Which Career is Right for Me? Knowing Your Career Outlook [infographic]

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions each of us will make in our lives. Knowing where to start can make that process easier, and this Vista College infographic is here to help.

Jobs with the highest satisfaction rate include administrative assistants, human resources managers and correction officers. Jobs with the highest upward mobility are administrative service managers, information security analysts and police officers.

Of course, not everyone who chooses an initial career path stays on it. Julia Roberts actually went to school to be a veterinarian, while Ray Romano planned on being an accountant. Sean Penn studied auto mechanics, Kevin Costner studied business and Barry Bonds had his sights set on criminal justice.

Check out the infographic below for more insights on finding the right career.

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  1. 1 Caleb Moore 18 Nov
    I'm not sure how paralegals can be 15% male and 93% female... The numbers are off. This is a pretty good infographic. I would have liked to have seen more specifically the training typical required (e.g. bachelor's degree, certifications, etc.). In addition, it's one of the catch-22s with our current employment landscape (skewed much more in certain fields and locales than others), that many (if not most) "entry level" positions want or require multiple years of industry and/or role-specific experience... As far as the infographic goes, when it says for example, that a Human Resources Manager needs 1-5 years of experience, it would be nice if there was an indication as to experience in what exactly. I'm assuming as an HR Generalist or something similar. While this is a cutesy and fun infographic (and I for one can fill in the pieces for myself via other means if I feel so inclined and wouldn't be basing much if anything off something like this personally), in the interest of constructive feedback, there are far too many gaps for it to be truly useful. I would recommend at least linking out when someone clicks on experience, education, etc. to other resources and/or sources.


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