger vets are, the more likely they are to be unemployed.

  • 5 Ways Managers Can Help Employees Stand More at Work

    Most of us have a primarily sedentary job that forces us to sit most of the day. A new study from Australia's VicHealth suggests that employers should proactively encourage workers to stand more at work. Doing so would save the Australian economy some $11 billion every year -- that's the cost of sitting-induced injuries like musculoskeletal disorders, which represent between 15 and 22 percent of sick leave there.

    "This isn't just about standing up," warned David Dunstan, an associate professor at the Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute. "It's about being encouraging to move around more frequently, and not having everyone just sit around all day. We need to have more activity in the workplace."

    Read on for five ways managers can help employees stand more at work.

  • How Do You Commute to Work?

    We've all read the stories about the relationship between a short commute and an increase in personal happiness. But how does it matter how we commute? Are people who take public transportation happier than drivers, or vice versa?

  • Salary and Career News Round Up: The 'Happy' Salary, Franchise-Buying Baby Boomers, and Happiness vs. Job Hunting Success

    Every Friday we round up the salary trends, career stories and job news that you may have missed during the past week.

  • The World's Longest Invoice Fights for Independent Workers' Rights

    Independent workers like freelancers and consultants have a new ally in The World's Longest Invoice. This campaign, which is being orchestrated by The Freelancers Union, hopes to draw Congress' attention to contingent workers' rights and especially their right to collect outstanding dues for services provided.

  • Your Boss Is Afraid You're Going to Upload That Video of Him at the Christmas Party

    A recent study of 240 managers found that 51.2 percent are worried that employees will use video for nefarious purposes -- namely, to upload embarrassing content to the internet.

  • Lunch Breaks vs. Naps: Which Do Office Workers Think Boosts Productivity Best?

    Nearly half of office workers think an afternoon nap would crank up their productivity at work, according to a new study commissioned by DealJungle.com. The money-saving website polled 1,000 people and discovered that 63 percent of respondents noticed a slump in their own productivity in the afternoon. While 46 percent said a nap would be the best solution, 37 percent would prefer to work through lunch if it meant they worked a shorter overall day.

  • Can Your Klout Score Hurt Your Job Prospects?

    Klout, a startup that assigns its users scores based on their social media influence, is increasingly gaining favor with recruiters as a tool to narrow down applicants. Unfortunately, this shift means that many well-qualified candidates are being passed over because they haven't paid attention to building a following on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Executive-Level Temps? Kayak and HubSpot Switch CTOs for a Day

    Yesterday, Dharmesh Shah and Paul English, the founders and chief technology officers of HubSpot and Kayak, respectively, switched roles for a day in the name of innovation. Each man reported to work at the other's office, offering an outside perspective and, in the process, gain valuable insights for his own company.

  • What Is America's Hardest-Working Town?


    Americans have never worked harder for their money, but which city is really cranking it? PARADE looked at a range of criteria to determine the top 25 hardest-working towns in our country.

  • 5 Ways Meetings Inhibit Productivity

    In many offices, meetings are ubiquitous and inescapable, and employee productivity is suffering as a result. Ineffective and unnecessary meetings waste precious time, and the nonstop decision-making that often happens in project meetings can hamper workers' cognitive reasoning for the rest of the day. Read on for five ways meetings inhibit rather than catalyze productivity, courtesy of Psychology Today.

  • Path.to Personalizes Job Search Results According to Compatibility

    Path.to is the latest startup that's promising to reinvent the job search through personalization. (For more, see ApplyApp.ly, Tidepool and Company Muse.) Users first link their Path.to profile to social media and professional communities like Twitter, Facebook, Github, Behance and Dribbble; Path.to then analyzes your activity on these accounts to recommend jobs that mesh best with your expertise and interests.

  • Half of All Recent College Graduates Are Unemployed or Underemployed

    For folks who graduated in the economic dead zone of the 1990s, this statistic might elicit a shrug: a recent study showed that 1 in 2 recent college grads are "either out of work or doing low-wage work that doesn’t fully use their skills or knowledge."

    So what's the big deal? Can't they get jobs at coffee shops, the way we did, back when we walked back and forth to our minimum wage gigs, both ways, barefoot, in the snow?

  • UK Study Shows Middle Managers' Personal Development Overlooked

    Middle managers aren't getting access to the personal development they need at work, according to a new study out of the U.K.'s Ashridge Business School. Researchers polled 569 middle managers and found that just 53 percent are given time to learn more about topics like people management, leadership, influencing and strategy. What's more astonishing is that although 73 percent of respondents said that their organization claims to create a working environment that encourages learning and development, just 24 percent have a mentor, life coach or career coach.

  • How All-Nighters Wreck Your Body [infographic]

    We've all pulled an all-nighter at some point in our collegiate or professional careers, but this infographic by Online Colleges illustrates the emotional and physical effects of working through the night.

  • Who Needs Computer Science When You Can Have Football?

    Last week, The University of Florida announced that it would be eliminating the computer science department, for a savings of $1.7 million per year. Meanwhile, the school's athletic budget went up to $99 million dollars per year -- an increase of $2 million.

  • 5 Ways Job Costs Can Eat Up Your Paycheck

    We're all familiar with the way in which deductions like health insurance premiums, retirement plans and income tax can whittle away our paycheck, but a Fox Business column by Rose Raymond introduces five other job costs that can eat up some serious coin. If left unchecked, these costs could easily put a damper on your household's disposable income each month.

  • Is a Mom Really Worth Over $100,000 a Year?

    A recent survey by Salary.com found that a mom's monetary worth to the family is $112,962 per year. But is that an accurate representation of how much a mom's labor is worth? Should we even be trying to quantify what mothers do in terms of dollars and sense?

  • Will You Soon Be Able to Work While Receiving Unemployment?

    It's one of the scariest things for job seekers: Unemployment benefits come to a screeching halt as soon as you get a new job. But what if that new gig doesn't work out?

    Much of the time, workers are covered by their new company. But there's always that sneaking concern that by taking the leap, you're cutting off the assistance that kept you afloat when you didn't have a job.

  • Salary and Career News Round Up: Gender-Based Pay, Hiring Managers' Secrets and Pinterest Recruiting

    Every Friday we round up the salary trends, career stories and job news that you may have missed during the past week.

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