'Don't Get Screwed Over' Protects Freelancers' Legal Rights

Freelancers are notorious for getting the short end of the proverbial stick in terms of work-related contracts, and the Don't Get Screwed Over site by Docracy hopes to protect these workers' rights by giving them access to free legal documents and advice.

"Getting screwed over sucks, whether it's due to a miscommunication, an intentional slight, or just bad luck," wrote founders Matt Hall and John Watkinson on Don't Get Screwed Over. "That's why we wanted to create a site to help prevent people from getting screwed."

Docracy and Don't Get Screwed Over users can access all manner of legal documents, from non-disclosure agreements and renters' agreements to wills. They can download these documents, e-sign them or share them. There's also a tip section that offers helpful solutions to a variety of legal problems, making the site an essential first stop for freelancers.

Would you ever use a site like Don't Get Screwed Over?

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  1. 1 Sera 16 Apr
    you prob want to check the link to don't get screwed over. lol. what, u never do site audits?


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