• Are You Sure You Even Want That Promotion?

    If you had an opportunity to get a promotion, you'd probably go for it. What's not to like about a better title and more money, right? Well, depending on your current situation and the reality of the promotion in question, you might be better off staying put. How do you know when to stay, and when to go forward?

  • Salary and Career News Round Up: Business Owners That Are Hiring, A 10-Hour-Long Customer Service Call and Did Entrepreneurs Win in 2012?

    Every Friday we round up the salary trends, career stories and job news that you may have missed during the past week.

  • Avoid These Top 5 Career Regrets

    As the year draws to a close, it's natural to take stock of our lives, and make resolutions to do better in the coming year. Mostly, we focus on developing healthier habits -- we want to lose weight, maybe, or quit a bad habit that's affecting our physical health. But if this recent informal survey by tech entrepreneur Daniel Gulati is anything to go by, maybe we should be thinking about our careers as well as our waistlines.

  • The Power of the PANK [infographic]

    Do you know what a PANK is? It's a Professional Aunt, No Kids. They don't have to be an aunt literally, though. The term is used for women who have a special bond with a child that is not their own. This could mean being a godparent, cousin, friend or just a good neighbor. Because of their digitally connected lifestyle and dynamic influence, marketers are increasingly seeking out this key demographic, as this Weber Shandwick infographic proves.

  • Make Work More Fun With Office Toys

    There are many sounds that make up the background noise of the PayScale office. At any given moment, I can hear my co-workers giggling over a YouTube video (maybe this one of the Kitty Cat dance -- note: it's catchy and awesome), playing ping pong, and sometimes involved in an epic battle, pitting a toy helicopter against a Nerf toy that shoots foam discs. We might work hard, but we play hard, too.

  • 6 Stellar Interview Questions to Ask Top Candidates

    In her latest Inc. column, ServiceMax VP Stacey Epstein shared her six favorite questions to ask top candidates during the interview process. These questions will help you identify interviewees with rockstar potential.

  • 5 Ways to Deal with Underemployment

    Many of us are familiar with unemployment, but how many of us understand what it is to be underemployed? When a person is underemployed, he or she is working at a level far below his or her skill set and experience. In today's economy, espcially for Gen Y workers trying to break into a full and competitive job market, underemployment is a valid concern. How can you deal with being underemployed?

  • HackDay v0.8

    HackDay v0.8

    What happens when you let the tech team run wild? "Lord of the Flies: PayScale Product Team Edition." For a company that loves to build customer-focused features, we spent a lot of time on side projects that have very little customer visibility. But, without further ado, here is what we built...

  • How To Read Your Salary Report

    You already know that PayScale.com is the place to go to quickly generate a personalized Salary Report that tells you exactly how your total compensation compares to people like you. (And if you don’t know that, go complete your Salary Report right now.) You probably have even spent some time poking around and looking at the array of charts and lists contained on the report. But today we’re going to show you how to get the most out of that information.

  • Behind the Beard: Conversations with a Santa

    Earlier this week, we wrote about the business of Santa photography. We interviewed Dave Mickelson of Arthur and Associates, a leading Pacific Northwest Santa company. As a special treat, Dave connected me with Santa Russ, one of A&A's most beloved Santa characters. Santa Russ shared with me the incredible responsibility that comes with putting on the red suit and why he's recognized year round. 

  • How to Become a Wedding Planner [infographic]

    Have you ever thought about becoming a wedding planner? Many people dream about their wedding day. It's one of the most special days a person will ever experience in their lifetime. Imagine being able to be a part of bringing that dream to life. This Schools.com infographic examines the ins and outs of being a wedding planner.

  • 6 Things Super-Productive People Do

    What separates super-productive people from the rest of us? Kevin Daum, the author of Video Marketing for Dummies, has some ideas, which he shared in his latest Inc. column.

  • The Art of the Thank-You Note

    Congratulations! You just finished a job interview and it went very well. Now what? Sit at home and wait for the phone to ring? Nope! It's time to write a thank you note to the person who interviewed you. But what to say? 

  • The PayScale Salary Bowl [Infographic]

    For many of us, January 1st represents a new beginning, a clean slate, and a chance to make significant changes in our lives. For college football fans, January 1st signifies the start of something else: College Bowl Games. While many fans are looking to the season stats to predict the winners, we at PayScale did what we do best -- we looked at the data. If salary potential after graduation was the deciding factor, which teams would be victorious in the bowl games of 2013?

  • New College Grads Seek Annual Salary Increases Over Healthcare [infographic]

    In a new survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the most important benefit new college grads are looking for is a salary increase. That alone has become a priority above any other type of benefit.

  • 4 Tips for Owning the Dreaded Phone Interview

    By the year 2035, phone interviews will be conducted via text messaging, or perhaps through Skype chips implanted in our retinas. Until then, we'll have to cope with the potential awkwardness of the phone interview. It doesn't have to be bad, though: If you follow these tips from Lifehacker, you can use phone interviews to demonstrate your awesomeness, instead of showcasing your occasional social awkwardness.

  • Does Leadership Quality Matter? [infographic]

    What can the University of Notre Dame teach us about leadership quality? A whole lot, especially if you look at the similarities between leadership in sports and business. A good leader can bring a team to the heights of greatness or knock them to the ground before they've even gotten the chance to start.

  • Behind the Beard: The Business of Santa

    Perhaps you remember the first time you sat on Santa's lap as a child, if your family was into that sort of thing. Maybe you can recall clearly the nervous anticipation you felt in line, the awe you felt as you approached Santa Claus, in the flesh, and the joy you felt at the chance to tell the man himself what you wanted for Christmas. As an adult, you might have a different view of the man in red than you did as the child clutching the candy cane Santa gave you after the picture was snapped. You might wonder where these Santas come from and who sends them out into the world. We spoke with David Mickelson, VP of Arthur and Associates, a leading Seattle Santa company, to get the inside scoop on Jolly Old Saint Nicholas. Settle in with some milk and cookies and read on to find out how this company spreads Christmas cheer. 

  • Do Creatives Make Poor Leaders?

    Is there a negative bias against creatives as leaders? According to new research, yes. This bias is because of the seeming dissonance between our ideas of a typical creative person and a typical leader.

  • 5 Tips for Managing Up

    5 Tips for Managing Up

    One of the quickest ways to ensure a miserable office life is having a poor relationship with your manager or supervisor. Whether you have trouble communicating or your manager just isn't cut out for managing people, the relationship you have with your boss can determine the course of your career. So, what can you do to make it better?

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