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What happens when you let the tech team run wild? "Lord of the Flies: PayScale Product Team Edition." For a company that loves to build customer-focused features, we spent a lot of time on side projects that have very little customer visibility. But, without further ado, here is what we built...

Automating Fraud Detection

PayScale has several layers of fraud detection. In our case, we're usually trying to find "people" who have taken our survey and are potentially putting in bad data. Most of these systems are automated, but one of them is still manually run. In a bold stroke of genius, Kayla, a Data Team analyst, decided to automate the lookup of "WHOIS" information AND improve her python skills at the same time. She is hitting the DomainTools WHOIS Lookup API and parsing those down to usable pieces of information for fraud detection.

PayScale Advent Calendar

Eve wanted to learn some new technologies: jQuery, CSS Wek-kit animation rules, and Chrome browser extensions.

The app is a Google Chrome Plugin that anyone can use for their festive purposes. Each day of December, the user can click on the plugin icon and "open" a door to see their loved one.  The doors and images change depending on the day.

If you want to customize it, the images were packaged locally but anyone can manipulate the code to reference hosted images on the web (e.g from Google Photos) to show images of their friends and family. For PayScale, we used our co-workers, since they are just as good as yummy chocolates!



PayBack Machine

Inspired by the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine... I wanted create a tool to track visual changes to the PayScale site over time. Using PhatomJS, I wrote tool to take screenshots of important web pages on our site. 


Chat with Customer Service

Alex investigated allowing currently customers of PayScale Insight and MarketRate to chat directly with customer service. His goal is to make it as convenient as possible because some people prefer a quick chat instead of a phone call or email. Looked at using Olark.com as the chat software provider and using their API to integrate with our systems.

This is what the chat window looks like to our customers:


PayScale Network Penetration Testing

John, our IT manager, experimented with nmap and ntop. These can be used for pentesting, and to visualize network topology. Nmap provides a variety of ways to scan a network, exposing open ports, OS version, and domain information. This can be dumped to xml format and a diff run against it to see problematic changes to your network.



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